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gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg Class Reference

#include <OpenVGRenderer.h>

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Public Member Functions

std::string description () const
 Return a description of this renderer.
 Renderer_ovg ()
 Renderer_ovg (renderer::GnashDevice::dtype_t dtype)
 ~Renderer_ovg ()
void init (float x, float y)
CachedBitmapcreateCachedBitmap (std::auto_ptr< image::GnashImage > im)
 Given an image, returns a pointer to a CachedBitmap class that can later be passed to FillStyleX_bitmap(), to set a bitmap fill style.
void drawVideoFrame (gnash::image::GnashImage *, const gnash::Transform &, const gnash::SWFRect *, bool)
 Draws a video frame.
void world_to_pixel (int &x, int &y, float world_x, float world_y) const
gnash::geometry::Range2d< int > world_to_pixel (const gnash::SWFRect &wb) const
 Converts world coordinates to pixel coordinates.
gnash::geometry::Range2d< int > world_to_pixel (const geometry::Range2d< float > &wb) const
gnash::point pixel_to_world (int, int) const
 Converts pixel coordinates to world coordinates (TWIPS)
void begin_display (const gnash::rgba &, int, int, float, float, float, float)
void end_display ()
void drawLine (const std::vector< point > &coords, const rgba &fill, const SWFMatrix &mat)
 Draw a line-strip directly, using a thin, solid line.
void drawVideoFrame (image::GnashImage *frame, const SWFMatrix *m, const SWFRect *bounds, bool smooth)
void draw_poly (const std::vector< point > &corners, const rgba &fill, const rgba &outline, const SWFMatrix &mat, bool masked)
 Draw a simple, solid filled polygon with a thin (~1 pixel) outline.
void drawShape (const gnash::SWF::ShapeRecord &, const gnash::Transform &)
void drawGlyph (const SWF::ShapeRecord &rec, const rgba &c, const SWFMatrix &mat)
 Draws a glyph (font character).
void set_antialiased (bool enable)
void begin_submit_mask ()
void end_submit_mask ()
void apply_mask ()
void disable_mask ()
void set_scale (float xscale, float yscale)
 Sets the x/y scale for the movie.
void set_invalidated_regions (const InvalidatedRanges &ranges)
 Sets the update region (called prior to begin_display).
RendererstartInternalRender (gnash::image::GnashImage &)
 Setup the renderer to draw to an internal buffer.
void endInternalRender ()
 Finish internal rendering.
unsigned int getBitsPerPixel ()
void setFillPaint (const VGPaint paint)
void printVGParams ()
void printVGHardware ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void printVGPath (VGPath path)
static void printVGMatrix (VGfloat *mat)
static void printVGMatrix (const SWFMatrix &mat)
static const char * getErrorString (VGErrorCode error)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::Renderer_ovg ( )
gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::Renderer_ovg ( renderer::GnashDevice::dtype_t  dtype)

References set_scale(), and gnash::key::f.

gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::~Renderer_ovg ( )

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::apply_mask ( )

Apply the current mask; nesting is supported.

This method marks the stencil buffer by incrementing every stencil pixel by one every time a solid from one of the current masks is drawn. When all the mask solids are drawn, we change the stencil operation to permit only drawing where all masks have drawn, in other words, where all masks intersect, or in even other words, where the stencil pixel buffer equals the number of masks.

References gnash::SWFMatrix::get_x_scale(), gnash::renderer::openvg::for_each(), and gnash::key::_1.

Referenced by end_submit_mask(), and disable_mask().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::begin_display ( const gnash::rgba ,
int  width,
int  height,
float  x0,
float  x1,
float  y0,
float  y1 
) [virtual]

Setup the renderer to display by setting the Matrix for scaling, shearing, and transformations.

width- stage width
height- stage height
x0- minimum frame size in X dimension in twips
x1- maximum frame size in X dimension in twips
y0- minimum frame size in Y dimension in twips
y1- maximum frame size in Y dimension in twips

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References height.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::begin_submit_mask ( ) [virtual]


Masks are defined by drawing calls enclosed by begin_submit_mask() and end_submit_mask(). Between these two calls, no drawing is to occur. The shapes rendered between the two calls define the visible region of the mask. Graphics that are irrelevant in the context of a mask (lines and fill styles, for example) should be ignored. After use, disable_mask() is called to remove the mask.

Masks may be nested. That is, end_submit_mask() may be followed by a call to begin_submit_mask(). The resulting mask shall be an intersection of the previously created mask. disable_mask() shall result in the disabling or destruction of the last created mask.

Implements gnash::Renderer.

CachedBitmap * gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::createCachedBitmap ( std::auto_ptr< image::GnashImage im) [virtual]

Given an image, returns a pointer to a CachedBitmap class that can later be passed to FillStyleX_bitmap(), to set a bitmap fill style.

================================================================== Caching utitilies for core. ==================================================================

Implements gnash::Renderer.

std::string gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::description ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Return a description of this renderer.

Implements gnash::Renderer.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::disable_mask ( ) [virtual]

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References apply_mask().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::draw_poly ( const std::vector< point > &  corners,
const rgba fill,
const rgba outline,
const SWFMatrix mat,
bool  masked 
) [virtual]

Draw a simple, solid filled polygon with a thin (~1 pixel) outline.

This can't be used for Flash shapes but is intended for internal drawings like bounding boxes (editable text fields) and similar. The polygon should not contain self-intersections. If you do not wish a outline or a fill, then simply set the alpha value to zero.

The polygon need NOT be closed (ie: this function will automatically add an additional vertex to close it.

When masked==false, then any potential mask currently active will be ignored, otherwise it is respected.

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References MAX_SEG, color, gnash::rgba::m_r, gnash::rgba::m_g, gnash::rgba::m_b, gnash::rgba::m_a, gnash::geometry::Point2d::x, gnash::geometry::Point2d::y, and gnash::key::i.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::drawGlyph ( const SWF::ShapeRecord rec,
const rgba color,
const SWFMatrix mat 
) [virtual]

Draws a glyph (font character).

Glyphs are defined just like shape characters with the difference that they do not have any fill or line styles. Instead, the shape must be drawn using the given color (solid fill). Please note that although the glyph paths may indicate subshapes, the renderer is to ignore that information.


Implements gnash::Renderer.

References gnash::SWF::ShapeRecord::getBounds(), gnash::SWFRect::is_null(), and gnash::SWF::ShapeRecord::paths().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::drawLine ( const std::vector< point > &  coords,
const rgba fill,
const SWFMatrix mat 
) [virtual]

Draw a line-strip directly, using a thin, solid line.

Can be used to draw empty boxes and cursors.

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References MAX_SEG, color, gnash::rgba::m_r, gnash::rgba::m_g, gnash::rgba::m_b, gnash::image::end(), and gnash::key::f.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::drawShape ( const gnash::SWF::ShapeRecord shape,
const gnash::Transform xform 
) [virtual]
void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::drawVideoFrame ( gnash::image::GnashImage frame,
const gnash::Transform xform,
const gnash::SWFRect bounds,
bool  smooth 
) [virtual]

Draws a video frame.

================================================================== Rendering Interface. ================================================================== The frame has already been decoded and is available in RGB format only.

frameThe RGB video buffer frame. Ownership of the buffer is left to the caller.
matThe SWFMatrix with world coordinates used to retrieve the x and y coordinate of the video object. The scaling of the SWFMatrix only refers to the Flash instance, *not* to the video inside that instance. When a video object is placed on the stage and the loaded video is smaller, then the SWFMatrix is still an "identity matrix". However, if the video object is scaled via ActionScript, for example, then the SWFMatrix will change. This means the renderer has to find the correct scaling for the video inside the bounds.
boundsThe minX/minY fields of this SWFRect are always zero. The width and height determine the size of the Flash video instance on the stage (in TWIPS) prior to SWFMatrix transformations.

Implements gnash::Renderer.


void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::drawVideoFrame ( image::GnashImage frame,
const SWFMatrix m,
const SWFRect bounds,
bool  smooth 

References _.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::end_display ( ) [virtual]

Implements gnash::Renderer.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::end_submit_mask ( ) [virtual]

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References apply_mask().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::endInternalRender ( ) [virtual]

Finish internal rendering.

Any rendering after this function has been called must apply to the external buffer.

Implements gnash::Renderer.

unsigned int gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::getBitsPerPixel ( )
const char * gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::getErrorString ( VGErrorCode  error) [static]
void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::init ( float  x,
float  y 
point gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::pixel_to_world ( int  x,
int  y 
) const [virtual]

Converts pixel coordinates to world coordinates (TWIPS)

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References gnash::key::p, gnash::SWFMatrix::invert(), and gnash::SWFMatrix::transform().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::printVGHardware ( )
void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::printVGMatrix ( VGfloat *  mat) [static]
void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::printVGMatrix ( const SWFMatrix mat) [static]
void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::printVGParams ( )

References _.

Referenced by init().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::printVGPath ( VGPath  path) [static]

References _.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::set_antialiased ( bool  enable)

References _.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::set_invalidated_regions ( const InvalidatedRanges ) [virtual]

Sets the update region (called prior to begin_display).

================================================================== Prepare drawing area and other utilities ================================================================== The renderer might do clipping and leave the region outside these bounds unchanged, but he is allowed to change them if that makes sense. After rendering a frame the area outside the invalidated region can be undefined and is not used.

It is not required for all renderers. Parameters are world coordinates (TWIPS).

For more info see page Detection of updated regions.

Reimplemented from gnash::Renderer.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::set_scale ( float  ,
) [virtual]

Sets the x/y scale for the movie.

================================================================== Interfaces for adjusting renderer output. ==================================================================

Reimplemented from gnash::Renderer.

References gnash::SWFMatrix::set_identity(), gnash::SWFMatrix::set_scale(), and gnash::key::f.

Referenced by Renderer_ovg().

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::setFillPaint ( const VGPaint  paint) [inline]

References paint.

Renderer * gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::startInternalRender ( gnash::image::GnashImage buffer) [virtual]

Setup the renderer to draw to an internal buffer.

Implementations are free to return a new renderer if they choose.

0 if the renderer does not support this.

Implements gnash::Renderer.

void gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::world_to_pixel ( int &  x,
int &  y,
float  world_x,
float  world_y 
) const
geometry::Range2d< int > gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::world_to_pixel ( const gnash::SWFRect worldbounds) const [virtual]

Converts world coordinates to pixel coordinates.

================================================================== Interface for querying the renderer. ==================================================================

Implements gnash::Renderer.

References gnash::SWFRect::is_null(), gnash::geometry::nullRange, gnash::SWFRect::is_world(), gnash::geometry::worldRange, world_to_pixel(), gnash::SWFRect::get_x_min(), gnash::SWFRect::get_y_min(), gnash::SWFRect::get_x_max(), and gnash::SWFRect::get_y_max().

geometry::Range2d< int > gnash::renderer::openvg::Renderer_ovg::world_to_pixel ( const geometry::Range2d< float > &  wb) const

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