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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ISignature
gnu.crypto.sig Provides a basic API for algorithms to use Public/Private keypairs in Digital Signature schemes.  

Uses of ISignature in gnu.crypto.sig

Classes in gnu.crypto.sig that implement ISignature
 class BaseSignature
          A base abstract class to facilitate implementations of concrete Signatures.

Methods in gnu.crypto.sig that return ISignature
static ISignature SignatureFactory.getInstance(java.lang.String ssa)
          Returns an instance of a signature-with-appendix scheme given its name.

Uses of ISignature in gnu.crypto.sig.dss

Classes in gnu.crypto.sig.dss that implement ISignature
 class DSSSignature
          The DSS (Digital Signature Standard) algorithm makes use of the following parameters: p: A prime modulus, where 2L-1 < p < 2L for 512 <= L <= 1024 and L a multiple of 64.

Uses of ISignature in gnu.crypto.sig.rsa

Classes in gnu.crypto.sig.rsa that implement ISignature
 class RSAPKCS1V1_5Signature
          The RSA-PKCS1-V1.5 signature scheme is a digital signature scheme with appendix (SSA) combining the RSA algorithm with the EMSA-PKCS1-v1_5 encoding method.
 class RSAPSSSignature
          The RSA-PSS signature scheme is a public-key encryption scheme combining the RSA algorithm with the Probabilistic Signature Scheme (PSS) encoding method.

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