This package been decommissioned per the author, since it doesn't work with current GNUstep and there were no users.



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Sat Sep 6 20:18:23 CEST 2003

The GNU 3DKit is currently not available and won't be for some time. The project is being redesigned and reimplemented completely as the focus for the framework changed radically over the last few years. Instead of developing yet another OpenGL based scene graph API the new GNU 3DKit will become an object oriented graphics framework based on global illumination concepts which will use OpenGL only for preview capabilities. More information will be reveiled as soon as the time is ready for it.


The GNU 3DKit is officially part of the GNU project! It is an extension to GNUstep, which provides an object oriented application development framework and tool set for use on a wide variety of computer platforms. GNUstep is based on the original OpenStep specification provided by NeXT, Inc. (now Apple). Additionally the GNU 3DKit may also be used on Mac OS X using the Cocoa API.


To compile and use the GNU 3DKit, you will at least need to install the following packages:
  • Unix/X11:
    • the GNU Objective-C compiler (gcc 3.x works best)
    • the GNUstep libraries

  • Mac OS X 10.2:
    • the developer tools packages


There are 3 public mailinglists available devoted especially to the GNU 3DKit: For more information about administrative issues and list archives please follow this link.


The source code for the GNU 3DKit can be obtained via public CVS from Savannah. Source packages are not yet available separately.

If you intend to contribute to the GNU 3DKit please also read the GNUstep coding standards as well as the GNU coding standards. We will post GNU 3DKit specific additions here quite soon.

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