GNU Astronomy Utilities

2.1.23 Citing and acknowledging Gnuastro

In conclusion, we hope this extended tutorial has been a good starting point to help in your exciting research. If this book or any of the programs in Gnuastro have been useful for your research, please cite the respective papers, and acknowledge the funding agencies that made all of this possible. Without citations, we will not be able to secure future funding to continue working on Gnuastro or improving it, so please take software citation seriously (for all the scientific software you use, not just Gnuastro).

To help you in this, all Gnuastro programs have a --cite option to facilitate the citation and acknowledgment. Just note that it may be necessary to cite additional papers for different programs, so please try it out on all the programs that you used, for example:

$ astmkcatalog --cite
$ astnoisechisel --cite