GNU Astronomy Utilities

Index: Macros, structures and functions

All Gnuastro library’s exported macros start with GAL_, and its exported structures and functions start with gal_. This abbreviation stands for GNU Astronomy Library. The next element in the name is the name of the header which declares or defines them, so to use the gal_array_fset_const function, you have to #include <gnuastro/array.h>. See Gnuastro library for more. The pthread_barrier constructs are our implementation and are only available on systems that do not have them, see Implementation of pthread_barrier.

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gal_arithmetic: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_FLAGS_BASIC: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_FLAG_ENVSEED: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_FLAG_FREE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_FLAG_INPLACE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_FLAG_NUMOK: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_FLAG_QUIET: Arithmetic on datasets
gal_arithmetic_load_col: Arithmetic on datasets
gal_arithmetic_operator_string: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ABS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ACOS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ACOSH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_AND: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ASIN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ASINH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ATAN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ATAN2: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ATANH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_AU: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_AU_TO_LY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_AU_TO_PC: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_AVOGADRO: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_BITAND: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_BITLSH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_BITNOT: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_BITOR: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_BITRSH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_BITXOR: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_C: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_COS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_COSH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_COUNTER: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_COUNTS_TO_JY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_COUNTS_TO_MAG: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_COUNTS_TO_SB: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_DEC_TO_DEGREE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_DEGREE_TO_DEC: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_DEGREE_TO_RA: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_DIVIDE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_E: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_EQ: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_G: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_GE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_GT: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_H: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_INDEX: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_INDEXONLY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_ISBLANK: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_JY_TO_COUNTS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_JY_TO_MAG: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LOG: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LOG10: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LT: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LY_TO_AU: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_LY_TO_PC: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAG_TO_COUNTS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAG_TO_JY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAG_TO_SB: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAKENEW: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAKENEW: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAX: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MAXVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MEAN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MEANVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MEDIAN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MEDIANVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MIN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MINUS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MINVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MODULO: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_MULTIPLY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_NE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_NOBLANK: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_NOT: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_NUMBER: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_NUMBERVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_OR: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_PC_TO_AU: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_PC_TO_LY: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_PI: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_PLUS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_POW: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_QUANTILE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_RA_TO_DEGREE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SB_TO_COUNTS: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SB_TO_MAG: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SIGCLIP_MEAN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SIGCLIP_STD: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SIN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SINH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SIZE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SQRT: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_STD: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_STDVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_STITCH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SUM: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SUMVAL: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_SWAP: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TAN: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TANH: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_FLOAT32: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_FLOAT64: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_INT16: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_INT32: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_INT64: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_INT8: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_UINT16: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_UINT32: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_UINT64: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_TO_UINT8: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_UNIQUE: Arithmetic on datasets
GAL_ARITHMETIC_OP_WHERE: Arithmetic on datasets
gal_arithmetic_set_operator: Arithmetic on datasets
gal_array_file_recognized: Array input output
gal_array_name_recognized: Array input output
gal_array_name_recognized_multiext: Array input output
gal_array_read: Array input output
gal_array_read_one_ch: Array input output
gal_array_read_one_ch_to_type: Array input output
gal_array_read_to_type: Array input output
gal_binary_connected_adjacency_list: Binary datasets
gal_binary_connected_adjacency_matrix: Binary datasets
gal_binary_connected_components: Binary datasets
gal_binary_connected_indexs(gal_data_t: Binary datasets
gal_binary_dilate: Binary datasets
gal_binary_erode: Binary datasets
gal_binary_holes_fill: Binary datasets
gal_binary_holes_label: Binary datasets
gal_binary_number_neighbors: Binary datasets
gal_binary_open: Binary datasets
GAL_BINARY_TMP_VALUE: Binary datasets
gal_blank_alloc_write: Library blank values
gal_blank_as_string: Library blank values
gal_blank_flag: Library blank values
gal_blank_flag_apply: Library blank values
gal_blank_flag_not: Library blank values
gal_blank_flag_remove: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_FLOAT32: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_FLOAT64: Library blank values
gal_blank_initialize: Library blank values
gal_blank_initialize_array: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_INT: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_INT16: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_INT32: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_INT64: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_INT8: Library blank values
gal_blank_is: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_LONG: Library blank values
gal_blank_number: Library blank values
gal_blank_present: Library blank values
gal_blank_remove: Library blank values
gal_blank_remove_realloc: Library blank values
gal_blank_remove_rows: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_SIZE_T: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_STRING: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_UINT: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_UINT16: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_UINT32: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_UINT64: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_UINT8: Library blank values
GAL_BLANK_ULONG: Library blank values
gal_blank_write: Library blank values
gal_box_border_from_center: Bounding box
gal_box_border_rotate_around_center: Bounding box
gal_box_bound_ellipse: Bounding box
gal_box_bound_ellipse_extent: Bounding box
gal_box_bound_ellipsoid: Bounding box
gal_box_bound_ellipsoid_extent: Bounding box
gal_box_overlap: Bounding box
GAL_COLOR_*: Color functions
GAL_COLOR_DEEPPINK: Color functions
gal_color_id_to_name: Color functions
GAL_COLOR_INVALID: Color functions
gal_color_in_rgb: Color functions
gal_color_name_to_id: Color functions
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_FITS_IS_REENTRANT: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_GNUMAKE_H: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_GSL_INTERP_STEFFEN: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_LIBGIT2: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_PTHREAD_BARRIER: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_PYTHON: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_WCSLIB_DIS_H: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_WCSLIB_MJDREF: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_WCSLIB_OBSFIX: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_HAVE_WCSLIB_VERSION: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_SIZEOF_LONG: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_SIZEOF_SIZE_T: Configuration information
GAL_CONFIG_VERSION: Configuration information
gal_convolve_spatial: Convolution functions
gal_convolve_spatial_correct_ch_edge: Convolution functions
gal_cosmology_age: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_angular_distance: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_comoving_volume: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_critical_density: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_distance_modulus: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_luminosity_distance: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_proper_distance: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_to_absolute_mag: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_velocity_from_z: Cosmology library
gal_cosmology_z_from_velocity: Cosmology library
gal_data_alloc: Dataset allocation
gal_data_alloc_empty: Dataset allocation
gal_data_array_calloc: Arrays of datasets
gal_data_array_free: Arrays of datasets
gal_data_array_ptr_calloc: Arrays of datasets
gal_data_array_ptr_free: Arrays of datasets
gal_data_copy: Copying datasets
gal_data_copy_string_to_number: Copying datasets
gal_data_copy_to_allocated: Copying datasets
gal_data_copy_to_new_type: Copying datasets
gal_data_copy_to_new_type_free: Copying datasets
gal_data_free: Dataset allocation
gal_data_free_contents: Dataset allocation
gal_data_initialize: Dataset allocation
gal_dimension_add_coords: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_mean: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_median: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_minmax: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_number: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_sclip_mean: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_sclip_median: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_sclip_number: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_sclip_std: Dimensions
gal_dimension_collapse_sum: Dimensions
gal_dimension_coord_to_index: Dimensions
gal_dimension_dist_elliptical: Dimensions
gal_dimension_dist_manhattan: Dimensions
gal_dimension_dist_radial: Dimensions
gal_dimension_increment: Dimensions
gal_dimension_index_to_coord: Dimensions
gal_dimension_is_different: Dimensions
gal_dimension_num_neighbors: Dimensions
gal_dimension_remove_extra: Dimensions
gal_dimension_total_size: Dimensions
gal_ds9_reg_read_polygon: SAO DS9 library
gal_eps_name_is_eps: EPS files
gal_eps_shape_id_to_name: EPS files
gal_eps_shape_name_to_id: EPS files
gal_eps_suffix_is_eps: EPS files
gal_eps_to_pt: EPS files
gal_eps_write: EPS files
gal_fits_bitpix_to_type: CFITSIO and Gnuastro types
gal_fits_datatype_to_type: CFITSIO and Gnuastro types
gal_fits_file_recognized: FITS macros errors filenames
gal_fits_hdu_datasum: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_hdu_datasum_ptr: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_hdu_format: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_hdu_is_healpix: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_hdu_num: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_hdu_open: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_hdu_open_format: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_img_info: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_info_dim: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_read: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_read_kernel: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_read_to_type: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_write: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_write_corr_wcs_str: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_write_to_ptr: FITS arrays
gal_fits_img_write_to_type: FITS arrays
gal_fits_io_error: FITS macros errors filenames
gal_fits_key_clean_str_value: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_date_to_seconds: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_date_to_struct_tm: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_exists_fptr: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_img_blank: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_add: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_add_end: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_comment_add: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_comment_add_end: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_reverse: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_title_add: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_list_title_add_end: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_read: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_read_from_ptr: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_config: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_filename: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_in_ptr: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_title_in_ptr: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_version: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_version_in_ptr: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_key_write_wcsstr: FITS header keywords
GAL_FITS_MAX_NDIM: FITS macros errors filenames
gal_fits_name_is_fits: FITS macros errors filenames
gal_fits_name_save_as_string: FITS macros errors filenames
gal_fits_open_to_write: FITS HDUs
gal_fits_suffix_is_fits: FITS macros errors filenames
gal_fits_tab_format: FITS tables
gal_fits_tab_info: FITS tables
gal_fits_tab_read: FITS tables
gal_fits_tab_size: FITS tables
gal_fits_tab_write: FITS tables
gal_fits_type_to_bin_tform: CFITSIO and Gnuastro types
gal_fits_type_to_bitpix: CFITSIO and Gnuastro types
gal_fits_type_to_datatype: CFITSIO and Gnuastro types
gal_fits_unique_keyvalues: FITS header keywords
gal_fits_with_keyvalue: FITS header keywords
gal_fit_1d_linear: Fitting functions
gal_fit_1d_linear_estimate: Fitting functions
gal_fit_1d_linear_no_constant: Fitting functions
gal_fit_1d_polynomial: Fitting functions
gal_fit_1d_polynomial_estimate: Fitting functions
gal_fit_1d_polynomial_robust: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_INVALID: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_LINEAR: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_LINEAR_WEIGHTED: Fitting functions
gal_fit_name_from_id: Fitting functions
gal_fit_name_robust_from_id: Fitting functions
gal_fit_name_robust_to_id: Fitting functions
gal_fit_name_to_id: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_POLYNOMIAL: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_BISQUARE: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_CAUCHY: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_DEFAULT: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_FAIR: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_HUBER: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_INVALID: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_NUMBER: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_OLS: Fitting functions
GAL_FIT_ROBUST_WELSCH: Fitting functions
gal_git_describe: Git wrappers
gal_interpolate_1d_blank: Interpolation
gal_interpolate_1d_make_gsl_spline: Interpolation
gal_interpolate_neighbors: Interpolation
gal_jpeg_name_is_jpeg: JPEG files
gal_jpeg_read: JPEG files
gal_jpeg_suffix_is_jpeg: JPEG files
gal_jpeg_write: JPEG files
gal_kdtree_create: K-d tree
gal_kdtree_nearest_neighbour: K-d tree
gal_label_clump_significance: Labeled datasets
gal_label_grow_indexs: Labeled datasets
gal_label_indexs: Labeled datasets
GAL_LABEL_INIT: Labeled datasets
GAL_LABEL_RIVER: Labeled datasets
GAL_LABEL_TMPCHECK: Labeled datasets
gal_label_watershed: Labeled datasets
gal_list_data_add: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_add_alloc: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_free: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_last: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_number: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_pop: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_remove: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_reverse: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_select_by_id: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_select_by_name: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_data_to_array_ptr: List of gal_data_t
gal_list_dosizet_add: Doubly linked ordered list of size_t
gal_list_dosizet_free: Doubly linked ordered list of size_t
gal_list_dosizet_pop_smallest: Doubly linked ordered list of size_t
gal_list_dosizet_print: Doubly linked ordered list of size_t
gal_list_dosizet_to_sizet: Doubly linked ordered list of size_t
gal_list_f32_add: List of float
gal_list_f32_free: List of float
gal_list_f32_last: List of float
gal_list_f32_number: List of float
gal_list_f32_pop: List of float
gal_list_f32_print: List of float
gal_list_f32_reverse: List of float
gal_list_f32_to_array: List of float
gal_list_f64_add: List of double
gal_list_f64_free: List of double
gal_list_f64_last: List of double
gal_list_f64_number: List of double
gal_list_f64_pop: List of double
gal_list_f64_print: List of double
gal_list_f64_reverse: List of double
gal_list_f64_to_array: List of double
gal_list_f64_to_data: List of double
gal_list_i32_add: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_free: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_last: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_number: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_pop: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_print: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_reverse: List of int32_t
gal_list_i32_to_array: List of int32_t
gal_list_osizet_add: Ordered list of size_t
gal_list_osizet_pop: Ordered list of size_t
gal_list_osizet_to_sizet_free: Ordered list of size_t
gal_list_sizet_add: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_free: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_last: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_number: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_pop: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_print: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_reverse: List of size_t
gal_list_sizet_to_array: List of size_t
gal_list_str_add: List of strings
gal_list_str_cat: List of strings
gal_list_str_extract: List of strings
gal_list_str_free: List of strings
gal_list_str_last: List of strings
gal_list_str_number: List of strings
gal_list_str_pop: List of strings
gal_list_str_print: List of strings
gal_list_str_reverse: List of strings
gal_list_void_add: List of void
gal_list_void_free: List of void
gal_list_void_last: List of void
gal_list_void_number: List of void
gal_list_void_pop: List of void
gal_list_void_reverse: List of void
gal_match_kdtree: Matching
gal_match_sort_based: Matching
gal_pdf_name_is_pdf: PDF files
gal_pdf_suffix_is_pdf: PDF files
gal_pdf_write: PDF files
gal_permutation_apply: Permutations
gal_permutation_apply_inverse: Permutations
gal_permutation_apply_onlydim0: Tile grid
gal_permutation_check: Permutations
gal_permutation_transpose_2d: Permutations
gal_pointer_allocate: Pointers
gal_pointer_allocate_ram_or_mmap: Pointers
gal_pointer_increment: Pointers
gal_pointer_mmap_allocate: Pointers
gal_pointer_mmap_free: Pointers
gal_pointer_num_between: Pointers
gal_polygon_area: Polygons
gal_polygon_clip: Polygons
gal_polygon_is_convex: Polygons
gal_polygon_is_counterclockwise: Polygons
gal_polygon_is_inside: Polygons
gal_polygon_is_inside_convex: Polygons
gal_polygon_ppropin: Polygons
gal_polygon_to_counterclockwise: Polygons
gal_polygon_vertices_sort: Polygons
gal_polygon_vertices_sort_convex: Polygons
gal_python_type_from_numpy: Python interface
gal_python_type_to_numpy: Python interface
gal_qsort_index_multi_d: Qsort functions
gal_qsort_index_multi_i: Qsort functions
gal_qsort_index_single: Qsort functions
gal_qsort_index_single_TYPE_d: Qsort functions
gal_qsort_index_single_TYPE_i: Qsort functions
gal_qsort_TYPE_d: Qsort functions
gal_qsort_TYPE_i: Qsort functions
GAL_SPECLINES_Al_III_1854: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Al_III_1862: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_ANGSTROM_*: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_III_7135: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_III_7751: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_2853: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_2868: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_4711: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_4740: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_7170: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_7237: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_IV_7262: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_I_1066: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_I_7868: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_V: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ar_XIV: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ca_II_8498: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ca_II_8542: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ca_II_8662: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ca_V: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Cl_II: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Cl_III_5517: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Cl_III_5537: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_III_1908: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_III_4647: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_III_4650: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_III_5651: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_III_5697: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_III_977: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_II_1334: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_II_1335: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_II_2323: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_II_2324: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_II_7236: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_IV_1548: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_IV_1550: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_IV_5801: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_IV_5811: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_I_9824: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_C_I_9850: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_III_4658: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_III_5084: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_III_5270: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4178: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4233: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4287: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4304: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4416: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4452: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4489: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4491: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4522: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4555: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4582: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4583: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4629: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_4923: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5018: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5169: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5197: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5234: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5276: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5316_6: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_5316_7: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_6369: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_6516: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_7155: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_7172: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_7452: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_8616: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_II_8891: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_IV_2829: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_IV_2835: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_IV_4903: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_IV_5236: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_3586: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_3758: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_4893: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_5158: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_5276: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_5720: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VII_6087: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_3662: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_5145: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_5176: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_5335: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_5424: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_5637: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_VI_5677: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_V_3839: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_V_3891: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_V_3911: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_V_4071: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_V_4180: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_V_4227: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_X: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_XIII: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_XIV: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_XI_2648: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Fe_XI_7891: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_II_1640: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_II_2733: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_II_3203: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_II_4685: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_II_8236: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_10027: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_10031: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_10830: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_2945: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_3187: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_3487: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_3888: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_4026: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_4143: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_4471: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_5875: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_7065: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_7281: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_He_I_7816: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_10: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_11: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_12: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_13: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_14: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_15: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_16: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_17: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_18: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_19: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_8: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_9: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_alpha: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_beta: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_delta: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_epsilon: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_H_gamma: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_INVALID: Spectral lines library
gal_speclines_line_angstrom: Spectral lines library
gal_speclines_line_code: Spectral lines library
gal_speclines_line_name: Spectral lines library
gal_speclines_line_redshift: Spectral lines library
gal_speclines_line_redshift_code: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ly_alpha: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ly_beta: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ly_delta: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ly_epsilon: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ly_gamma: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Mg_II_2795: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Mg_II_2802: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Mg_V_2782: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Mg_V_2928: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_NAME_*: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ne_III_3868: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ne_III_3967: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ne_VIII_770: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ne_VIII_780: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ne_V_3345: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ne_V_3425: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ni_III: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ni_II_7377: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Ni_II_7411: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_NUMBER: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_1746: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_1748: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_4510: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_4634: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_4640: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_4641: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_989: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_991_51: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_III_991_57: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_II_2142: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_II_5754: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_II_6548: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_II_6583: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_IV_1486: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_3466_4: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_3466_5: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_5200: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_7468: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_8680: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_8703: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_I_8711: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_V_1238: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_N_V_1242: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_1660: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_1666: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_2320: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_3132: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_3312: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_3444: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_4363: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_4958: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_III_5006: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_II_3726: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_II_3728: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_II_4317: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_II_4414: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_II_7319: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_II_7330: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_IV_1397: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_IV_1399: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_1302: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_6046: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_6300: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_6363: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_7002: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_7254: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_I_8446: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_VI_1031: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_O_VI_1037: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_10: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_11: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_12: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_13: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_14: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_15: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_16: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_17: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_18: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_19: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_20: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_9: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_delta: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_epsilon: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Pa_gamma: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Si_III: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Si_II_1260: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Si_II_1264: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Si_II_6347: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Si_IV_1393: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_Si_IV_1402: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_III_6312: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_III_9068: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_III_9531: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_10286: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_10320: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_10336: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_4068: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_4076: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_6716: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_II_6730: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_VIII: Spectral lines library
GAL_SPECLINES_S_XII: Spectral lines library
GAL_STATISTICS_BINS_INVALID: Statistical operations
GAL_STATISTICS_BINS_REGULAR: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_cfp: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_has_negative: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_histogram: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_histogram2d: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_is_sorted: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_maximum: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_mean: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_mean_std: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_median: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_minimum: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_mode: Statistical operations
GAL_STATISTICS_MODE_GOOD_SYM: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_mode_mirror_plots: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_no_blank_sorted: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_number: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_outlier_bydistance: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_outlier_flat_cfp: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_quantile: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_quantile_function: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_quantile_function_index: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_quantile_index: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_regular_bins: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_sigma_clip: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_sort_decreasing: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_sort_increasing: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_std: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_std_from_sums: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_sum: Statistical operations
gal_statistics_unique: Statistical operations
gal_table_cols_to_vector: Table input output
gal_table_col_vector_extract: Table input output
gal_table_comments_add_intro: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DEF_WIDTH_DBL: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DEF_WIDTH_FLT: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DEF_WIDTH_INT: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DEF_WIDTH_LINT: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DEF_WIDTH_STR: Table input output
gal_table_displayflt_from_str: Table input output
gal_table_displayflt_to_str: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DISPLAY_FMT_EXP: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_DISPLAY_FMT_HEX: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_FORMAT_AFITS: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_FORMAT_BFITS: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_FORMAT_INVALID: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_FORMAT_TXT: Table input output
gal_table_info: Table input output
gal_table_list_of_indexs: Table input output
gal_table_print_info: Table input output
gal_table_read: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_SEARCH_COMMENT: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_SEARCH_INVALID: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_SEARCH_NAME: Table input output
GAL_TABLE_SEARCH_UNIT: Table input output
gal_table_write: Table input output
gal_table_write_log: Table input output
gal_threads_attr_barrier_init: Gnuastro's thread related functions
gal_threads_dist_in_threads: Gnuastro's thread related functions
gal_threads_number: Gnuastro's thread related functions
gal_threads_spin_off: Gnuastro's thread related functions
gal_tiff_dir_string_read: TIFF files
gal_tiff_name_is_tiff: TIFF files
gal_tiff_read: TIFF files
gal_tiff_suffix_is_tiff: TIFF files
gal_tile_block: Independent tiles
gal_tile_block_blank_flag: Independent tiles
gal_tile_block_check_tiles: Independent tiles
gal_tile_block_increment: Independent tiles
gal_tile_block_relative_to_other: Independent tiles
gal_tile_block_write_const_value: Independent tiles
gal_tile_full: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_free_contents: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_id_from_coord: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_permutation: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_sanity_check: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_two_layers: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_values_smooth: Tile grid
gal_tile_full_values_write: Tile grid
GAL_TILE_PARSE_OPERATE: Independent tiles
gal_tile_series_from_minmax: Independent tiles
gal_tile_start_coord: Independent tiles
gal_tile_start_end_coord: Independent tiles
gal_tile_start_end_ind_inclusive: Independent tiles
gal_txt_contains_string: Text files
gal_txt_image_read: Text files
gal_txt_line_stat: Text files
gal_txt_stdin_read: Text files
gal_txt_table_info: Text files
gal_txt_table_read: Text files
gal_txt_trim_space: Text files
gal_txt_write: Text files
GAL_TYPE_BIT: Library data types
gal_type_bit_string: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_COMPLEX32: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_COMPLEX64: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_FLOAT32: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_FLOAT64: Library data types
gal_type_from_name: Library data types
gal_type_from_string: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_INT: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_INT16: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_INT32: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_INT64: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_INT8: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_INVALID: Library data types
gal_type_is_int: Library data types
gal_type_is_list: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_LONG: Library data types
gal_type_max: Library data types
gal_type_min: Library data types
gal_type_name: Library data types
gal_type_out: Library data types
gal_type_sizeof: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_SIZE_T: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_STRING: Library data types
gal_type_string_to_number: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_STRLL: Library data types
gal_type_to_string: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_UINT: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_UINT16: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_UINT32: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_UINT64: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_UINT8: Library data types
GAL_TYPE_ULONG: Library data types
gal_units_au_to_ly: Unit conversion library
gal_units_au_to_pc: Unit conversion library
gal_units_counts_to_jy: Unit conversion library
gal_units_counts_to_mag: Unit conversion library
gal_units_counts_to_nanomaggy: Unit conversion library
gal_units_counts_to_sb: Unit conversion library
gal_units_dec_to_degree: Unit conversion library
gal_units_degree_to_dec: Unit conversion library
gal_units_degree_to_ra: Unit conversion library
gal_units_extract_decimal: Unit conversion library
gal_units_ly_to_au: Unit conversion library
gal_units_ly_to_pc: Unit conversion library
gal_units_mag_to_counts: Unit conversion library
gal_units_mag_to_sb: Unit conversion library
gal_units_nanomaggy_to_counts: Unit conversion library
gal_units_pc_to_au: Unit conversion library
gal_units_pc_to_ly: Unit conversion library
gal_units_ra_to_degree: Unit conversion library
gal_units_sb_to_counts: Unit conversion library
gal_units_sb_to_mag: Unit conversion library
gal_warp_pixelarea: Warp library
gal_warp_wcsalign: Warp library
gal_warp_wcsalign_free: Warp library
gal_warp_wcsalign_init: Warp library
gal_warp_wcsalign_onpix: Warp library
gal_warp_wcsalign_onthread: Warp library
gal_warp_wcsalign_template: Warp library
gal_wcs_angular_distance_deg: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_box_vertices_from_center: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_clean_small_errors: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_coordsys_convert: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_COORDSYS_ECB1950: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_COORDSYS_ECJ2000: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_COORDSYS_EQB1950: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_COORDSYS_EQJ2000: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_coordsys_from_string: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_COORDSYS_GALACTIC: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_coordsys_identify: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_COORDSYS_INVALID: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_copy: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_coverage: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_create: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_decompose_pc_cdelt: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_dimension_name: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_distortion_convert(struct: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_DISTORTION_DSS: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_distortion_from_string: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_distortion_identify: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_DISTORTION_SIP: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_distortion_to_string: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_DISTORTION_TPD: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_DISTORTION_TPV: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_DISTORTION_WAT: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_FLTERROR: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_free: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_img_to_world: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_LINEAR_MATRIX_CD: World Coordinate System
GAL_WCS_LINEAR_MATRIX_PC: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_on_tile: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_pixel_area_arcsec2: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_pixel_scale: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_read: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_read_fitsptr: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_remove_dimension: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_to_cd: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_warp_matrix: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_world_to_img: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_write: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_write_in_fitsptr: World Coordinate System
gal_wcs_write_wcsstr: World Coordinate System

pthread_barrierattr_t: Implementation of pthread_barrier
pthread_barrier_destroy: Implementation of pthread_barrier
pthread_barrier_init: Implementation of pthread_barrier
pthread_barrier_t: Implementation of pthread_barrier
pthread_barrier_wait: Implementation of pthread_barrier


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Index Entry  Section

$HOME: Current directory and User wide
$HOME/.local/etc/: Current directory and User wide

--: Operating mode options
--checkconfig: Operating mode options
--cite: Operating mode options
--config=STR: Operating mode options
--disable-guide-message: Gnuastro configure options
--disable-progname: Gnuastro configure options
--dontdelete: Input output options
--enable-check-with-valgrind: Gnuastro configure options
--enable-debug: Gnuastro configure options
--enable-gnulibcheck: Gnuastro configure options
--enable-gnulibcheck: Known issues
--enable-guide-message=no: Gnuastro configure options
--enable-progname: Gnuastro configure options
--enable-progname=no: Gnuastro configure options
--enable-reentrant: CFITSIO
--hdu=STR/INT: Input output options
--help: Arguments and options
--help: Operating mode options
--help: --help
--help output customization: --help
--ignorecase: Input output options
--keepinputdir: Input output options
--keepinputdir: Automatic output
--lastconfig: Operating mode options
--log: Operating mode options
--numthreads: Configuration files
--numthreads: Multi-threaded operations
--numthreads=INT: Operating mode options
--onlyversion=STR: Operating mode options
--output: Configuration files
--output=STR: Input output options
--prefix: Installation directory
--printparams: Options
--printparams: Operating mode options
--program-prefix: Executable names
--program-suffix: Executable names
--program-transform-name: Executable names
--quiet: Operating mode options
--searchin=STR: Input output options
--setdirconf: Operating mode options
--setdirconf: Current directory and User wide
--setusrconf: Operating mode options
--setusrconf: Current directory and User wide
--stdintimeout: Input output options
--tableformat=STR: Input output options
--type=STR: Input output options
--usage: Arguments and options
--usage: Operating mode options
--usage: --usage
--version: Operating mode options
--wcslinearmatrix=STR: Input output options
--with-python: Gnuastro configure options
--without-libgit2: Gnuastro configure options
--without-libjpeg: Gnuastro configure options
--without-libtiff: Gnuastro configure options
--without-pgplot: WCSLIB
-?: Operating mode options
-D: Input output options
-h STR/INT: Input output options
-I: Input output options
-K: Input output options
-mecube (DS9): Viewing FITS file contents with DS9 or TOPCAT
-N INT: Operating mode options
-o STR: Input output options
-P: Operating mode options
-q: Operating mode options
-S: Operating mode options
-s STR: Input output options
-T STR: Input output options
-t STR: Input output options
-U: Operating mode options
-V: Operating mode options

./.gnuastro/: Current directory and User wide
./configure: Configuring
./configure: Installation directory
./configure options: Gnuastro configure options
.bashrc: --help
.bashrc: Generating random numbers

24-bit terminal: Vector graphics colors
2D histogram: Column statistics color-magnitude diagram
2D histogram: 2D Histograms
2D histogram: Statistical operations
2MASS All-Sky Catalog: Available databases

32-bit: Configuration information
3D data cube: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
3D data-cubes: Dimensionality changing operators
3D data-cubes: Measurements per slice spectra

64-bit: Configuration information

\(g\) (gravitational constant): Constants
\(h\) (Plank’s constant): Constants

A4 paper size: A4 print book
A4 print book: A4 print book
AAVSO Photometric All Sky Survey, DR9: Available databases
AB magnitude: Unit conversion operators
AB magnitude: Brightness flux magnitude
AB Magnitude: Unit conversion library
Abd al-rahman Sufi: Sufi simulates a detection
Abell 370 galaxy cluster: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
Abraham de Moivre: Circles and the complex plane
ACIS: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
ACS: Warp
ACS camera: Surface brightness limit of image
Adding Ghostscript fonts: Drawing with vector graphics
Additions to Gnuastro: Suggest new feature
Adjacency matrix: Binary datasets
Adobe systems: Recognized file formats
ADQL (Astronomical Data Query Language): Query
ADU: Brightness flux magnitude
ADU: Instrumental noise
Advanced camera for surveys: Warp
Advanced Camera for Surveys: Linear warping basics
Advanced Packaging Tool (APT, Debian): Dependencies from package managers
Affine Transformation: Linear warping basics
Airy projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
AKARI/FIS All-Sky Survey: Available databases
Akima spline interpolation: Interpolation
al-Shirazi, Qutb al-Din: Fourier series historical background
Albert. A. Michelson: Science and its tools
Algorithm: watershed: Labeled datasets
Alias (shell): Invoking astnoisechisel
Alias, shell: Invoking astmkprof
Align: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Align: Interpolation
Align pixel and WCS coordinates: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Aligning an image: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
All-sky Survey of GALEX DR5: Available databases
AllWISE Data Release: Available databases
Almagest: Sufi simulates a detection
Amplifier: Tessellation
Angular coverage: Brightness flux magnitude
Annotation of images for paper: Annotations for figure in paper
Announcements: Announcements
Anonymous bug submission: Report a bug
Anscombe F. J.: Science and its tools
Anscombe’s quartet: Science and its tools
Aperture blurring: Sigma clipping
apt-get: Dependencies from package managers
Arch GNU/Linux: Dependencies from package managers
Area of pixel on sky: Pixel information images
Area resampling: Pixel information images
Area, ellipse: Morphology measurements nonparametric
Argp argument parser: --help
Argp argument parser: Mandatory source code files
args.h: Mandatory source code files
Arguments to programs: Arguments and options
Aristarchus of Samos: Fourier series historical background
Array: Linked lists
ASCII plot: Invoking aststatistics
ASCII table, FITS: Recognized table formats
ASCII85 encoding: ConvertType input and output
ASCII85 encoding: EPS files
astprogname: Naming convention
Astrometry: Zero point estimation
ASTRON: Available databases
Astronomical data format: Recognized file formats
Astronomical Data Query Language (ADQL): Query
Astronomical Magnitude system: Brightness flux magnitude
Astronomical Unit (AU): Constants
Astronomical Units (AU): Unit conversion operators
Astronomical Units (AU): Unit conversion library
Asynchronous thread allocation: Invoking astcrop
Atmosphere: Convolve
Atmosphere blurring: Sigma clipping
Atmosphere emission lines: Sky lines in optical IFUs
AU (Astronomical Unit): Constants
authors-cite.h: Mandatory source code files
Auto-complete in the shell: Executable names
Autocomplete (in the shell/Bash): Shell TAB completion
Autocomplete (in the shell/Bash): Mandatory source code files
Autocomplete (in the shell/Bash): Bash programmable completion
Automatic configuration file writing: Configuration file format
Automatic output file names: Automatic output
Automatically created build files: Bootstrapping
Available number of threads: Multi-threaded operations
Average: Statistical operations
Average, weighted: Convolve
Avogradro’s number: Constants
AWK: Extract clumps and objects
AWK: Standard input
AWK: Table
AWK: Invoking asttable
AWK: Invoking astarithmetic
AWK: Invoking aststatistics
AWK: Table input output
Axis ratio: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Axis ratio: Dimensions
Azimuthal range (radial profile): Invoking astscript-radial-profile
Azophi: Sufi simulates a detection

Background flux: Sky value definition
Background flux: Photon counting noise
Background pixels: Detection options
Backup: Configure and build in RAM
Balmer limit: Spectral lines library
Band-merged unWISE Catalog: Available databases
Base of natural logarithm (\(e\)): Constants
Bash auto-complete: Shell TAB completion
Bash auto-complete: Mandatory source code files
Bash auto-complete: Bash programmable completion
Bash programmable completion: Shell TAB completion
Bash programmable completion: Mandatory source code files
Bash programmable completion: Bash programmable completion
Best use of CPU threads: A note on threads
Bi-linear interpolation: Resampling
Bias current: Tessellation
Bias level in detectors: Photon counting noise
Bicubic interpolation: Resampling
Bicubic interpolation: Quantifying signal in a tile
Bin width, histogram: Histogram and Cumulative Frequency Plot
Binary datasets: Binary datasets
Binary image: Recognized file formats
Binary image: Detection options
Binary table, FITS: Recognized table formats
Bisquare function of Tukey: Fitting options
Bit: Numeric data types
bit-32: Configuration information
bit-64: Configuration information
Bitwise operators: Bitwise operators
Bitwise Or: Arithmetic on datasets
Biweight function of Tukey: Fitting options
Black and white image: Recognized file formats
blank color channel: Recognized file formats
Blank data: Generic data container
Blank pixel: Blank pixels
Blank pixel: Conditional operators
Blur image: Convolve
Blur image: PSF
Blurring: Sigma clipping
Bonne projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Book formats: Getting help
Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping
Border on an image: Drawing with vector graphics
Brahe, Tycho: Science and its tools
Breadth first search: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Breadth first search: Binary datasets
brew: Dependencies from package managers
Brightness: Brightness flux magnitude
Brightness: Galaxies
Buffers (Emacs): Coding conventions
Bug: Report a bug
Bug: Gnuastro project webpage
Bug reporting: Report a bug
Bug tracker: Report a bug Report a bug
Build: Quick start
Build individual profiles: MakeProfiles output dataset
Build tree: Test scripts
Building from source: Dependencies from package managers
Butterfly projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Byte: Numeric data types
Bzip2: Downloading and validating input data

C compiler: Invoking astbuildprog
C preprocessor: Invoking astbuildprog
C programming language: Why C
C++ programming language: Why C
C, plotting: PGPLOT
C99: Pointers
C: restrict: Generic data container
Cache, system: A note on threads
Calendar: Sort FITS files by night
Calibration: Zero point estimation
Camera: Resampling
CANDELS survey: Crop options
CANDELS survey: Surface brightness limit of image
Carbon footprint: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
Caspar Wessel: Circles and the complex plane
Catalog, Gaia: Available databases
Catalog, Vizier: Available databases
CatWISE 2020 catalog: Available databases
Cauchy’s function (robust weight): Fitting options
CC: Invoking astbuildprog
CCD: Tessellation
CCD: Warp
CDELT: Angular coverage on the sky
CDELT: Input output options
CDELT: Moire pattern and its correction
CDELTi: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
CDS, VizieR: Available databases
Celestial sphere: Brightness flux magnitude
CentOS: Dependencies from package managers
Central management: Gnuastro project webpage
CFITSIO: Keyword inspection and manipulation
CFITSIO: Configuration information
CFITSIO version on outputs: Output FITS files
Change converted pixel values: Pixel visualization
Channel: Tessellation
Channel: Array input output
Channel (color): Color
Channel, color: Pixel colors
Charge-coupled device: Warp
Check: Quick start
Check center of crop: Crop output
Checking detection algorithms: MakeProfiles
Checking tests: Tests
Checksum: Downloading and validating input data
CHECKSUM: FITS keyword: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Chi-squared: Fitting functions
CIII doublet: Spectral lines library
Circle (great): Box shape operators
Circle (small): Box shape operators
Citation information: Mandatory source code files
Claudius Ptolemy: Sufi simulates a detection
CLI: command-line user interface: Command-line interface
CLI: repeating operations: Command-line interface
Clump: Labeled datasets
Clump magnitude limit: Quantifying measurement limits
CMYK: Pixel colors
Coaddition: Stacking operators
Coaddition: Moire pattern and its correction
Coaddition: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
COBE spherical cube projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Color: Pixel colors
Color channel: Color
Color channel: Pixel colors
Color channel: Array input output
Color in macOS terminals: Drawing with vector graphics
Color-magnitude diagram: Column statistics color-magnitude diagram
Color-magnitude diagram: 2D histogram as an image
Colormap: Pixel colors
Colormap, gray-scale: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
Colormap, HSV: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
Colormap: SLS: Pixel visualization
Colormap: SLS-inverse: Pixel visualization
Colormap: Viridis: Pixel visualization
Colors: Color functions
Colors (web): Vector graphics colors
Colors, broad-band photometry: General program usage tutorial
Colorspace, gray-scale: Pixel visualization
Colorspace, HSV: Pixel visualization
Columns (Vector): Vector columns
Command-line arguments: Arguments and options
Command-line help: Getting help
Command-line options: Arguments and options
Command-line scroll: --help
Command-line searching text: --help
Command-line user interface: Command-line interface
Command-line, long outputs: --help
Command-line, viewing full book: Info
Comments: Sufi simulates a detection
Commutative property: Merging multiple warpings
Comoving distance: Distance on a 2D curved space
Compare Moffat and Gaussian: PSF
Compare Poisson and Gaussian: Photon counting noise
Compile: Quick start
Compiled PostScript: Recognized file formats
Compiler, C: Invoking astbuildprog
Compiling from source: Dependencies from package managers
Completeness: Extract clumps and objects
Completeness: Completeness limit of each detection
Completion in the shell: Shell TAB completion
Completion in the shell: Mandatory source code files
Completion in the shell: Bash programmable completion
Complex numbers: Invoking astconvolve
Compression: NoiseChisel output
Compression: Segment output
Compression quality in JPEG: ConvertType input and output
Concave polygons: Crop options
Concave polygons: Polygons
Configuration file directories: Configuration file precedence
Configuration file format: Configuration file format
Configuration file precedence: Configuration file precedence
Configuration file suffix: Configuration file format
Configuration files: Options
Configuration files: Configuration files
Configuration files, system wide: System wide
Configuration files, writing: Configuration file format
Configuration, not finding library: Known issues
Configure options: Configuring
Configure options particular to Gnuastro: Gnuastro configure options
Configuring: Configuring
Conic equal area projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Conic equidistant projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Conic orthomorphic projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Conic perspective projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Connected component labeling: Segment
Connected component labeling: Binary datasets
Connected components: Mathematical morphology operators
Connectivity: Binary datasets
Continuum subtraction: Continuum subtraction
Contour: Contour options
Convenient book formats: Getting help
Convention for program source: Program source
Converting data formats: ConvertType
Converting image formats: ConvertType
ConvertType (astconvertt): ConvertType
Convex Hull: Polygons
Convex polygons: Crop options
Convex polygons: Polygons
Convolution: Convolve
Convolution: Convolution process
Convolution: Quantifying signal in a tile
Convolution: PSF
Convolution kernel: FITS arrays
Cookbook: Tutorials
Coordinate matching: Matching
Coordinate scales: Angular coverage on the sky
Coordinate system: Ecliptic: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Coordinate system: Ecliptic: World Coordinate System
Coordinate system: Equatorial: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Coordinate system: Equatorial: World Coordinate System
Coordinate system: Galactic: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Coordinate system: Galactic: World Coordinate System
Coordinate system: Supergalactic: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Coordinate system: Supergalactic: World Coordinate System
Coordinate transformation: Linear warping basics
Coordinates, homogeneou: Linear warping basics
Copyright: Your rights
Correlated noise: NoiseChisel optimization for detection
Correlated noise: Measuring the dataset limits
Correlated noise: Upper limit magnitude of each detection
Correlated noise: Surface brightness limit of image
Correlation: Convolution process
Cosmic ray removal: Sky value definition
Cosmic rays: Convolve
Cosmic rays: Warp
Cosmic rays: Sigma clipping
Cosmic rays: Sky value definition
Cosmic rays: Quantifying signal in a tile
COSMOS survey: Crop
Cotes, Roger: Circles and the complex plane
Counting error: Photon counting noise
Counting from zero.: Options
Counts: Brightness flux magnitude
Counts: Instrumental noise
Covariance matrix: Fitting functions
Coverage of image over sky: HDU information and manipulation
CPPFLAGS: Known issues
CPPFLAGS: Invoking astbuildprog
CPU threads: Multi-threaded operations
CPU threads, number: Configuration files
CPU threads, set number: Operating mode options
CPU, using all threads: Multi-threaded operations
CRLF line terminator: Text files
Crop (astcrop): Crop
Crop a given section of image: Crop section syntax
Crop part of image: Crop
Crop section format: Crop section syntax
CRVALi: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
CTYPEi: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Cube (3D) spectra: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
Cubes (3D data): Dimensionality changing operators
Cubes (3D data): Measurements per slice spectra
Cubic spline interpolation: Interpolation
Cumulative Frequency Plot: Histogram and Cumulative Frequency Plot
cURL (downloading tool): Optional dependencies
Customize --help output: --help
Customize executable names: Executable names
Customizing installation: Configuring
Cylindrical equal area projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Cylindrical perspective projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions

Dark Energy Survey data release 1: Available databases
Dark level in detectors: Photon counting noise
Dark night: Random number generators
Dash shell: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
Data: Quantifying signal in a tile
Data cubes: Dimensionality changing operators
Data format conversion: ConvertType
Data structures: Headers
Data type: Generic data container
Data’s depth: Surface brightness limit of image
Database, Gaia: Available databases
Database, VizieR: Available databases
Dataset: binary: Binary datasets
DATASUM: FITS keyword: HDU information and manipulation
DATASUM: FITS keyword: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Date: FITS format: FITS header keywords
de Moivre, Abraham: Circles and the complex plane
de Moivre, Abraham: Photon counting noise
de Vaucouleur profile: Galaxies
Debian: Dependencies from package managers
Debug: Separate build and source directories
Debug: Operating mode options
Debug: Invoking astbuildprog
Debugging: Gnuastro configure options
Debugging: Building and debugging
Decimal digits: Printing floating point numbers
Decimal separator: Numeric locale
Declination: Column arithmetic
Declination: Arithmetic on datasets
Declination: Unit conversion library
Declination: Unit conversion library
Default executable search directory: Installation directory
Default library search directory: Installation directory
Default option values: Options
Default option values: Configuration files
Define section to crop: Crop section syntax
Dependencies, Gnuastro: Mandatory dependencies
Depth: Quantifying measurement limits
Depth: Zero point tutorial with reference image
Detached threads: Gnuastro's thread related functions
Detection: Convolve
Detection: NoiseChisel
Detections false: Completeness limit of each detection
Detector: Resampling
developer-build: Building and debugging
developer-build: Test scripts
Development packages: Known issues
Diagram, Color-magnitude: 2D histogram as an image
Diffraction limited: PSF
Dilation: Mathematical morphology operators
Dilation: Binary datasets
Dilation (image processing): NoiseChisel optimization
Directory, install: Installation directory
Discrete Fourier transform: Invoking astconvolve
Distance, elliptical/ellipsoidal: Dimensions
Distance, Manhattan: Dimensions
Distortion: Pixel information images
Distortion, optical: Warp
Distortion, WCS: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Distortion, WCS: World Coordinate System
Distortion, WCS: World Coordinate System
Distribution mode: Sky value misconceptions
Distributions, GNU/Linux: Dependencies from package managers
Dithering: Moire pattern and its correction
dnf: Dependencies from package managers
Doppler effect: Continuum subtraction
Doublet: CIII: Spectral lines library
Doublet: MgII: Spectral lines library
Doublet: NII: Spectral lines library
Doublet: OII: Spectral lines library
Doublet: OIII: Spectral lines library
Doublet: SII: Spectral lines library
Douglas Rushkoff: Science and its tools
Drizzle: Resampling
DS9: Reddest clumps cutouts and parallelization
DS9: Extract clumps and objects
DS9: Pixel visualization
DS9: Segment output
DSS WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
Dynamic libraries: Installation directory
Dynamic linking: Linking
Dynamic linking: Linking

e (base of natural logarithm): Constants
Ecliptic coordinate system: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Ecliptic coordinate system: World Coordinate System
Edges, image: Resampling
Effective radius: Morphology measurements nonparametric
Effective radius: Galaxies
Efficient use of CPU threads: A note on threads
Ellipse: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Ellipse: Dimensions
Ellipse area: Morphology measurements nonparametric
Ellipsoid: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Ellipsoid: Dimensions
Ellipsoidal distance: Dimensions
Elliptical distance: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Elliptical distance: Dimensions
Emacs buffers: Coding conventions
Encapsulated PostScript: Recognized file formats
Environment: Installation directory
Environment variable, HOME: Installation directory
Environment variables: Installation directory
Environment variables: Installation directory
Environment variables: Generating random numbers
Epoch time, Unix: FITS header keywords
Epoch, Unix time: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Epoch, Unix time: Column arithmetic
Epoch, Unix time: Sort FITS files by night
EPS: Recognized file formats
EPS: Pixel visualization
EPS: EPS files
EPS: PDF files
Equatorial coordinate system: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Equatorial coordinate system: World Coordinate System
Erosion: Mathematical morphology operators
Erosion: NoiseChisel
Erosion: Detection options
Erosion: Binary datasets
Erosion (image processing): NoiseChisel optimization
Error in surface brightness: Surface brightness error of each detection
Error, floating point round-off: Invoking astconvolve
etc: Configuration files
Euler angles: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Euler angles: Bounding box
Euler’s number (\(e\)): Constants
Euler, Leonhard: Circles and the complex plane
eval to evaluate string as command: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
Evaluate string as command (eval): Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
Exact area resampling: Resampling
Executable names: Executable names
Exposure time: Brightness flux magnitude
eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) survey: General program usage tutorial
eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) survey: Surface brightness limit of image

Fair function (robust weight): Fitting options
False color: Pixel colors
False detections: Completeness limit of each detection
Feature request: Gnuastro project webpage
Feature requests: Suggest new feature
Fedora: Dependencies from package managers
File flags: Writing scripts to automate the steps
File I/O: Configure and build in RAM
File operations: Data containers
File system Hierarchy Standard: Configuration files
file systems, tmpfs: Configure and build in RAM
Filename suffix: Arguments
Filter: Color
Filter transmission curve: Zero point tutorial with reference image
Fine structure constant: Constants
first-in-first-out: Linked lists
first-in-first-out: FITS header keywords
first-in-first-out: Interpolation
FITS: Output FITS files
FITS: FITS files
FITS filename suffixes: Arguments
FITS image viewer: SAO DS9
FITS or FITS/TXT: Options
FITS standard: CFITSIO
FITS standard: Linear warps to be called explicitly
FITS standard: Generic data container
FITS Tables: Recognized table formats
Fitting: Data modeling
Fitting: Fitting functions
Fitting (least squares): Least squares fitting
Fitting (polynomial): Fitting functions
Flag (mask) images: Bitwise operators
Flags, file: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Flip coordinates: Linear warping basics
Floating point error: Measuring elliptical parameters
Floating point numbers: Printing floating point numbers
Floating point round-off error: Invoking astconvolve
FLT: Options
Flux: Brightness flux magnitude
Flux to magnitude conversion: Brightness flux magnitude
Fonts: Drawing with vector graphics
Foreground pixels: Detection options
FORTRAN: Generic data container
Fourier spectrum: Invoking astconvolve
Free software: Your rights
Free Software Foundation: Contributing to Gnuastro
Free Software Foundation: Copyright assignment
FSF: Contributing to Gnuastro
Full Width at Half Maximum: PSF
Function gradient over pixel area: Sampling from a function
Function groups: Coding conventions
Functions for user interface: Mandatory source code files
FWHM: NoiseChisel optimization for detection
FWHM: Morphology measurements nonparametric

Gaia catalog: Available databases
GAIA Data Release (2 or 3): Available databases
Gain: Brightness flux magnitude
Gain: Instrumental noise
Galactic coordinate system: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Galactic coordinate system: World Coordinate System
Galaxy kinematics: Continuum subtraction
Galaxy profiles: Galaxies
Galileo, Galilei: Science and its tools
Gaussian: Invoking astnoisechisel
Gaussian: Invoking astsegment
Gaussian: Invoking astmkcatalog
Gaussian distribution: Quantifying signal in a tile
Gaussian distribution: PSF
Gaussian FWHM: PSF
Gaussian noise: Least squares fitting
GCC: Invoking astbuildprog
GCC: GNU Compiler Collection: New to GNU/Linux?
GCC: GNU Compiler Collection: Summary and example on libraries
GCC: GNU Compiler Collection: Invoking astbuildprog
GCC: GNU Compiler Collection: Invoking astbuildprog
GCC: GNU Compiler Collection: Coding conventions
Gérard de Vaucouleurs: Galaxies
Gedit: Sufi simulates a detection
General file operations: Data containers
Generalized de Vaucouleur profile: Galaxies
Ghostscript fonts: Drawing with vector graphics
Git: Optional dependencies
Git: Version controlled source
Git: Gnuastro configure options
Git: Table input output
Git: Git wrappers
Global warming: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
GNOME: NoiseChisel output
GNOME 3: Command-line interface
Gnomonic (tangential) projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
GNU Astronomy Utilities (Gnuastro): Introduction
GNU Autoconf: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Autoconf: Bootstrapping
GNU Autoconf: Synchronizing
GNU Autoconf: Configuring
GNU Autoconf: Building and debugging
GNU Autoconf Archive: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Autoconf Archive: Bootstrapping
GNU Automake: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Automake: Bootstrapping
GNU Automake: Building and debugging
GNU Autoreconf: Separate build and source directories
GNU AWK: Angular coverage on the sky
GNU AWK: Aperture photometry
GNU AWK: Reddest clumps cutouts and parallelization
GNU AWK: Extract clumps and objects
GNU AWK: Standard input
GNU AWK: Table
GNU AWK: Invoking asttable
GNU AWK: Invoking astarithmetic
GNU AWK: Invoking aststatistics
GNU AWK: Single value measurements
GNU AWK: Installed scripts
GNU AWK: Sort FITS files by night
GNU AWK: Table input output
GNU Bash: Command-line interface
GNU Bash: Writing scripts to automate the steps
GNU Bash: Installation directory
GNU Bash: Installation directory
GNU Bash: Installed scripts
GNU Bash: Program design philosophy
GNU Bash: Mandatory source code files
GNU Binutils: Linking
GNU build system: Mandatory dependencies
GNU build system: Bootstrapping
GNU build system: Installation directory
GNU build system: Configure and build in RAM
GNU build system: Separate build and source directories
GNU build system: Headers
GNU build system: Headers
GNU build system: Building and debugging
GNU C library: New to GNU/Linux?
GNU C library: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU C library: Bootstrapping
GNU C library: Gnuastro configure options
GNU C library: Configure and build in RAM
GNU C library: Info
GNU C Library: Keyword inspection and manipulation
GNU C library: Adding new columns to MakeCatalog
GNU C library: Linking
GNU C library: Labeled datasets
GNU C library: Coding conventions
GNU C library: Mandatory source code files
GNU coding standards: Introduction
GNU coding standards: Coding conventions
GNU coding standards: Coding conventions
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): New to GNU/Linux?
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Summary and example on libraries
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Invoking astbuildprog
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Invoking astbuildprog
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Coding conventions
GNU Coreutils: Multi-threaded operations
GNU Coreutils: Invoking asttable
GNU Coreutils: Program design philosophy
GNU CPP: Invoking astbuildprog
GNU Debugger: Gnuastro configure options
GNU Debugger (GDB): Separate build and source directories
GNU Emacs: Command-line interface
GNU Emacs: Sufi simulates a detection
GNU Emacs: Info
GNU Emacs: Coding conventions
GNU Emacs: Coding conventions
GNU Emacs: Coding conventions
GNU free documentation license: Science and its tools
GNU Free Documentation License: Your rights
GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Doc License
GNU General Public License (GPL): Science and its tools
GNU General Public License (GPL): Your rights
GNU General Public License (GPL): GNU General Public License
GNU Grep: --help
GNU Grep: Keyword inspection and manipulation
GNU Grep: CosmicCalculator basic cosmology calculations
GNU Grep: The TEMPLATE program
GNU Gzip: NoiseChisel output
GNU Gzip: Segment output
GNU help2man: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Info: Accessing documentation
GNU Info: Info
GNU Libtool: Optional dependencies
GNU Libtool: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Libtool: Bootstrapping
GNU Libtool: Known issues
GNU Libtool: Linking
GNU Libtool: Linking
GNU Libtool: Linking
GNU Libtool: BuildProgram
GNU Libtool: Invoking astbuildprog
GNU Libtool: Building and debugging
GNU Make: Reddest clumps cutouts and parallelization
GNU Make: Optional dependencies
GNU Make: How to run simultaneous operations
GNU Make: Makefile extensions
GNU Make: Invoking astbuildprog
GNU Parallel: How to run simultaneous operations
GNU Portability Library (Gnulib): Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Portability Library (Gnulib): Bootstrapping
GNU Portability Library (Gnulib): Gnuastro configure options
GNU Portability Library (Gnulib): Known issues
GNU Portability Library (Gnulib): Coding conventions
GNU Savannah: Gnuastro project webpage
GNU Scientific Library: GNU Scientific Library
GNU Scientific Library: Least squares fitting
GNU Scientific Library: Generating random numbers
GNU Scientific Library: Permutations
GNU Scientific Library: Interpolation
GNU Scientific Library: Interpolation
GNU SED: Installed scripts
GNU Sed: Sort FITS files by night
GNU software documentation: Info
GNU style options: Options
GNU Tar: Quick start
GNU Texinfo: Your rights
GNU Texinfo: Bootstrapping dependencies
GNU Texinfo: Bootstrapping
GNU Texinfo: A4 print book
GNU Texinfo: Known issues
GNU Wget: Downloading and validating input data
GNU/Linux: New to GNU/Linux?
Gnuastro coding convention: Coding conventions
Gnuastro common options: Common options
Gnuastro major version number: GNU Astronomy Utilities 1.0
Gnuastro program structure convention: Program source
Gnuastro project page: Report a bug
Gnuastro test scripts: Test scripts
Gnulib: Program design philosophy
Gnulib: GNU Portability Library: Bootstrapping dependencies
Gnulib: GNU Portability Library: Bootstrapping
Gnulib: GNU Portability Library: Gnuastro configure options
Gnulib: GNU Portability Library: Known issues
Gnulib: GNU Portability Library: Coding conventions
GPL: GNU General Public License
GPL Ghostscript: Optional dependencies
GPL Ghostscript: Optional dependencies
GPL Ghostscript: Known issues
GPL Ghostscript: Recognized file formats
Gradient over pixel area: Sampling from a function
Graphic user interface: Command-line interface
Graphics (raster): Raster and Vector graphics
Graphics (vector): Raster and Vector graphics
Gravitational constant (\(g\)): Constants
Gravitational lensing: Warp
Gray night: Random number generators
Grayscale: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
Great circle: Box shape operators
Groups of similar functions: Coding conventions
GSL: Least squares fitting
GUI: graphic user interface: Command-line interface
GUI: repeating operations: Command-line interface
Gzip: Quick start
Gzip: Release tarball

H-alpha: Viewing spectra and redshifted lines
H-alpha: Spectral lines library
H-beta: Viewing spectra and redshifted lines
H-beta: Spectral lines library
H-delta: Spectral lines library
H-epsilon: Spectral lines library
H-gamma: Spectral lines library
Halted program: Report a bug
Hammer-Aitoff projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Hashbang: Writing scripts to automate the steps
HDD: Configure and build in RAM
HDU: Arguments and options
HDU: Input output options
HDU: Invoking astfits
Header data unit: Arguments and options
Header data unit: Input output options
Header file: Coding conventions
HEALPix: Invoking astfits
HEALPix polar projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
HEALPix projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Help: Getting help
help-gnuastro mailing list: help-gnuastro mailing list help-gnuastro mailing list
Hexadecimal encoding: ConvertType input and output
Hexadecimal encoding: EPS files
Hipparchus of Nicaea: Brightness flux magnitude
Histogram: Histogram and Cumulative Frequency Plot
Histogram: Sky value misconceptions
Histogram: Statistical operations
Histogram, 2D: Column statistics color-magnitude diagram
Histogram, 2D: 2D Histograms
Histogram, 2D: Statistical operations
history: Writing scripts to automate the steps
HOME: Installation directory
HOME/.local/: Installation directory
Homebrew: Dependencies from package managers
Homogeneous coordinates: Linear warping basics
Homography: Linear warping basics
HSV: Hue Saturation Value: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
HSV: Hue Saturation Value: Pixel visualization
Hubble Space Telescope (HST): General program usage tutorial
Hubble Space Telescope (HST): Tessellation
Hubble Space Telescope (HST): Crop
Hubble Space Telescope (HST): Warp
Hubble Space Telescope (HST): Linear warping basics
Huber function (robust weight): Fitting options
Hue, saturation, value: Pixel visualization
Hyper Suprime-Cam: Tessellation
Hyperbolic functions: Trigonometric and hyperbolic operators
Hyperspectral imaging: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data

IAU, international astronomical union: Fits
Identifying outliers: Quantifying signal in a tile
IEEE 754: Invoking asttable
IEEE 754: Invoking asttable
IEEE 754 (floating point): Printing floating point numbers
IFU: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
IFU: Integral Field Unit: Dimensionality changing operators
IFU: Integral Field Unit: Morphology measurements nonparametric
IFU: Integral Field Unit: Measurements per slice spectra
Image: Pixel colors
Image annotation: Annotations for figure in paper
Image blurring: PSF
Image edges: Resampling
Image format conversion: ConvertType
Image mosaic: Crop
Image mosaic: Warp
Image noise: Noise basics
Image tiles: Crop
Image transformations: MakeProfiles
Image’s sky coverage: HDU information and manipulation
ImageMagick: Bootstrapping dependencies
Imaging surveys: Crop
Immediate neighbors: Binary datasets
Inconsistent results: Report a bug
Individual profiles: MakeProfiles output dataset Synchronizing
INFOPATH: Installation directory
Input/Output, file: Configure and build in RAM
Inside-out construction: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Inside-out construction: Sampling from a function
Install directory: Installation directory
Install with no superuser access: Installation directory
Installation: Installation
Installation, customizing: Configuring
Installed help methods: Getting help
Instrumental noise: Instrumental noise
INT: Options
Integer overflow: Integer benefits and pitfalls
Integer, Signed: Numeric data types
Integral field unit: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
Integral Field Unit: Morphology measurements nonparametric
Integral field unit (IFU): Dimensionality changing operators
Integral field unit (IFU): Measurements per slice spectra
Integration over pixel: Sampling from a function
Integration to infinity: Profile magnitude
Internal default value: Configuration files
Internally stored option value: Multi-threaded operations
Interpolation: Resampling
Interpolation: Interpolation
Interpolation, bi-linear: Resampling
Interpolation, bicubic: Resampling
Interpolation, bicubic: Quantifying signal in a tile
Interpolation, nearest-neighbor: Quantifying signal in a tile
Interpolation: Akima spline: Interpolation
Interpolation: monotonic: Interpolation
Interpolation: Polynomial: Interpolation
Interpolation: Spline: Interpolation
Interpolation: Steffen: Interpolation
Intervals, histogram: Histogram and Cumulative Frequency Plot
IRAF: Recognized file formats
ISO C90: Why C
Issue: Gnuastro project webpage
iTerm: Drawing with vector graphics
IVOA: Query

Jansky (Jy): Unit conversion library
Janskys (Jy): Brightness flux magnitude
Java programming language: Why C
Java Virtual Machine (JVM): Why C
Jaynes E. T.: Science and its tools
Johnson filters: Zero point tutorial with reference image
Johnson vs. SDSS filters: Zero point tutorial with reference image
JPEG compression quality: ConvertType input and output
JPEG compression quality: JPEG files
JPEG format: Optional dependencies
JPEG format: Gnuastro configure options
JPEG format: Recognized file formats
JPEG format: JPEG files
JVM: Java virtual machine: Why C

K-d tree: K-d tree
k-d tree matching: Matching
Ken Thomson: Science and its tools
Kernel, convolution: Convolve
Kernel, convolution: FITS arrays
Kernel, Linux: Memory management
Kernighan, Brian: Why C
Kinematics (galaxies): Continuum subtraction

Labeling: NoiseChisel
Language of command-line: Numeric locale
Large astronomical images: Crop
last-in-first-out: Linked lists
last-in-first-out: FITS header keywords
LaTeX: Bootstrapping dependencies
LaTeX: Recognized file formats
LaTeX: Program design philosophy
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Multithreaded programming
LC_ALL: Numeric locale
LC_NUMERIC: Numeric locale
LDFLAGS: Known issues
LDFLAGS: Invoking astbuildprog
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: Installation directory
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: Known issues
Learning GNU Info: Info
Least squares fitting: Least squares fitting
Least squares fitting: Fitting functions
Lensing simulations: MakeProfiles
Leonhard Euler: Circles and the complex plane
less: --help
libgit2: Optional dependencies
libgit2: Gnuastro configure options
libgit2: Git wrappers
libjpeg: Optional dependencies
libjpeg: Gnuastro configure options
Library search directory: Installation directory
Library: shared: Linking
libtiff: Optional dependencies
libtiff: Gnuastro configure options
Light year: Constants
Light-year: Unit conversion operators
Light-year: Unit conversion library
Limit, object/clump magnitude: Quantifying measurement limits
Limit, surface brightness: Image surface brightness limit
Limit, surface brightness: Surface brightness limit of image
Limit, Surface brightness: MakeCatalog output
Line terminator, CRLF: Text files
Linear spatial filtering: Convolution process
Linked list: Linked lists
Linked list: FITS header keywords
Linking: Linking
Linking: Dynamic: Linking
Linking: dynamic: Linking
Linking: Static: Linking
Linux: New to GNU/Linux?
Linux kernel: Configure and build in RAM
Linux kernel: Memory management
Linux Mint: Dependencies from package managers
Locale: Numeric locale
Long option abbreviation: Options
Long outputs: --help
Lord Kelvin: Science and its tools
Lorentzian function (robust weight): Fitting options
Low level programming: Why C
Luminosity: Brightness flux magnitude
Lyman limit: Spectral lines library
Lyman-alpha: Spectral lines library
Lzip: Quick start
Lzip: Release tarball

M51: Detecting large extended targets
macOS: Dependencies from package managers
macOS terminal 24-bit color: Drawing with vector graphics
MacPorts: Dependencies from package managers
Macro: Headers
Magnitude: Unit conversion library
Magnitude: Unit conversion library
Magnitude: Unit conversion library
Magnitude (nanomaggy): Unit conversion library
Magnitude limit: Magnitude limit of image
Magnitude zero point: Brightness flux magnitude
Magnitude, AB: Unit conversion operators
Magnitude, AB: Brightness flux magnitude
Magnitude, AB: Unit conversion library
Magnitude, object/clump detection limit: Quantifying measurement limits
Magnitude, upper limit: Upper limit magnitude of each detection
Magnitudes from flux: Brightness flux magnitude
Mailing list archives: Report a bug
Mailing list archives: help-gnuastro mailing list
Mailing list: bug-gnuastro: Report a bug
Mailing list: bug-gnuastro: Gnuastro project webpage
Mailing list: gnuastro-commits: Developing mailing lists
Mailing list: gnuastro-commits: Commit guidelines
Mailing list: gnuastro-commits: Commit guidelines
Mailing list: gnuastro-commits: Commit guidelines
Mailing list: gnuastro-devel: Gnuastro project webpage
Mailing list: gnuastro-devel: Developing mailing lists
Mailing list: help-gnuastro: help-gnuastro mailing list
Mailing list: info-gnuastro: Version numbering
Mailing list: info-gnuastro: Announcements
Mailing list: info-gnuastro: Synchronizing
main function: Mandatory source code files
Main parameters C structure: Mandatory source code files
main.c: Mandatory source code files
main.h: Mandatory source code files
Major version number: Version numbering
Make: How to run simultaneous operations
Make: Makefile extensions
make check: Tests
Makefile: Reddest clumps cutouts and parallelization
MakeProfiles (astmkprof): MakeProfiles
Making a distribution package: Developer's checklist
Making profiles pixel by pixel: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Man pages: Man pages
Management hub: Gnuastro project webpage
Mandatory arguments: Arguments and options
Mandatory arguments: --usage
Manhattan distance: Dimensions
Manhattan metric: Processing options
MANPATH: Installation directory
Mask (flag) images: Bitwise operators
Matching: Matching
Matching by k-d tree: Matching
Mathematical morphology: Mathematical morphology operators
Mathematical morphology: Binary datasets
Matplotlib: Annotations for figure in paper
matplotlib: Pixel visualization
Matplotlib, Python: Program design philosophy
Matplotlib, Python: PGPLOT
Matrix: Linear warping basics
Matrix (covariance): Fitting functions
Matrix multiplication: Merging multiple warpings
Matrix, adjacency: Binary datasets
Maximum: Statistical operations
Mean: Quantifying signal in a tile
Mean: Statistical operations
Median: Quantifying signal in a tile
Median: Statistical operations
Memory management: Memory management
Memory management: Gnuastro's thread related functions
Memory, non-volatile: Memory management
Memory, volatile: Memory management
Memory-mapped file: Memory management
Mercator projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Meridian: Box shape operators
Meta image: Pixel information images
Meta-data: Fits
Metacharacters on the command-line In case your arguments or option values contain any of the shell’s meta-characters, you have to quote them.: Arguments and options
Metadata: Sufi simulates a detection
Metric: Manhattan, Taxicab, Radial: Processing options
MgII doublet: Spectral lines library
Michelson, Albert. A.: Science and its tools
Minimum: Statistical operations
Minor version number: Version numbering
Mixing pixel values: Convolve
Mixing pixel values: Resampling
Möbius, August. F.: Linear warping basics
mock.fits: Tests
Mode of a distribution: Sky value misconceptions
Modeling: Data modeling
Modeling stars: Stars
Modifying print book: A4 print book
Modularity: Review of library fundamentals
Moffat beta: PSF
Moffat function: PSF
Moffat FWHM: PSF
Moiré pattern or fringes: Moire pattern and its correction
Mollweide projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Moments: Measuring elliptical parameters
Monte carlo integration: Sampling from a function
Mosaicing: Crop
Mosaicing: Warp
Multi-Extension FITS: Viewing FITS file contents with DS9 or TOPCAT
Multi-threaded operation: Qsort functions
Multi-threaded programs: Multi-threaded operations
Multi-value columns (vector): Vector columns
Multiple file opening, reentrancy: CFITSIO
Multiplication, Matrix: Linear warping basics
Multiplication, matrix: Merging multiple warpings
Multithreaded programming: Multithreaded programming
MUSE: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
MUSE: Vector columns

Names of executables: Executable names
Names, customize: Executable names
Names, programs: Naming convention
NaN: Gnuastro text table format
NaN: Stacking operators
NaN: Linear warps to be called explicitly
NaN: Generating histograms and cumulative frequency plots
NaN: Detection options
NaN: Library blank values
NaN: Library blank values
NaN: Library blank values
NaN: Library blank values
NaN: FITS arrays
NaN: Qsort functions
Nanomaggy: Image surface brightness limit
Nanomaggy: Unit conversion operators
Nanomaggy: Unit conversion operators
Nanomaggy: Unit conversion operators
Nanomaggy: Unit conversion library
Narrow-band image: Dimensionality changing operators
NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED): Available databases
Naval Observatory Merged Astrometric Dataset: Available databases
Navigating source files: Program source
Nearest-neighbor interpolation: Quantifying signal in a tile
Necessary parameters: Configuration files
NED (NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database): Available databases
Neighborhood: Convolve
Neighbors, immediate: Binary datasets
NGC5195: Detecting large extended targets
Nights (dark or gray): Random number generators
NII doublet: Viewing spectra and redshifted lines
NII doublet: Spectral lines library
No access to superuser install: Installation directory
Noise: Quantifying signal in a tile
Noise: MakeNoise
Noise: Noise basics
Noise (correlated): Measuring the dataset limits
Noise (Gaussian): Least squares fitting
Noise simulation: Photon counting noise
Noise, correlated: NoiseChisel optimization for detection
Noise, correlated: Surface brightness limit of image
Noise, instrumental: Instrumental noise
Non-commutative operations: Merging multiple warpings
Non-linear distortion: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Non-linear distortion: Interpolation
Non-linearity (CCDs): Uniting the different PSF components
Non-volatile memory: Memory management
Normalizing histogram: Histogram and Cumulative Frequency Plot
nproc: Multi-threaded operations
Number: Statistical operations
Number count: Measuring the dataset limits
Number of CPU threads to use: Operating mode options
Number of CPU threads to use: Configuration files
Number of threads available: Multi-threaded operations
Number, version: Version numbering
Numbers, complex: Invoking astconvolve
Numbers, psuedo-random: Generating random numbers
Numbers, random: Generating random numbers
Numpy: Optional dependencies

O-H lines (from atmosphere): Sky lines in optical IFUs
Object magnitude limit: Quantifying measurement limits
Object oriented programming: Why C
OII doublet: Spectral lines library
OIII doublet: Spectral lines library
On/Off options: Options
Online help: Getting help
Opening: Achieved surface brightness level
Opening (Mathematical morphology): Binary datasets
Opening multi-extension FITS: Viewing FITS file contents with DS9 or TOPCAT
OpenMP: Multithreaded programming
openSUSE: Dependencies from package managers
Operations on files: Data containers
Operations, non-commutative: Merging multiple warpings
Operator, structure de-reference: Mandatory source code files
Optical distortion: Warp
Optimization: Invoking astbuildprog
Optimization: Building and debugging
Optimization flag: Coding conventions
Option values: Options
Optional and mandatory tokens: --usage
Options: Invoking astarithmetic
Options common to all programs: Common options
Options to programs: Arguments and options
Options, abbreviation: Options
Options, GNU style: Options
Options, on/off: Options
Options, repeated: Options
Options, short (-) and long (--): Options
Order in search directory: Installation directory
Orthographic/synthesis projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Outlier: Single value measurements
Outliers: Quantifying signal in a tile
Output file names, automatic: Automatic output
Output FITS headers: Output FITS files
Output, wrong: Report a bug
Overflow, integer: Integer benefits and pitfalls
Oversample: Sufi simulates a detection
Oversampling: Oversampling

p: Mandatory source code files
Package managers: Dependencies from package managers
pacman: Dependencies from package managers
Pan-STARRS Data Release 1: Available databases
Paper size, A4: A4 print book
Paper size, US letter: A4 print book
Parabolic projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Parametric PSFs: PSF
Parsecs: Unit conversion operators
Parsecs: Unit conversion library
PATH: Installation directory
PDF: Recognized file formats
PDF: Pixel visualization
PDF: EPS files
PDF: PDF files
permutation: Permutations
Permutation: Matching
PGFPlots: Annotations for figure in paper
PGFPlots (LaTeX package): Column statistics color-magnitude diagram
PGFPlots (LaTeX package): 2D histogram as an image
PGFplots in TeX or LaTeX: Program design philosophy
PGFplots in TeX or LaTeX: PGPLOT
Phase angle: Invoking astconvolve
photo-electrons: Sky value definition
Photoelectrons: Resampling
Photon counting noise: Photon counting noise
Pi: Constants
Pi: Constants
Picture element: Resampling
Pipe: --help
Pixel: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
Pixel: Resampling
Pixel by pixel making of profiles: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Pixel mixing: Pixel information images
Pixel mixing: Convolve
Pixel mixing: Resampling
Pixel mixing: Resampling
Pixel scale: Moire pattern and its correction
Pixel scale: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Pixel scale: Surface brightness limit of image
Pixelated graphics: Recognized file formats
Pixels: Pixel colors
Plain text: Recognized file formats
Plank’s constant (\(h\)): Constants
Plate carree projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Plot, scatter: Column statistics color-magnitude diagram
Plot: contour: Contour options
Plotting directly in C: PGPLOT
Plugin: Linking
PNG standard: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
Point (Vector graphics; PostScript): Marking objects for publication
Point (Vector graphics; PostScript): Drawing with vector graphics
Point pixels: Resampling
Point source: PSF
Point spread function: Tutorials
Point spread function: PSF
Pointers: Pointers
Poisson distribution: Photon counting noise
Poisson distribution: Photon counting noise
Poisson noise: Random number generators
Poisson, Siméon Denis: Photon counting noise
Polyconic projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Polygon: Box shape operators
Polygons, Concave: Crop options
Polygons, Concave: Polygons
Polygons, Convex: Crop options
Polygons, Convex: Polygons
Polynomial fit: Fitting functions
Polynomial fit (robust): Fitting options
Polynomial interpolation: Interpolation
Portable Document format: Recognized file formats
Portable script: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
Portable shell: Installed scripts
Position angle: Measuring elliptical parameters
Position angle: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Position angle: Dimensions
POSIX threads: Implementation of pthread_barrier
POSIX Threads: Gnuastro's thread related functions
POSIX threads library: Multithreaded programming
Post-fix notation: Reverse polish notation
Postage stamp images: Crop
PostScript: Recognized file formats
PostScript: Pixel visualization
PostScript: EPS files
PostScript: PDF files
PostScript point: Drawing with vector graphics
PostScript vs. PDF: Recognized file formats
Pre-Processor: Headers
Pre-processor macros: Headers
Precedence, configuration files: Configuration file precedence
Precision of floats: Printing floating point numbers
prefix/etc/: System wide
Primary colors: Pixel colors
printf: Table input output
Printing floating point numbers: Printing floating point numbers
Prior WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
Probability density function: Histogram and Cumulative Frequency Plot
Probability density function: Sky value misconceptions
Probability density function: Photon counting noise
Profile, profile: Generate radial profile
Profiles, galaxies: Galaxies
progname-complete.bash: Mandatory source code files
progname.c, progname.h: Mandatory source code files
prognameparams: Mandatory source code files
Program crashing: Report a bug
Program names: Naming convention
Program structure convention: Program source
Programming, low level: Why C
ProgramName: Naming convention
Projections (world coordinate system): Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Projective transformation: Linear warping basics
Proper distance: Distance on a 2D curved space
Provenance: Invoking asttable
Provenance: Building new dataset and stack management
Pseudo color: Pixel colors
PSF: Tutorials
PSF: Sufi simulates a detection
PSF image size: PSF
PSF over-sample: Oversampling
PSF width: PSF
PSF, Moffat compared Gaussian: PSF
Psuedo-random numbers: Generating random numbers
pthread: Multi-threaded operations
pthread_barrier: Implementation of pthread_barrier
Ptolemy, Claudius: Sufi simulates a detection
Public domain: Your rights
Purity: Extract clumps and objects
Purity: Completeness limit of each detection
Puzzle solving scientist: Science and its tools
PyPI: Optional dependencies
PyPI: Gnuastro configure options
Python: Gnuastro configure options
Python Matplotlib: Program design philosophy
Python Matplotlib: PGPLOT
Python programming language: Why C
Python3: Optional dependencies

qsort: Qsort functions
Quadrilateralized spherical cube projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Quality of compression in JPEG: ConvertType input and output
Quantile: Skewness caused by signal and its measurement
Quantile: Quantifying signal in a tile
Quantile: Input to Statistics
Quantile: Detection options
Quantile: Statistical operations
Quantile of the mean: Single value measurements
Query: Query
Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi: Fourier series historical background

Radial metric: Processing options
Radial profile: Vector columns
Radial profile: Least squares fitting
Radial profile: Generate radial profile
Radial profile on ellipse: Defining an ellipse and ellipsoid
Radio astronomy: Available databases
Radius, effective: Galaxies
RAM: Memory management
RAM: Gnuastro's thread related functions
RAM: Binary datasets
Random number generation: Image surface brightness limit
Random number generator, Seed: Upper-limit settings
Random number generator, Seed: Sampling from a function
Random number generator, Seed: MakeProfiles profile settings
Random number generator, Seed: Generating random numbers
Random number generator, Seed: Generating random numbers
Random number generator, Seed: Invoking astmknoise
Random numbers: Generating random numbers
Random row selection: Invoking asttable
Raster graphics: Raster and Vector graphics
Raster graphics: Recognized file formats
Readout noise: Instrumental noise
Red Hat: Dependencies from package managers
Redirection: Sufi simulates a detection
Redirection in shell: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Redirection of output: --help
Redirection of output: --help
Reentrancy, multiple file opening: CFITSIO
Region file (SAO DS9): Crop options
Region file (SAO DS9): SAO DS9 library
Remembering options: Getting help
Remote operation: Command-line interface
Removing ast from executables: Executable names
Repeated options: Options
Report a bug: Gnuastro project webpage
Reproducibility: Invoking asttable
Reproducibility: Upper-limit settings
Reproducibility: Makefile functions of Gnuastro
Reproducibility: Why C
Reproducible bug reports: Report a bug
Reproducible results: Command-line interface
Resampling: Resampling
Resampling: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Resampling: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Resampling: Interpolation
Resampling by area: Pixel information images
Resource heavy operations: Command-line interface
Rest frame wavelength: CosmicCalculator spectral line calculations
Rest-frame: Spectral lines library
Rest-frame wavelength: CosmicCalculator input options
restrict: Generic data container
Results, wrong: Report a bug
Reverse Polish Notation: Reverse polish notation
RGB: Color
RGB: Pixel colors
RHEL: Dependencies from package managers
Right Ascension: Column arithmetic
Right Ascension: Arithmetic on datasets
Right Ascension: Unit conversion library
Right Ascension: Unit conversion library
Ritchie, Dennis: Why C
river: Segment
Robust polynomial fit: Fitting options
Robust Polynomial fit: Fitting functions
Roger Cotes: Circles and the complex plane
Root access, not possible: Installation directory
Root parameter structure: Mandatory source code files
Rotation of coordinates: Linear warping basics
Round-off error: Invoking astconvolve
Round-off error: Polygons
Row selection, by random: Invoking asttable

Sampling: Resampling
Sampling: Sampling from a function
Sampling theorem: Resampling
Sanson-Flamsteed projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
SAO DS9: Reddest clumps cutouts and parallelization
SAO DS9: Extract clumps and objects
SAO DS9: Pixel visualization
SAO DS9: Segment output
SAO DS9: SAO DS9 library
SAO DS9 region file: Crop options
SAO DS9 region file: SAO DS9 library
Saturated pixels: Interpolation operators
Saturated stars: Interpolation
Saturation (CCDs): Uniting the different PSF components
Save output to file: --help
Saving binary image: Recognized file formats
Scales, coordinate: Angular coverage on the sky
Scaling: Linear warping basics
Scatter plot: Column statistics color-magnitude diagram
Scientific Linux: Dependencies from package managers
Scientist, puzzle solver: Science and its tools
Script, shell: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Scripts, startup: Installation directory
Scroll command-line: --help
SDSS: Image surface brightness limit
SDSS: Unit conversion operators
SDSS: Brightness flux magnitude
SDSS: Zero point tutorial with reference image
SDSS DR12: Available databases
SDSS Photometric Catalogue, Release 12: Available databases
SDSS vs. Johnson filters: Zero point tutorial with reference image
SDSS, Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Detecting large extended targets
Sérsic index: Galaxies
Sérsic profile: Morphology measurements nonparametric
Sérsic profile: Galaxies
Sérsic, J. L.: Galaxies
Search directory for executables: Installation directory
Search directory order: Installation directory
Searching text: --help
Second moment: Measuring elliptical parameters
Section of an image: Crop
Secure shell: Command-line interface
SED, stream editor: Executable names
Seed, random number generator: Image surface brightness limit
Seed, Random number generator: Upper-limit settings
Seed, Random number generator: Sampling from a function
Seed, Random number generator: MakeProfiles profile settings
Seed, Random number generator: Generating random numbers
Seed, Random number generator: Generating random numbers
Seed, Random number generator: Invoking astmknoise
Segmentation: NoiseChisel
Segmentation: NoiseChisel
sequent WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
Setting output file names automatically: Automatic output
Setting PATH: Installation directory
Sexagesimal: Column arithmetic
Sexagesimal: Crop options
Sexagesimal: Arithmetic on datasets
SHA-1 checksum: Downloading and validating input data
Shapes for marks (vector graphics): Drawing with vector graphics
Shared library: Linking
Shared library versioning: Linking
Shear: Linear warping basics
Shebang: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Shell: Command-line interface
Shell: Arguments and options
Shell alias: Invoking astnoisechisel
Shell alias: Invoking astmkprof
Shell auto-complete: Executable names
Shell history: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Shell redirection: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Shell script: GNU Astronomy Utilities 1.0
Shell script: Writing scripts to automate the steps
Shell startup: Invoking astnoisechisel
Shell startup: Invoking astmkprof
Shell variables: Installation directory
Shell, portable: Installed scripts
Shift + PageUP and Shift + PageDown: --help
SI (International System of Units): Brightness flux magnitude
Sigma-clipping: Sky value misconceptions
Sigma-clipping: Statistical operations
Signal: Quantifying signal in a tile
Signal to noise ratio: Warp
Signal to noise ratio: Resampling
Signal-to-noise ratio: Quantifying signal in a tile
Signed integer: Numeric data types
SII doublet: Spectral lines library
Simulating noise: Photon counting noise
Simultaneous multithreading: Multi-threaded operations
Single channel CMYK: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
SIP distortion: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
SIP WCS distortion: Keyword inspection and manipulation
SIP WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
SIP WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
size_t: Ordered list of size_t
size_t: Doubly linked ordered list of size_t
Skewed Poisson distribution: Photon counting noise
Skewness: Skewness caused by signal and its measurement
Skewness: Quantifying signal in a tile
Skewness: Brightness measurements
Sky: Sky lines in optical IFUs
Sky: Sky value
Sky emission-lines: Sky lines in optical IFUs
Sky line: Interpolation
Sky value: Sky value definition
Sky value: Sky value definition
Sky value: Photon counting noise
Slant zenithal projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Sloan Digital Sky Survey, SDSS: Detecting large extended targets
SLS Color: Pixel visualization
Small circle: Box shape operators
Software bug: Report a bug
Source code building: Dependencies from package managers
Source code compilation: Dependencies from package managers
Source file navigation: Program source
Source tree: Test scripts
Source, uncompress: Quick start
Spectrum: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data
Spectrum: Vector columns
Spectrum: Measurements per slice spectra
Spectrum (of astronomical source): Measurements per slice spectra
Spectrum, Fourier: Invoking astconvolve
Speed of light: Constants
Spline (Akima) interpolation: Interpolation
Spline (cubic) interpolation: Interpolation
Spread of a point source: PSF
SSD: Configure and build in RAM
SSH: Command-line interface
Stacking: Stacking operators
Stacking: Moire pattern and its correction
Stacking: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Standard deviation: Measuring elliptical parameters
Standard deviation: Statistical operations
Standard input: Input output options
Standard input: Standard input
Standard input: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
Standard input: Automatic output
Standard input: ConvertType input and output
Standard input: Invoking aststatistics
Standard input: Text files
Standard output: Sufi simulates a detection
Standard output: Invoking asttable
Standard output stream: Standard input
Standard, FITS: Generic data container
Star formation main sequence: Least squares fitting
Stars, modeling: Stars
Startup scripts: Installation directory
Startup scripts: Generating random numbers
Startup, shell: Invoking astnoisechisel
Startup, shell: Invoking astmkprof
Static document description format: Recognized file formats
Static linking: Linking
Statistical analysis: Science and its tools
Steffen interpolation: Interpolation
Steradian: Brightness flux magnitude
Stereographic projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Stitch multiple images: Crop
STR: Options
Stream editor, SED: Executable names
Stream: standard input: Standard input
Stream: standard output: Standard input
Stroustrup, Bjarne: Science and its tools
Stroustrup, Bjarne: Why C
Structure de-reference operator: Mandatory source code files
Structures: Headers
Subaru Telescope: Tessellation
Submit new tracker item: Report a bug
Suffix (filename): Arguments
Suffixes, EPS format: Recognized file formats
Suffixes, JPEG images: Recognized file formats
Suffixes, PDF format: Recognized file formats
Suffixes, plain text: Recognized file formats
Sufi, Abd al-rahman: Sufi simulates a detection
Sum: Statistical operations
Sum for total flux: Profile magnitude
Supergalactic coordinate system: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Supergalactic coordinate system: World Coordinate System
Superuser, not possible: Installation directory
Support request manager: Report a bug
Surface Brightness: FITS images in a publication
Surface brightness: Achieved surface brightness level
Surface brightness: Brightness flux magnitude
Surface brightness: Surface brightness limit of image
Surface Brightness: Arithmetic on datasets
Surface Brightness: Unit conversion library
Surface brightness error: Surface brightness error of each detection
Surface brightness limit: Image surface brightness limit
Surface brightness limit: Surface brightness limit of image
Surface brightness limit: MakeCatalog output
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Dependencies from package managers
SVO database (filter transmission curve): Zero point tutorial with reference image
Symbolic link: Executable names
System Cache: A note on threads
System wide configuration files: System wide

Table viewer: TOPCAT
Tables FITS: Recognized table formats
Tabs are evil: Coding conventions
Tangential spherical cube projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
TAP (Table Access Protocol): Query
Task tracker: Report a bug
Taxicab metric: Processing options
Terminal (true color, 24 bit): Vector graphics colors
Test: Quick start
Test scripts: Test scripts
Tests, error in converting images: Known issues
Tests, only one passes: Known issues
Tests, running: Tests
tests/ Building and debugging
TeX: Known issues
TeX: Recognized file formats
TeX Live: Bootstrapping dependencies
Thread safety: World Coordinate System
Thread safety: Qsort functions
Thresholding: Binary datasets
TIFF format: Optional dependencies
TIFF format: Gnuastro configure options
TIFF format: Recognized file formats
TIFF format: TIFF files
TiKZ: Annotations for figure in paper
Tilde expansion as option values: Options
Time zone: Invoking astscript-sort-by-night
Time, Unix epoch: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Time, Unix epoch: Column arithmetic
Time, Unix epoch: Sort FITS files by night
Timeout: Input output options
tmpfs file system: Configure and build in RAM
Tokens: Vector columns
Top processing source file: Mandatory source code files
Top root structure: Mandatory source code files
TPD WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
TPV distortion: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
TPV WCS distortion: Keyword inspection and manipulation
TPV WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
TPV WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
Tracker: Report a bug
Tracker: Gnuastro project webpage
Trailing space: Coding conventions
Transform image: MakeProfiles
Transformation, affine: Linear warping basics
Transformation, projective: Linear warping basics
Transmission curve of filters: Zero point tutorial with reference image
Trigonometry: Trigonometric and hyperbolic operators
True color terminal: Vector graphics colors
Truncation radius: Profile magnitude
Tukey’s biweight (bisquare) function: Fitting options
Turn over point (angular diameter distance): Cosmological coverage and visualizing tables
Tutorial: Tutorials
Type: Numeric data types

U.S. Naval Observatory CCD Astrograph Catalog: Available databases
Ubuntu: Dependencies from package managers
ui.c: Mandatory source code files
ui.h: Mandatory source code files
Uncompress source: Quick start
Undetected objects: Photon counting noise
Universal time coordinate (UTC): Invoking astscript-sort-by-night
Unix epoch time: Keyword inspection and manipulation
Unix epoch time: Column arithmetic
Unix epoch time: Sort FITS files by night
Unix epoch time: FITS header keywords
Unsigned integer: Numeric data types
Upper limit magnitude: Upper limit magnitude of each detection
Upper-limit: Measuring the dataset limits
US letter paper size: A4 print book
Usage pattern: --usage
User interface functions: Mandatory source code files
Using CPU threads: Multi-threaded operations
Using multiple CPU cores: Multi-threaded operations
Using multiple threads: A note on threads
UTC (Universal time coordinate): Invoking astscript-sort-by-night

Valgrind: Gnuastro configure options
Valgrind: Gnuastro configure options
Valgrind: Separate build and source directories
Valgrind: Separate build and source directories
Values to options: Options
Variance: Measuring elliptical parameters
Variance-covariance matrix: Fitting functions
Vatican library: Fits
Vector columns: Vector columns
Vector graphics: Raster and Vector graphics
Vector graphics: Recognized file formats
Vector graphics point: Drawing with vector graphics
Verification, checksum: Downloading and validating input data
Version control: Report a bug
Version control: Version controlled source
Version control systems: Optional dependencies
Version control systems: Gnuastro configure options
Version number: Version numbering
Versioning: Shared library: Linking
Vertices on sphere (sky): Box shape operators
Viewing trackers: Report a bug
Viridis: Colormap: Pixel visualization
Virtual console: Command-line interface
Visualization: Colormaps for single-channel pixels
VizieR: Available databases
void *: Generic data container
Volatile memory: Memory management
VOTable: Available databases
Voxel: Detecting lines and extracting spectra in 3D data

Wall-clock time: A note on threads
Warp: Interpolation
Wassel, Caspar: Circles and the complex plane
WAT WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
Watershed algorithm: Segment
Watershed algorithm: Labeled datasets
Wavelength, rest-frame: CosmicCalculator input options
WCS distortion: Keyword inspection and manipulation
WCS distortion: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
WCS distortion: World Coordinate System
WCS distortion: Interpolation
WCS Projections: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
WCS: World Coordinate System: Column arithmetic
WCSLIB: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
WCSLIB: Linear warps to be called explicitly
WCSLIB thread safety: World Coordinate System
Web colors: Vector graphics colors
Wedge (radial profile): Invoking astscript-radial-profile
Weight (in fitting): Fitting functions
Weight (in fitting): Fitting functions
Weighted average: Convolve
Welsch function (robust weight): Fitting options
WFC3: Warp
White space character: Configuration file format
Whole-Sky USNO-B1.0 Catalog: Available databases
Wide Field Camera 3: Warp
Wide Field Camera 3: Linear warping basics
William Thomson: Science and its tools
Window Subsystem for Linux: New to GNU/Linux?
WISE All-Sky data Release: Available databases
World Coordinate System: WCSLIB
World Coordinate System: Linear warps to be called explicitly
World Coordinate System (WCS): Column arithmetic
World Coordinate System (WCS): Dimensionality changing operators
World Coordinate System (WCS): Surface brightness limit of image
Writing configuration files: Configuration file format
Wrong output: Report a bug
Wrong results: Report a bug

xargs (extended arguments): Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
XDF survey: General program usage tutorial
XDF survey: Surface brightness limit of image

yum: Dependencies from package managers

Zenithal/azimuthal equal area projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Zenithal/azimuthal equidistant projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Zenithal/azimuthal polynomial projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Zenithal/azimuthal projection: Align pixels with WCS considering distortions
Zero point: Sufi simulates a detection
Zero point: Zero point estimation
Zero point magnitude: Image surface brightness limit
Zero point magnitude: Brightness flux magnitude
Zsh shell: Separate shell variables for multiple outputs
zypper, OpenSUSE package manager: Dependencies from package managers