GNU Astronomy Utilities

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7.3.1 Detection and catalog production

As discussed above (MakeCatalog), NoiseChisel (Gnuastro’s signal detection tool, see NoiseChisel) does not produce any catalog of the detected objects. However, most other common tools in astronomical data-analysis (for example SExtractor107) merge the two processes into one. Gnuastro’s modularized methodology is therefore new to many experienced astronomers and deserves a short review here. Further discussion on the benefits of this methodology can be seen in Akhlaghi [2016].

To simplify catalog production from a raw input image in Gnuastro, NoiseChisel’s output (see NoiseChisel output) can be directly fed into MakeCatalog. This is good when no further customization is necessary and you want a fast/simple. But the modular approach taken by Gnuastro has many benefits that will become more apparent as you get more experienced in astronomical data analysis and want to be more creative in using your valuable data for the exciting scientific project you are working on. In short the reasons for this modularity can be classified as below:



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