GNU Astronomy Utilities

13.11 Developing mailing lists

To keep the developers and interested users up to date with the activity and discussions within Gnuastro, there are two mailing lists which you can subscribe to:

All the posts made in the support, bugs and tasks discussions of Gnuastro project webpage are also sent to this mailing address and archived. By subscribing to this list you can stay up to date with the discussions that are going on between the developers before, during and (possibly) after working on an issue. All discussions are either in the context of bugs or tasks which are done on Savannah and circulated to all interested people through this mailing list. Therefore it is not recommended to post anything directly to this mailing list. Any mail that is sent to it from Savannah to this list has a link under the title “Reply to this item at:”. That link will take you directly to the issue discussion page, where you can read the discussion history or join it.

While you are posting comments on the Savannah issues, be sure to update the meta-data. For example, if the task/bug is not assigned to anyone and you would like to take it, change the “Assigned to” box, or if you want to report that it has been applied, change the status and so on. All these changes will also be circulated with the email very clearly.

This mailing list is defined to circulate all commits that are done in Gnuastro’s version controlled source, see Version controlled source. If you have any ideas, or suggestions on the commits, please use the bug and task trackers on Savannah to followup the discussion, do not post to this list. All the commits that are made for an already defined issue or task will state the respective ID so you can find it easily.