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7.2.1 NoiseChisel changes after publication

Before using NoiseChisel it is strongly recommended to read Akhlaghi and Ichikawa [2015] to gain a good understanding of what it does and how each parameter influences the output. Thanks to that paper, there is no need to go into the details of the major processing steps. Hence we can just dive into the details of running NoiseChisel in Invoking NoiseChisel.

However, the paper cannot undergo any further updates, but NoiseChisel will evolve: better algorithms or steps will be found, thus options will be added or removed. So this book is the final and definitive guide. For a more detailed list of changes in each release, please follow the NEWS file. The NEWS file is in the released Gnuastro tarball (see Release tarball). You can also view the most recent NEWS file online102.

To make the transition form the paper to this book easier (and encourage reading the paper), below you can see the major changes since the paper was published. First, the options that have been removed are discussed, followed by those that have been added.

Removed options:

Added options:



The online version of the NEWS file here may contain features that have been implemented, but not yet officially released as a tarball (see Downloading the source). Therefore, please be sure to look at the dates and versions above each group of changed features and make sure it corresponds to your installed version. It is hence recommended to always stay up to date, see Announcements).

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