GNU Astronomy Utilities Vector graphics colors

When creating vector graphics, ConvertType recognizes the extended web colors that are the result of merging the colors in the HTML 4.01, CSS 2.0, SVG 1.0 and CSS3 standards. They are all shown with their standard name in Figure 5.1. The names are not case sensitive so you can use them in any form (for example, turquoise is the same as Turquoise or TURQUOISE).

On the command-line, you can also get the list of colors with the --listcolors option to CovertType, like below. In particular, if your terminal is 24-bit or "true color", in the last column, you will see each color. This greatly helps in selecting the best color for our purpose easily on the command-line (without taking your hands off the keyboard and getting distracted).

$ astconvertt --listcolors

Figure 5.1: Recognized color names in Gnuastro, shown with their numerical identifiers.