Gnucap Development Mission Statement

The mission of Gnucap is to develop the most complete, most advanced, most general circuit analysis software available, as Free software.

The starting point is "Al's Circuit Simulator", which has been available under GPL since 1992. From here, we hope to expand to a truly comprehensive analysis and simulation package.

Gnucap development is a part of the GNU Project. Gnucap is part of a plan to provide a complete set of free development tools for electrical engineers, including hobbyists and students. Many of these tools already exist from a variety of sources.

For students, it will provide a real simulator, not restricted to homework problems. You can have your own tools, on your own computers. You don't have to go to the lab just to use the design tools. They will still work after you finish the course.

For manufacturers, it provides a way to take back control of your process, without the huge expense of complete development of in-house tools.

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