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Driv Inkubator and the Norwegian Competence Center for Open Source today awarded the GNU Free Call project 100 000 Norwegian kroner (17500 USD) for best eHealth solution using Free Software in their annual competition. This award has been presented to project coordinator Haakon Meland Eriksen and project architect David Sugar. Mr. Eriksen was present to receive the award during the GoOpen conference being held in Oslo.

GNU Free Call is a new project to develop and deploy secure self-organized communication services worldwide for private use and for public administration, and it will be released as Free (as in freedom) Software. GoOpen is a publicly-funded conference about using Free and Open Source Software for sharing.

It is often a challenge to provide basic humanitarian and medical care in stressed environments. Medical personal need to communicate, and to do so privately with regard to the dignity of their patients. In times of national emergency the communications infrastructure is often broken, and our goal is to address this through the development and deployment of self-organizing mesh calling networks. These can be built on the existing GNU SIP Witch package and deployed through IP capable cell phones and low cost FreedomBox servers, as well as through traditional locally connected desktop and laptop computers. Put simply – eHealth through a secured healthnet of cell phones.

Free Software means that the program's users have the four essential freedoms:

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