GNU Free Call Roadmap

Preliminary roadmap for 2011-2012


Activity plan

March 2011

Week 11

Week 12

Wednesday, March 23, Oslo - GNU Free Call is speaking at GoOpen at GMT +1 1040. The talk is in Norwegian, but roughly translated by “GNU Free Call - eHealth through a healthnet of cell phones”.


Week 20

Week 21


Week 24


Week 32

David will attend the 7th annual VoIP conference “ClueCon” to be held August 9-11, 2011, Chicago, USA. A special highlight this year will be a VoIP security roundtable session with some of the field’s most important experts. Among those scheduled to participate are Philip Zimmermann, creator of the PGP software suite, and David Sugar, a lead developer on the recently announced GNU Free Call project. In addition to covering important security concepts and recent industry developments, the panel will also spend time answering questions from ClueCon attendees.

Week 34

GNU Hackers Meeting in Paris, 2011. Saturday 27th - GNU Free Call presented by Haakon and David.

Week 35

MIE Village of the Future 2011, a Medtech and eHealth event in Oslo, August 29th. David and Haakon attends.


Week 37

Haakon will give a talk about GNU Free Call on September 13th at the Norwegian Unix Users Group monthly meeting in Oslo, Norway.

January 2012

Week 3

Sipwitch plugin for Friendica started.


Week 12

David attends LibrePlanet 2012.

Week 13

First public IRC meeting on freenode-channel #friendica. Monthly meetings are planned from now on.


Week 17

Second public IRC meeting on freenode-channel #friendica.


Week 21

Third public IRC meeting on freenode-channel #gnutelephony.