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Introduction to GNUpod

GNUpod is a collection of Perl-Scripts which allow you to use your iPod under GNU/Linux and many other Operating Systems with a useable Version of Perl 5 (+Modules).

Most of the relevant information can be found here on the project page. This page is nothing but a short summary.

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Time to shake a leg (23 Sep. 2010)

It's been very quiet on "radio GNUpod" for a while. Mostly because it simply works for me.

Last week however I felt like making some minor changes and realized how unreadable some Perl code becomes if you leave it alone for a while. So I looked for an IDE that would help me to quickly jump around in the code and found EPIC, an Eclipse extension that turns Eclipse into a Perl IDE. And all of a sudden Perl became fun again.

This is also good news if you are waiting for support of the newer iPod models. Supporting the newer sqlite based file formats and even the 3. generation shuffle (the no-buttons clip) will necessitate some deep changes in GNUpod's soft and squishy guts (mktunes and tunes2pod mostly) and without an IDE I was very reluctant to dive into that piece of code.

The last thing that kept me from rewriting those parts of gnupod was the absence of pain. My 3gen nano works like a charm.
But... the latest iPod nano (the 2010 model) looks mightily interesting. As much as I detest the closed-and-welded-shut policy that they have in regard to 3. party software, that much I have to admit that I like their hardware and usability department. So I soon may have an itch to scratch after all.

In the meantime however I am preparing the 0.99.9 release.

Three new tools to replace gnupod_search: gnupod_find, gnupod_modify, and gnupod_delete. They are not yet feature-complete as they can't yet add artwork, but they are in the git repository and you can always download the latest development snapshot here:

GNUpod back on (03 Nov. 2009)

After six years of absence GNUpod is back with a current
release on The latest release up there was 0.29-rc1 :-/

So now our current release 0.99.8 gets mirrored again onto a
bazillion ftp sites.

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GNUpod 0.98.8 released (05 Aug. 2009)

As announced last month the new GNUpod release 0.99.8 is done.
The download mirrors already contain gnupod-0.99.8.tgz.

This release is mostly a bugfix release. Ubuntu users in particular
should no longer see mktunes hanging on auto detection of the fwguid
and 4gen nano users will enjoy complete artwork support.
There are only a few new features. Most notably the Replay Gain
handling has been completely reworked.

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gnupod moved from CVS to GIT... (19 Jun. 2009)

...and the people rejoiced.

Now everybody can get a piece of gnupod by running

This creates a gnupod sub directory with the current
bleeding edge development version of gnupod. ...

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GNUpod Documentation

The GNUpod Documentation is included in the GNUpod tarball and can be found at doc/, but you can view the Documentation online

Downloading GNUpod

The latest stable version (0.99.8) of GNUpod can be found

The releases are signed with GNU PG. You can get the public key here.

GNUpod source code

GNUpod has moved from CVS to git.
The GNUpod git repository is at savannah and you can access it with your browser if you don't want to install git on your system.
You can also download a red hot snapshot of the development version at any time here.

Other iPod-Related (Free) Software

Bug Reports

Please report any problems/bugs to the bug tracker on savannah or subscribe to our mailinglist.
If you have any cool ideas or other things to tell us, please use our mailing list to get in contact. It is subscribers-only so the traffic is rather low, ranging from 3 messages per month to 3 messages per day.

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