GNU Prolog for Java

Constant Field Values


protected static final int PERMUTE 2
protected static final int REQUIRE_ORDER 1
protected static final int RETURN_IN_ORDER 3

public static final int NO_ARGUMENT 0
public static final int OPTIONAL_ARGUMENT 2
public static final int REQUIRED_ARGUMENT 1


public static final String USAGE "Either no arguments or {Limit, Length}.\n Where Limit is the largest number to use and Length is the number of operations to use.\n--help|-h displays this usage text."
public static final int FX 0
public static final int FY 1
public static final int MAX_PRIORITY 1200
public static final int MIN_PRIORITY 1
public static final int NONE -1
public static final int XF 5
public static final int XFX 2
public static final int XFY 3
public static final int YF 6
public static final int YFX 4
public static final int EOF_TOKEN 0
public static final int ALPHA_CHAR 63
public static final int ALPHA_NUMERIC_CHAR 62
public static final int ANONYMOUS_VARIABLE 33
public static final int BACK_QUOTE_CHAR 91
public static final int BACK_QUOTED_CHAR 17
public static final int BACK_QUOTED_ITEM 48
public static final int BACK_QUOTED_STRING 47
public static final int BACKSLASH_CHAR 88
public static final int BINARY_CONSTANT 39
public static final int BINARY_DIGIT_CHAR 68
public static final int BRACKETED_COMMENT 5
public static final int CAPITAL_LETTER_CHAR 65
public static final int CHAR_CODE_LIST_TOKEN 45
public static final int CHARACTER_CODE_CONSTANT 38
public static final int CHARARCTER 59
public static final int CLOSE_CHAR 75
public static final int CLOSE_CURLY_CHAR 81
public static final int CLOSE_CURLY_TOKEN 54
public static final int CLOSE_LIST_CHAR 79
public static final int CLOSE_LIST_TOKEN 52
public static final int CLOSE_TOKEN 50
public static final int COMMA_CHAR 76
public static final int COMMA_TOKEN 56
public static final int COMMENT 3
public static final int CONTINUATION_ESCAPE_SEQUENCE 12
public static final int CONTROL_ESCAPE_SEQUENCE 20
public static final int CUT_CHAR 73
public static final int CUT_TOKEN 14
public static final int DECIMAL_DIGIT_CHAR 67
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DOUBLE_QUOTE_CHAR 90
public static final int DOUBLE_QUOTED_CHAR 16
public static final int DOUBLE_QUOTED_ITEM 46
public static final int END_CHAR 58
public static final int END_LINE_COMMENT_CHAR 83
public static final int END_TOKEN 57
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int EXPONENT 44
public static final int FLOAT_NUMBER_TOKEN 42
public static final int FRACTION 43
public static final int GRAPHIC_CHAR 60
public static final int GRAPHIC_CHAR_PERIOD 61
public static final int GRAPHIC_TOKEN 8
public static final int GRAPHIC_TOKEN_CHAR 9
public static final int HEAD_TAIL_SEPARATOR_CHAR 82
public static final int HEAD_TAIL_SEPARATOR_TOKEN 55
public static final int HEXADECIMAL_CONSTANT 41
public static final int HEXADECIMAL_DIGIT_CHAR 70
public static final int HEXADECIMAL_ESCAPE_SEQUENCE 31
public static final int IDENTIFIER_TOKEN 7
public static final int INTEGER_CONSTANT 37
public static final int INTEGER_TOKEN 36
public static final int LAYOUT_CHAR 84
public static final int LAYOUT_TEXT 2
public static final int LAYOUT_TEXT_SEQUENCE 1
public static final int LETTER_CHAR 64
public static final int META_CHAR 87
public static final int META_ESCAPE_SEQUENCE 19
public static final int NAME_TOKEN 6
public static final int NAMED_VARIABLE 34
public static final int NEW_LINE_CHAR 86
public static final int NON_QUOTE_CHAR 18
public static final int OCTAL_CONSTANT 40
public static final int OCTAL_DIGIT_CHAR 69
public static final int OCTAL_ESCAPE_SEQUENCE 30
public static final int OPEN_CHAR 74
public static final int OPEN_CURLY_CHAR 80
public static final int OPEN_CURLY_TOKEN 53
public static final int OPEN_LIST_CHAR 78
public static final int OPEN_LIST_TOKEN 51
public static final int OPEN_TOKEN 49
public static final int QUOTED_TOKEN 10
public static final int SEMICOLON_CHAR 77
public static final int SEMICOLON_TOKEN 13
public static final int SINGLE_LINE_COMMENT 4
public static final int SINGLE_QUOTE_CHAR 89
public static final int SINGLE_QUOTED_CHAR 15
public static final int SINGLE_QUOTED_ITEM 11
public static final int SMALL_LETTER_CHAR 66
public static final int SOLO_CHAR 72
public static final int SPACE_CHAR 85
public static final int SYMBOLIC_ALERT_CHAR 22
public static final int SYMBOLIC_BACKSPACE_CHAR 23
public static final int SYMBOLIC_CARRIAGE_RETURN_CHAR 28
public static final int SYMBOLIC_CONTROL_CHAR 21
public static final int SYMBOLIC_FORM_FEED_CHAR 24
public static final int SYMBOLIC_HEXADECIMAL_CHAR 29
public static final int SYMBOLIC_HORIZONTAL_TAB_CHAR 26
public static final int SYMBOLIC_NEW_LINE_CHAR 25
public static final int SYMBOLIC_VERTICAL_TAB_CHAR 27
public static final int UNDERSCORE_CHAR 71
public static final int VARIABLE_INDICATOR_CHAR 35
public static final int VARIABLE_TOKEN 32

public static final int ATOM 5
public static final int COMPOUND 6
public static final int FLOAT 3
public static final int INTEGER 4
public static final int JAVA_OBJECT 2
public static final int UNKNOWN -1
public static final int VARIABLE 1

public static final int FAIL -1
public static final int HALT -2
public static final int SUCCESS 0
public static final int SUCCESS_LAST 1

protected static final boolean DEBUG false

public static final int BUTTON_ABORT 32
public static final int BUTTON_CANCEL 2
public static final int BUTTON_IGNORE 16
public static final int BUTTON_NO 8
public static final int BUTTON_OK 1
public static final int BUTTON_RETRY 64
public static final int BUTTON_YES 4

public static final int BACKTRACK -1
public static final int JUMP 1
public static final int NEXT 0
public static final int RETURN 2

public static final int IALLOCATE 0
public static final int ICALL 1
public static final int ICREATE_COMPOUND 2
public static final int ICREATE_VARIABLE 3
public static final int ICUT 4
public static final int IDUP 5
public static final int IFAIL 6
public static final int IJUMP 7
public static final int IPOP 8
public static final int IPUSH_ARGUMENT 9
public static final int IPUSH_CONSTANT 10
public static final int IPUSH_ENVIRONMENT 11
public static final int IRETRY_ME_ELSE 12
public static final int IRETURN 13
public static final int ISAVE_CUT 14
public static final int ISTORE_ENVIRONMENT 15
public static final int ITHROW 16
public static final int ITRUE 17
public static final int ITRUST_ME 18
public static final int ITRY_ME_ELSE 19
public static final int IUNIFY 20

protected static final int callStackGrow 4096

GNU Prolog for Java