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Fields in declared as WriteOptions
protected static WriteOptions TermWriter.defaultWriteOptions

Methods in with parameters of type WriteOptions
protected  void TermWriter.displayAtom(WriteOptions options, AtomTerm atom)
          display atom.
protected  void TermWriter.displayCompound(WriteOptions options, int priority, CompoundTerm term)
          display compound term
protected  void TermWriter.displayFloat(WriteOptions options, FloatTerm term)
          display float term
protected  void TermWriter.displayInteger(WriteOptions options, IntegerTerm term)
          display integer term
protected  void TermWriter.displayJavaObject(WriteOptions options, JavaObjectTerm term)
protected  void TermWriter.displayList(WriteOptions options, CompoundTerm term)
          display list
protected  void TermWriter.displayTerm(WriteOptions options, int priority, Term term)
          display term
protected  void TermWriter.displayVariable(WriteOptions options, VariableTerm variable)
          display variable term
 void TermWriter.print(WriteOptions options, Term term)
          print term using specified write options
static String TermWriter.toString(Term term, WriteOptions options)
          convert term passed as argument to string

Uses of WriteOptions in gnu.prolog.vm

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm with parameters of type WriteOptions
 void TextOutputPrologStream.writeTerm(Term streamTerm, Interpreter interptreter, WriteOptions options, Term term)
abstract  void PrologStream.writeTerm(Term streamTerm, Interpreter interpreter, WriteOptions options, Term term)
 void TextInputPrologStream.writeTerm(Term streamTerm, Interpreter interptreter, WriteOptions options, Term term)
 void BinaryPrologStream.writeTerm(Term streamTerm, Interpreter i, WriteOptions o, Term t)

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