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Packages that use CompoundTerm
gnu.prolog.term Contains the various types of Term that can be used. 

Uses of CompoundTerm in gnu.prolog.database

Methods in gnu.prolog.database with parameters of type CompoundTerm
 void PrologTextLoaderState.defineExternal(PrologTextLoader loader, CompoundTerm pi, String javaClassName, Predicate.TYPE type)

Uses of CompoundTerm in

Methods in with parameters of type CompoundTerm
protected  void TermWriter.displayCompound(WriteOptions options, int priority, CompoundTerm term)
          display compound term
protected  void TermWriter.displayList(WriteOptions options, CompoundTerm term)
          display list

Uses of CompoundTerm in

Methods in that return CompoundTerm
 CompoundTerm TermParser.compound(ReadOptions options)

Uses of CompoundTerm in gnu.prolog.term

Methods in gnu.prolog.term that return CompoundTerm
static CompoundTerm CompoundTerm.getConjunction(Term head, Term tail)
          get conjunction term
static CompoundTerm CompoundTerm.getDisjunction(Term head, Term tail)
          get disjunction term
static CompoundTerm CompoundTerm.getList(Term head, Term tail)
          get list pair
 CompoundTerm CompoundTermTag.getPredicateIndicator()
          get predicate indicator for this tag

Methods in gnu.prolog.term with parameters of type CompoundTerm
static CompoundTermTag CompoundTermTag.get(CompoundTerm predicateIndicator)
          get compound term tag

Uses of CompoundTerm in gnu.prolog.vm

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm declared as CompoundTerm
protected  CompoundTerm UndefinedPredicateCode.predicateIndicator
          predicate indicator for this procedure

Uses of CompoundTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.database

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.database with parameters of type CompoundTerm
protected  void Predicate_assertz.assertPred(Predicate p, CompoundTerm clause)
          assert a clause
protected  void Predicate_asserta.assertPred(Predicate p, CompoundTerm clause)
          assert a clause
protected abstract  void Predicate_assert.assertPred(Predicate p, CompoundTerm clause)
          assert a clause

Uses of CompoundTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.datetime

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.datetime with parameters of type CompoundTerm
protected  Term Predicate_date_time_value.getDate9Value(Term term, CompoundTerm date9)

Uses of CompoundTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.list

Constructors in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.list with parameters of type CompoundTerm
Predicate_predsort.CallPredComparator(Interpreter interp, CompoundTerm call)

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