GNU Prolog for Java

Class BacktrackInfo

  extended by gnu.prolog.vm.BacktrackInfo
Direct Known Subclasses:
CallBacktrackInfo, EnterBacktrackInfo, LeaveBacktrackInfo, LeaveByteCodeBacktrackInfo, Predicate_append.AppendBacktrackInfo, Predicate_call.CallTermBacktrackInfo, Predicate_member.MemberBacktrackInfo, PrologCollectionIterator, RetryBacktrackInfo

public class BacktrackInfo
extends Object

back track information base class

Field Summary
 int codePosition
          A pointer to code position.
 int undoPosition
          A position in undo stack.
Constructor Summary
BacktrackInfo(int undoPosition, int codePosition)
          a constructor
Method Summary
 void undo(Interpreter i)
          undo changes up to creation of this backtrack info
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Field Detail


public int codePosition
A pointer to code position. This pointer is interpreted by function that created backtrack information. TODO: what is the meaning of -1 here?


public int undoPosition
A position in undo stack. all actions will be undone up to this position. TODO: what is the meaning of -1 here?

Constructor Detail


public BacktrackInfo(int undoPosition,
                     int codePosition)
a constructor

undoPosition - undoPosition
codePosition - codePosition
Method Detail


public void undo(Interpreter i)
undo changes up to creation of this backtrack info

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