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Appendix C Escape Sequence Index

The escape character, \ by default, is always followed by at least one more input character, making an escape sequence. Any input token \X with X not in the list below emits a warning and interpolates glyph X. Note the entries for \., which may be obscured by the leader dots, and for \RET and \SP, which are sorted alphabetically, not by code point order.

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Index Entry  Section

\: Using Escape Sequences
\: Using Symbols
\!: Diversions
\": Comments
\#: Comments
\$: Parameters
\$*: Parameters
\$0: Parameters
\$@: Parameters
\$^: Parameters
\%: Manipulating Hyphenation
\&: Dummy Characters
\': Using Symbols
\(: Using Symbols
\): Dummy Characters
\*: Strings
\,: Italic Corrections
\-: Using Symbols
\.: Copy Mode
\/: Italic Corrections
\0: Page Motions
\:: Manipulating Hyphenation
\?: Diversions
\A: Identifiers
\a: Leaders
\B: Numeric Expressions
\b: Drawing Geometric Objects
\c: Line Continuation
\C: Using Symbols
\d: Page Motions
\D: Drawing Geometric Objects
\e: Using Escape Sequences
\E: Copy Mode
\f: Selecting Fonts
\F: Font Families
\g: Assigning Register Formats
\H: Artificial Fonts
\h: Page Motions
\k: Page Motions
\l: Drawing Geometric Objects
\L: Drawing Geometric Objects
\m: Colors
\M: Colors
\n: Interpolating Registers
\n: Auto-increment
\N: Using Symbols
\newline: Line Continuation
\o: Page Motions
\O: Suppressing Output
\p: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
\R: Setting Registers
\R: Setting Registers
\r: Page Motions
\RET: Line Continuation
\S: Artificial Fonts
\s: Changing the Type Size
\SP: Page Motions
\space: Page Motions
\t: Tabs and Fields
\u: Page Motions
\v: Page Motions
\V: I/O
\w: Page Motions
\x: Manipulating Spacing
\X: Postprocessor Access
\Y: Postprocessor Access
\z: Page Motions
\Z: Page Motions
\[: Using Symbols
\\: Copy Mode
\^: Page Motions
\_: Using Symbols
\`: Using Symbols
\{: Conditional Blocks
\{: Conditional Blocks
\|: Page Motions
\}: Conditional Blocks
\~: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment

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