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Appendix B Request Index

Request names appear without a leading control character; the defaults are . for the regular control character and ' for the no-break control character.

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Index Entry  Section

ab: Debugging
ad: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
af: Assigning Register Formats
aln: Setting Registers
als: Strings
am: Writing Macros
am1: Writing Macros
ami: Writing Macros
ami1: Writing Macros
as: Strings
as1: Strings
asciify: Diversions

backtrace: Debugging
bd: Artificial Fonts
blm: Blank Line Traps
box: Diversions
boxa: Diversions
bp: Page Control
br: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
break: while
brp: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment

c2: Control Characters
cc: Control Characters
ce: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
cf: I/O
cflags: Using Symbols
ch: Page Location Traps
char: Using Symbols
chop: Strings
class: Character Classes
close: I/O
color: Colors
composite: Using Symbols
continue: while
cp: Compatibility Mode
cs: Artificial Fonts
cu: Artificial Fonts

da: Diversions
de: Writing Macros
de1: Writing Macros
defcolor: Colors
dei: Writing Macros
dei1: Writing Macros
device: Postprocessor Access
devicem: Postprocessor Access
di: Diversions
do: Compatibility Mode
ds: ms Document Control Settings
ds: Strings
ds1: Strings
dt: Diversion Traps

ec: Using Escape Sequences
ecr: Using Escape Sequences
ecs: Using Escape Sequences
el: if-else
em: End-of-input Traps
eo: Using Escape Sequences
ev: Environments
evc: Environments
ex: Debugging

fam: Font Families
fc: Fields
fchar: Using Symbols
fcolor: Colors
fi: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
fl: Debugging
fp: Font Positions
fschar: Using Symbols
fspecial: Special Fonts
ft: Selecting Fonts
ftr: Selecting Fonts
fzoom: Selecting Fonts

gcolor: Colors

hc: Manipulating Hyphenation
hcode: Manipulating Hyphenation
hla: Manipulating Hyphenation
hlm: Manipulating Hyphenation
hpf: Manipulating Hyphenation
hpfa: Manipulating Hyphenation
hpfcode: Manipulating Hyphenation
hw: Manipulating Hyphenation
hy: Manipulating Hyphenation
hym: Manipulating Hyphenation
hys: Manipulating Hyphenation

ie: if-else
if: if-then
ig: Comments
in: Line Layout
it: Input Line Traps
itc: Input Line Traps

kern: Ligatures and Kerning

lc: Leaders
length: Strings
lf: Debugging
lg: Ligatures and Kerning
linetabs: Tabs and Fields
ll: Line Layout
ls: Manipulating Spacing
lsm: Leading Space Traps
lt: Page Layout

mc: Miscellaneous
mk: Page Motions
mso: I/O
msoquiet: I/O

na: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
ne: Page Control
nf: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
nh: Manipulating Hyphenation
nm: Miscellaneous
nn: Miscellaneous
nop: if-then
nr: ms Document Control Settings
nr: Setting Registers
nr: Setting Registers
nr: Auto-increment
nroff: troff and nroff Modes
ns: Manipulating Spacing
nx: I/O

open: I/O
opena: I/O
os: Page Control
output: Diversions

pc: Page Layout
pev: Debugging
pi: I/O
pl: Page Layout
pm: Debugging
pn: Page Layout
pnr: Debugging
po: Line Layout
ps: Changing the Type Size
psbb: Miscellaneous
pso: I/O
ptr: Debugging
pvs: Changing the Vertical Spacing

rchar: Using Symbols
rd: I/O
return: Writing Macros
rfschar: Using Symbols
rj: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
rm: Strings
rn: Strings
rnn: Setting Registers
rr: Setting Registers
rs: Manipulating Spacing
rt: Page Motions

schar: Using Symbols
shc: Manipulating Hyphenation
shift: Parameters
sizes: Changing the Type Size
so: I/O
soquiet: I/O
sp: Manipulating Spacing
special: Special Fonts
spreadwarn: Debugging
ss: Manipulating Filling and Adjustment
stringdown: Strings
stringup: Strings
sty: Font Families
substring: Strings
sv: Page Control
sy: I/O

ta: Tabs and Fields
tag: Postprocessor Access
taga: Postprocessor Access
tc: Tabs and Fields
ti: Line Layout
tkf: Ligatures and Kerning
tl: Page Layout
tm: Debugging
tm1: Debugging
tmc: Debugging
tr: Character Translations
trf: I/O
trin: Character Translations
trnt: Character Translations
troff: troff and nroff Modes

uf: Artificial Fonts
ul: Artificial Fonts
unformat: Diversions

vpt: Vertical Position Traps
vs: Changing the Vertical Spacing

warn: Debugging
warnscale: Debugging
wh: Page Location Traps
while: while
write: I/O
writec: I/O
writem: I/O

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