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3.2.1 Paragraphs

Paragraphs can be separated and indented in various ways. Some start with a blank line and have a first-line indentation, like most of the ones in this manual. Block paragraphs omit the indentation.

  ⇒ Some  men  look  at constitutions with sanctimonious
  ⇒ reverence,  and  deem  them  like  the  ark  of  the
  ⇒ covenant, too sacred to be touched.

We also frequently encounter tagged paragraphs, which begin with a tag or label at the left margin and indent the remaining text.

  ⇒ one  This  is the first paragraph.  Notice how the
  ⇒      first line of the resulting  paragraph  lines
  ⇒      up with the other lines in the paragraph.

If the tag is too wide for the indentation, the line is broken.

  ⇒ longlabel
  ⇒      The  label does not align with the subsequent
  ⇒      lines, but they align with each other.

A variation of the tagged paragraph is the itemized or enumerated paragraph, which might use punctuation or a digit for a tag, respectively. These are frequently used to construct lists.

  ⇒ o    This  list  item  starts with a bullet.  When
  ⇒      producing output for a device using the ASCII
  ⇒      character set, an 'o' is formatted instead.

Often, use of the same macro without a tag continues such a discussion.

  ⇒ -xyz  This option is recognized but ignored.
  ⇒       It had a security hole that we don't discuss.

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