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16.4.4 net_bootp

Command: net_bootp [card]

Perform configuration of card using DHCP protocol. If no card name is specified, try to configure all existing cards. If configuration was successful, interface with name card:dhcp’ and configured address is added to card. Additionally the following DHCP options are recognized and processed:

1 (Subnet Mask)

Used to calculate network local routing entry for interface card:dhcp’.

3 (Router)

Adds default route entry with the name card:dhcp:default’ via gateway from DHCP option. Note that only option with single route is accepted.

6 (Domain Name Server)

Adds all servers from option value to the list of servers used during name resolution.

12 (Host Name)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_hostname’ (see net_<interface>_hostname) to the value of option.

15 (Domain Name)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_domain’ (see net_<interface>_domain) to the value of option.

17 (Root Path)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_rootpath’ (see net_<interface>_rootpath) to the value of option.

18 (Extensions Path)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_extensionspath’ (see net_<interface>_extensionspath) to the value of option.