gsasl  1.8.1
Data Fields
Gsasl Struct Reference

#include <internal.h>

Data Fields

size_t n_client_mechs
size_t n_server_mechs
Gsasl_callback_function cb
void * application_hook
Gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id cbc_authorization_id
Gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id cbc_authentication_id
Gsasl_client_callback_password cbc_password
Gsasl_client_callback_passcode cbc_passcode
Gsasl_client_callback_pin cbc_pin
Gsasl_client_callback_anonymous cbc_anonymous
Gsasl_client_callback_qop cbc_qop
Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf cbc_maxbuf
Gsasl_client_callback_service cbc_service
Gsasl_client_callback_realm cbc_realm
Gsasl_server_callback_validate cbs_validate
Gsasl_server_callback_securid cbs_securid
Gsasl_server_callback_retrieve cbs_retrieve
Gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5 cbs_cram_md5
Gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5 cbs_digest_md5
Gsasl_server_callback_external cbs_external
Gsasl_server_callback_anonymous cbs_anonymous
Gsasl_server_callback_realm cbs_realm
Gsasl_server_callback_qop cbs_qop
Gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf cbs_maxbuf
Gsasl_server_callback_cipher cbs_cipher
Gsasl_server_callback_service cbs_service
Gsasl_server_callback_gssapi cbs_gssapi

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file internal.h.

Field Documentation

◆ application_hook

void* Gsasl::application_hook

Definition at line 48 of file internal.h.

◆ cb

Definition at line 47 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_anonymous

Gsasl_client_callback_anonymous Gsasl::cbc_anonymous

Definition at line 56 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_authentication_id

Gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id Gsasl::cbc_authentication_id

Definition at line 52 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_authorization_id

Gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id Gsasl::cbc_authorization_id

Definition at line 51 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_maxbuf

Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf Gsasl::cbc_maxbuf

Definition at line 58 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_passcode

Gsasl_client_callback_passcode Gsasl::cbc_passcode

Definition at line 54 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_password

Gsasl_client_callback_password Gsasl::cbc_password

Definition at line 53 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_pin

Gsasl_client_callback_pin Gsasl::cbc_pin

Definition at line 55 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_qop

Gsasl_client_callback_qop Gsasl::cbc_qop

Definition at line 57 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_realm

Gsasl_client_callback_realm Gsasl::cbc_realm

Definition at line 60 of file internal.h.

◆ cbc_service

Gsasl_client_callback_service Gsasl::cbc_service

Definition at line 59 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_anonymous

Gsasl_server_callback_anonymous Gsasl::cbs_anonymous

Definition at line 67 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_cipher

Gsasl_server_callback_cipher Gsasl::cbs_cipher

Definition at line 71 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_cram_md5

Gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5 Gsasl::cbs_cram_md5

Definition at line 64 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_digest_md5

Gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5 Gsasl::cbs_digest_md5

Definition at line 65 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_external

Gsasl_server_callback_external Gsasl::cbs_external

Definition at line 66 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_gssapi

Gsasl_server_callback_gssapi Gsasl::cbs_gssapi

Definition at line 73 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_maxbuf

Gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf Gsasl::cbs_maxbuf

Definition at line 70 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_qop

Gsasl_server_callback_qop Gsasl::cbs_qop

Definition at line 69 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_realm

Gsasl_server_callback_realm Gsasl::cbs_realm

Definition at line 68 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_retrieve

Gsasl_server_callback_retrieve Gsasl::cbs_retrieve

Definition at line 63 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_securid

Gsasl_server_callback_securid Gsasl::cbs_securid

Definition at line 62 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_service

Gsasl_server_callback_service Gsasl::cbs_service

Definition at line 72 of file internal.h.

◆ cbs_validate

Gsasl_server_callback_validate Gsasl::cbs_validate

Definition at line 61 of file internal.h.

◆ client_mechs

Gsasl_mechanism* Gsasl::client_mechs

Definition at line 43 of file internal.h.

◆ n_client_mechs

size_t Gsasl::n_client_mechs

Definition at line 42 of file internal.h.

◆ n_server_mechs

size_t Gsasl::n_server_mechs

Definition at line 44 of file internal.h.

◆ server_mechs

Gsasl_mechanism* Gsasl::server_mechs

Definition at line 45 of file internal.h.

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