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Development and genuine support of free software has a cost: it involves the contribution of time and resources, requires active collaboration among various users, developers, 'documenters', reviewers, translators ...

Guile-CV is looking for sponsors. Become a Guile-CV sponsor and contribute to the virtuous circle of win-win relationships, which has wonderfully been summarized by Paul Ramsey:

... "You get what you pay for, everyone gets what you pay for, and you get what everyone pays for" ...

Guile-CV Fundraising Rally

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0 € a monthTo continue supporting and improving Guile-CV, we, the main Guile-CV developers, are soliciting donations from individuals, companies or research institutions. Our primary goal is to raise 2500 euros per month to fully fund one part time developer; our stretch goal is twice that, 5000 euros per month.
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Guile-CV started very recently still, and till now (July 2017), we still did not have a Donate page, so we have had no individual, corporate or research institution donations yet...

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