You can help and support the Guile-CV project by making a donation.

Development and genuine support of free software has a cost: it involves the contribution of time and resources, requires active collaboration among various users, developers, 'documenters', reviewers, translators ...

Guile-CV is looking for sponsors. Become a Guile-CV sponsor and contribute to the virtuous circle of win-win relationships, which has wonderfully been summarized by Paul Ramsey:

... "You get what you pay for, everyone gets what you pay for, and you get what everyone pays for" ...

Another nice discussion of the costs of developing free software and a good case for why and how you can contribute to a free software project is made by Mary Gardiner.

Guile-CV Fundraising Rally

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0 € a monthTo continue supporting and improving Guile-CV, we are soliciting donations from individuals, companies or research institutions. Our primary goal is to raise 2500 euros per month to fully fund one part time developer; our stretch goal is twice that, 5000 euros per month.
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Donations - Bank Transfer

We currently accept donations via Bank Transfert only:

Owner : Alto Software scrl
Avenue Rogier, 28 - 3B
4000 Liège - Belgium
Communication : Guile-CV support
IBAN : BE65 3100 9721 4496
BIC - Swift Code : BBRUBEBB

Feel free to donate as little or as much as you wish. Every donation is very much appreciated. We can emit and provide invoices for all donations above 100€ (individual donations are not tax dedutible though, since Alto Software scrl is a privately owned free s/w micro consultancy).

A great way to support the Guile-CV project is a recurring donation. These will help to keep the project solidly funded and help us to keep up our development efforts. Either if that is prompt support or introducing new features, recurring donations are the foundation to keep this project running.

All donations are confidential and remain anonymous unless you say otherwise. If you'd like to see your name or your company acknowledged publicly as a donor here below, please let us know.

Thank you for supporting Guile-CV!

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Guile-CV started early 2017. Till now (April 2018), we have not received individual, corporate or research institution donations yet.

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