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1.2 Obtaining and Installing Guile-CV

Guile-CV can be obtained from the following archive site. The file will be named guile-cv-version.tar.gz. The current version is 0.1.6, so the file you should grab is:


Guile-CV needs the following software to run:


Assuming you have satisfied the dependencies, open a terminal and proceed with the following steps:

cd <download-path>
tar zxf guile-cv-0.1.6.tar.gz
cd guile-cv-0.1.6
./configure [--prefix=/your/prefix]
make install

Special notes:

Before you start to use Guile-CV, make sure you read and implement the recommendation made in the manual, section See Configuring Guile's repl-print procedure.

Happy Guile-CV!


  1. In the above configure step, --prefix=/your/prefix is optional. The default value is /usr/local.

  2. To install Guile-CV, you must have write permissions to the following directories:

    $prefix and its subdirs
    Guile’s global site directory
    Guile’s site ccache directory

    You may check the above two latest directories location using:

    guile -c "(display (%global-site-dir)) (newline)"
    guile -c "(display (%site-ccache-dir)) (newline)"

    Guile-CV’s modules are installed in Guile’s global site directory. Guile-CV’s compiled modules are installed in the Guile’s site-ccache directory.

  3. Like for any other GNU Tool Chain compatible software, you may install the documentation locally using make install-info, make install-html and/or make install-pdf. The documentation is installed in $prefix/share/doc/guile-cv

  4. Last but not least :), Guile-CV comes with a test-suite, which we recommend you to run (especially before Reporting Bugs):
    make check



We do our best to check that the libvigra_c installed library does contain the required Guile-CV functionalty though, and these checks are listed as part of our configure steps

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