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45 GtkCellRendererAccel

Renders a keyboard accelerator in a cell

45.1 Overview

<gtk-cell-renderer-accel> displays a keyboard accelerator (i.e. a key combination like <Control>-a). If the cell renderer is editable, the accelerator can be changed by simply typing the new combination.

The <gtk-cell-renderer-accel> cell renderer was added in GTK+ 2.10.

45.2 Usage

— Class: <gtk-cell-renderer-accel>

Derives from <gtk-cell-renderer-text>.

This class defines the following slots:

The keyval of the accelerator
The modifier mask of the accelerator
The hardware keycode of the accelerator
The type of accelerators
— Signal on <gtk-cell-renderer-accel>: accel-edited (arg0 <gchararray>) (arg1 <guint>) (arg2 <gdk-modifier-type>) (arg3 <guint>)

Gets emitted when the user has selected a new accelerator.

Since 2.10

— Signal on <gtk-cell-renderer-accel>: accel-cleared (arg0 <gchararray>)

Gets emitted when the user has removed the accelerator.

Since 2.10

— Function: gtk-cell-renderer-accel-new ⇒  (ret <gtk-cell-renderer>)

Creates a new <gtk-cell-renderer-accel>.

the new cell renderer

Since 2.10