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June the 2nd, 2017

Guile-Gnome 2.16.5 is out, see download.

Changes since 2.16.4

Guile-Gnome is now compatible with Guile-2.2

But don't hail, this is a maintainance release, which actually merely comment the build of the Corba and Gnome-VFS modules, due to incompatible changes in Guile-2.2 (see their corresponding entry in for a better explanation):

This is reversible though, if you think you have the skill and some free time to fix these two, please do! And get in touch with us of course...


See Guile-Gnome's git summary and git log for further details.

Older News

08 December 2015

Guile-Gnome 2.16.4 is out, see download.

Changes from 2.16.3

This release fixes a serious bug, leading to a runtime error for Guile-Gnome built against Gcc >= 5.0.

  • glib/gnome/gobject/gclosure.c: gcc_please_look_the_other_way must be declared volatile.

See Guile-Gnome's git summary and git log for further details.

27 July 2015

Guile-Gnome 2.16.3 is out, see download.

Changes from 2.16.2

The primary objectives, working towards this release, were (a) to remove all code specific to the support of Guile versions prior to Guile 2, (b) removing all [but 1 Corba related that still need to be taken care of, help welcome] Guile deprecated calls, and (c) wrap gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels required by Guile-Clutter 1.12.

All modules

  • Guile-Gnome now requires Guile 2.0, allows Guile 2.2
  • Requires G-Wrap >= 1.9.15
  • Requires Guile-Cairo >= 1.10

    Note that at the time we write, Guile-Cairo 1.10 has not been released yet, it will hopefully soon be the case. In the mean time, the required bleeding edge Guile-Cairo stable version must be obtained from the source, see here.

  • toplevel calls moved into an eval-when conditions exp
  • scm-error incorrect arg list, various calls, all fixed
  • all [but 1 Corba related] Guile deprecated calls removed
  • remove use of some undocumented GOOPS internals
  • adapt to GOOPS changes in Guile 2.2
  • make check and make distcheck both have been fixed to work with recent automake versions [thanks to Ludovic Courtés for his help wrt to make check]
  • fixing allocate-instance for <CORBA:Object>
  • gnome-corba-error, gruntime-error, don't call save-stack [deprecated]
  • g_get_current_time now [temporarily] ignored, it was not properly wrapped anyway
  • <glib-wrapset> missing some basic pointer types: guint8*, guchar*, gunichar*, gunichar2* added and wrapped as opaque pointers
  • use &gw-bad-typespec, not &gw:bad-typespec
  • use string-suffix?, not has-suffix?
  • gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels removed from the ignore list, it returns a guchar*, just added, no specific wrapper needed
  • gtk_recent_info_get_application_info should [temporarily] be ignored, it needs a special wrapper, to be done still

16 May 2012

Guile-Clutter 1.10.0 is out! This is a particularly pleasing release, as it wraps the latest version of the ultra-hip Clutter library. Impress your friends, hack up a great demo in Guile-Clutter! Check the release announcement for all the details.

9 May 2012

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.16.2 is out! The most important thing about this release is that it works with the Guile 2.0.x series. Also it's the first tarball in a while, so there are a number of build issues that it fixes. See the release announcement for all the details.

17 December 2009

We've switched to git, from bzr. See the development page for all the details of the new setup. Also, Guile-GNOME now supports the hot new 1.9 series of Guile. Happy hacking :-)

3 July 2008

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.16.1 is out! This one's big: we are now API and ABI stable. Write now, run anywhen. But as a dessert, there's also Guile-Clutter, raw and effervescent, at version 0.7.6. Good times!

25 April 2008

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.15.97 is out. But that's totally the news of a couple of weeks ago, because now 2.15.98 is out. The big changes is that the representation of the Scheme GObjects is now much more simple; see the 2.15.97 release notes for more info. Since then things have gone well; 2.15.98 is a preview for 2.16.0. So stability is coming soon!

10 December 2007

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.15.96 is out. The big news is that we've done a fairly thorough API review. All exports are in the documentation, and all of the functions' arguments should 'make sense'. Give it a roll! With a little bit of testing, 2.16.0 could be out within a month.

10 November 2007

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.15.95 is out, featuring documentation and API regression tests for every wrapset except CORBA -- 13 in total. Spooky. Check our download page for information on downloading it. The only thing left until we go stable is an API review, for which we now have the tools.

1 November 2007

Trunk Guile-Gnome-Platform has a first pass at documenting the libglade, libgnomecanvas, gconf, libgnome, and libgnomeui libraries. Check the documentation for all the goodies.

24 September 2007

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.15.94 is out, featuring documentation for the GObject, GLib, ATK, Pango, PangoCairo, GDK, and GTK+ wrappers.

1 September 2007

The core GObject system has finally been documented, which is available as html, pdf, or texi. The documentation is automatically generated from the source code (both C and Scheme) and the set of bindings actually exported by the modules, so it is complete, and will not go out of date.

15 June 2007

Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.15.93 is out, featuring many-fold speedups at load time, if your Guile is new enough. Also, there's a new release of Guile-GStreamer, version 0.9.91.

24 May 2007

You can now browse guile-gnome's source code on the web. Visiting will browse changes in the glib module; replace 'glib' with e.g. 'gtk' to get other modules. In other news, guile-gnome-platform 2.15.92 is out, updating the stack to the libraries released with GNOME 2.16, introducing a dependency on guile-cairo.

10 May 2007

guile-gnome now has a bugtracker at If you are interested in subscribing to all bug mail, go to your bugzilla user page and add guile-gnome-maint@gnome.bugs to the users-to-watch box.

10 May 2007

guile-gnome-platform 2.15.91 has been released. Check our download page for information on downloading it. Note that it requires the yet-unreleased G-Wrap 1.9.8. Until it is available, you may follow the instructions on the dev page to install G-Wrap from its development repository.

5 November 2006

guile-gnome has moved to Bazaar as its versioning control system. It's easier for us, and probably easier for you too. See the developer's page for more information on how to build guile-gnome. Also note that we have bumped our dependency on G-Wrap to an as-yet-unreleased version, and removed the dependency on SLIB. Again, the developer's page has all the details.

11 November 2004

We were alerted that visitors to this humble site might get the impression that the project is dead. Heavens no, we're hack machines! Recent changes include the stabilization and parallel installability of the platform bindings. The archive has also seen the addition of a number of non-platform wrappers, among them libpanel-applet, dbus, and evolution-data-server. Check the download page for the latest.

18 July 2004

In light of the continued downtime on savannah, guile-gnome has finally made a home for itself on Gna!. Thanks, Gna! A release will be out Real Soon Now.

18 July 2004

One of our own, Andreas Rottmann, has taken over the maintainership of the g-wrap project, a scheme-C bindings generator. This release is the first in well over a year. Version 1.9.0 is a complete rewrite, offering runtime value wrapping, procedure calls using libffi, and a delayed bindings system that decreases load time by a factor of seven.

08 February 2004

We have switched to using GNU arch for primary development. Details about getting the archive can be found on the developer's page. We will, however, keep CVS available as a read-only snapshot of the current development code.

08 February 2004

Because we aim to cover the entire Gnome library stack, guile-gnome has amicably split from the guile-gtk project. However, until we can open up a new project on savannah, we are continuing to use guile-gtk's mailing lists.