Download Guile 3.0.10

Try installing Guile from your system packages first. It is likely that Guile is already packaged for the operating system you are using. This is the easiest and the recommended way of installing Guile. You can also install from the release tarballs, or cloning Guile's source code from the Git repository.

Installing packaged Guile


If you use GNU Guix, run the following command:

guix install guile

To install a particular version, add a version suffix like @3.0, as appropriate.

Trisquel, Debian, etc.

If you use Debian, Trisquel, or other Debian derivatives, run the following command:

apt-get install guile-3.0

It might take a little while for the new Guile 3.0 series to reach the Debian family, though. To get the older 2.2 series, try:

apt-get install guile-2.2


If you use Parabola, run the following command:

pacman -S guile


Releases of Guile are available as source code tarballs at and on its mirrors.

Stable and maintenance releases of Guile have even minor version numbers:


Guile's source code is stored in a Git repository and can be fetched with the following command:

git clone

Developers with a Savannah account can access the repository over SSH:

git clone ssh://

The repository can also be browsed on-line.