GNU Guile 3.0.3 released

Ludovic Courtès — June 21, 2020

We are pleased to announce GNU Guile 3.0.3, the third bug-fix release of the new 3.0 stable series! This release represents 170 commits by 17 people since version 3.0.2.

The highlight of this release is the addition of a new baseline compiler, used at optimizations levels -O1 and -O0. The baseline compiler is designed to generate code fast, for applications where compilation speed matters more than execution time of the generated code. It is around ten times faster than the optimizing continuation-passing style (CPS) compiler.

This version also includes a new pipeline procedure to create shell-like process pipelines, improvements to the bitvector interface, and bug fixes for JIT compilation on ARMv7 machines.

See the release announcement for details and the download page to give it a go!