GSoC 2014.
Improve rendering of inlined pages.
QEMU multiboot.
qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0x000000010010001e
open_issues/nightly_builds_deb_packages: /proc/cmdline does work fine.
Interlink file locking issues.
community/gsoc/project_ideas/testsuites: Implement Missing Interfaces for GNU Hurd.
open_issues/glibc: POSIX Timers.
community/gsoc/project_ideas/package_manager: Porting Guix to GNU/Hurd.
ikiwiki.setup: Reflect reality of setup on darnassus.
OpenID login issue: make sure that liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl is not installed.
"Uncommitted changes" issue resolved by patching Ikiwiki/Plugin/ for Git's new behavior/--allow-empty-message option.
Merge branch 'ikiwiki-update'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'darnassus--hurd-web/master'
Keep using libtext-markdown-perl instead of libtext-markdown-discount-perl.
ikiwiki update: 3.20140227.
Remove --enable-kvm
Fix qemu binary name and options
Remove spaces
ymlfront: Force use of YAML::Syck.
Add TOC to deficiencies page
Add TOC to qemu page
A lot of people have been asked for keyboard layout settings so I suppose this could be added as optional.
Uncommitted changes.
... in darnassus:~hurd-web/public_html.workspace/.
Fix HTML anchors.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'darnassus--hurd-web/master'
Merge commit '8ca6be6e1649047ffe68e97d1166039d0a960453'
Merge commit 'c954f1095918874c73511ffc13f95eef518a8043'
Merge commit '9985efe1e82157e09035f44ab1db0a88c9d7d63a'
Merge commit '9061995e3454f933b80a263cc688b1303da599a7'
hurd/settrans/discussion: settrans --chroot.
hurd/fsysopts: New page.
Merge commit 'ff1b4ffd162fb0cc70cd474e88ea199f07f6022b'
hurd/translator/wishlist: Remove fsysoptsctl; just use shell scripting.
community/meetings: FOSDEM 2014 is over.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'feldtkeller.SCHWINGE/master'
New Year procedure.
the gunzip and bunzip2 code blobs have been removed, remove item from small hacks list
task_set_name has been implemented, remove from small hacks list
update gsoc project list
open_issues/binutils: binutils-gdb: c2853f3d99797a321c37948297441ca6021f719a (2014-02-14)
[[!message-id ""]],
[[!message-id ""]],
[[!message-id ""]],
[[!message-id ""]],
[[!message-id ""]]
TODO: NX protection
TODO: the console should use layout/variant
Add TODO: disks overs 2TiB
mention IUCLC being a GNU extension
better just start an active translator when debugging
pfinet is now fine with netdde going away
Document -f option of boot
libpthread dlopen: mention just linking the application against libpthread
Update status of package 'suckless-tools'.
Update status of package 'auto-apt'.
Update status of package 'sakura'.
Root password is empty in latest qemu image (from 2013 05 04)
Add return date
hurd/translator/mtab/discussion: Memory leak fixed.
hurd/authentication: No effective/available ID.
hurd/translator/mtab/discussion: Multiple mtab translators spawned.
hurd/translator/term: Terminal leak is related to privilege separation.
hurd/translator/procfs/jkoenig/discussion: Kernel PID.
open_issues/glibc: truncate/ftruncate.
Genericize download link for more use cases.
(cherry picked from commit 0c320f45e84e454aceaf150d51e84b639444e8d5)
Genericize download link for more use cases.
(cherry picked from commit 0c320f45e84e454aceaf150d51e84b639444e8d5)
Don't add enclosure divs unless we have enclosures.
(cherry picked from commit 6a1cbe6f09e20ead8393de184480a403bc20cda1)
Don't add enclosure divs unless we have enclosures.
(cherry picked from commit 6a1cbe6f09e20ead8393de184480a403bc20cda1)
page.tmpl: omit searchform, trails, sidebar and most metadata in CGI
These all seem somewhat inappropriate (searchform and sidebar are
arguable either way). I've left actions and languages enabled, since
they seem more reasonable for CGI-generated pages.
(cherry picked from commit fae59b07b02dbcaba892e96ff86f3f800e6ef54a)
Style enclosures like content.
(cherry picked from commit 984f2ab952cb97990fc0d2460c2e335127a73491)
When inlining HTML pages, render enclosures.
(cherry picked from commit aebd6c773c5c228f6fb960c5f02fed38ff1af6f7)
Make [[!meta enclosure=foo.mp3]] "work" for HTML.
(cherry picked from commit cc0d875507671498e7cf9cd782357d32dbd88f66)
remove obsolte cia shortcuts
(cherry picked from commit 268c4e9c857e222a22b836a3a895500012ccb296)
add comment subscription checkbox to editpage
Reworded template, which also called the commit message a "comment".
(cherry picked from commit e81e857ba62970caefd0f674d2cdfc3f9b70fe09)
Have trail links at both beginning and end in the default templates
(cherry picked from commit 1a8cbf526cdc7e77bfa084e266b8633858b68a09)
shortcut: Support Wikipedia's form of url-encoding for unicode characters
I think it's the wrong encoding, seems like mojibake to me, but it works
now. Closes: #661198
(cherry picked from commit 78737cbfbf91c7b31ed5d216a23de8d360a76392)
Fix wikipedia URL:, not
(cherry picked from commit a8ded6bf1d8ac389100ac3f3c55a075065290cb1)
Change all shortcuts to use https where possible.
(cherry picked from commit ae7fbb50e53c68862485101be4efa25ea143b968)
trail: new plugin (3rd attempt)
(cherry picked from commit 156f70912213b6520e9056050a8827de66e80176)
wikipedia now supports ssl properly and the URLs changed accordingly
(cherry picked from commit 2c8ca894d6b773db2c7c278cfc4dd62ff54cdc43)
point [[!debss]] shortcut to snapshot.debian.*org* now that it exists
(cherry picked from commit a8788935853e6e1e92de9272d807d6b57d3376d5)
auto-check just uploaded attachments
This may make it easier to eg, Insert Links after dropping in a lot of
(cherry picked from commit 1aad46e15e4329eff066fc8a68719e0c27f07891)
Display attachment manipulation links always, since attachments can be uploaded via javascript.
Could arrange for them to be in a span that is hidden when there are no
attachments and make the javascript upload unhide it; this is a quick fix.
(cherry picked from commit 20577d8ecb18f7954a97800cb9b9dca981d2b53e)
newer hackage url
(cherry picked from commit 6350accb8bfa0c7867a9d90e51b05cdf0af29e6b)
add mozillazine KB, FreeBSD wiki, and Haskell hackage
(cherry picked from commit 30a66bf5bcc26ca779ac60cfcd2b380524774001)
add ubuntu packages search
(cherry picked from commit c2278f83a93f039c1dfc364904452bb0afd735bb)
load attachment javascript into template the clean way
(cherry picked from commit e2b43578a677894d23fa526d9201e5a89b231abc)
(cherry picked from commit f77452b7caa7346625882d20f396b7154cda6a54)
(cherry picked from commit b66261d08bb978a1c5b1fe02ef25b49b4cd9d9e6)
Use HTTPS version for [Wikimedia]( and Google (noted by using which is directing there)
(cherry picked from commit 704038db298c0f3a8039dcfe8d3a801c26fadf15)
add shortcut for novell bugzilla
(cherry picked from commit 68433d82b88e93962561d6ddad8689984398def1)
add cpanrt
(cherry picked from commit 79f3e32ea7adf3e5adbef0a8c9c68cd32a67cac4)