Hurd-ng is an effort to build a new operating system that preserves the main design goals of the Hurd while fixing some of the Hurd's shortcomings. There is not yet an official roadmap or a concrete specification; indeed, much of the work is research oriented.

These pages try to summarize the major discussions and ideas.

Why ngHurd

This section explains the motivations behind the new design:

Work already done

A critique of the original Hurd is available.

A position paper by Marcus Brinkmann and Neal H. Walfield can be found.

A draft specification of the Hurd-NG interfaces has been, but is no longer, available.


Design processus


Problems to solve


Use Cases

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Summaries should obey the following structure:

  • if there is a consensus, it is clearly described
  • if controversial points remain, there are also described after the consensus
  • if no choice has been clearly made, all valid positions are described
  • withdrawn and invalid positions (proved wrong, unrealistic, contradictory to some design principle, etc.) should be described only very briefly, and developed in a separate article

Each time a point seems to be overly long with respect to the rest of the article, it should be summarized in place and developed in a separate article.