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Package gnu.jemacs.buffer

Provides various building blocks for building an Emacs-like text editor.

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Package gnu.jemacs.buffer Description

Provides various building blocks for building an Emacs-like text editor. It also provides a number of Scheme procedures that have the same name and similar functionality as the Emacs Lisp functions. Somewhat out of date. Check the JEmacs home page for more information.

It uses the Swing tool-kit.


The plan is to use this together with the (unfinished) gnu.jemacs.lang package to provide a fully-functional re-implementation of Emacs Lisp which compiles to Java bytecodes. I'm hoping volunteers will help me make "JEmacs" into something useful. I have fairly clear ideas about much of what need to be done. Contact me if you are interested.

Home page

There is now a JEmacs home page. Also check out the Kawa home page.

Screen snapshot

There is a now a teaser screen snapshot.


Very unfinished proof of concerpt. It is a functional but very minimal editor. Many of the core Emacs concepts (keymaps, windows, frames, buffers, markers) are implemented, and generally in such a way as to provide the standard Emacs semantics. There are Scheme functions with the same name and similar behavior as the standard Emacs Lisp functions. However, there is only a very limited set of core "editing" commands, and no searching commands. And it is not robust or reliable.


A couple of things volunteers might start with (but let me know before you spend serious time on any of these):


These classes depend on Swing, so make sure you have Swing available. Then make sure you have a version of the Kawa classes that contains the gnu.jemacs.buffer classes. (In other words, Kawa needs to have been configure --with-swing support.) Then just start Kawa in the usual way:
java kawa.repl
Then evaluate:
That brings up a Emacs window.

You can do (split-window) to create new (sub-)windows in an existing frame; type (make-frame) to create a new frame (to-level window), or do (get-buffer-create NAME) to create a new buffer. Note also how ctrl/B and ctrl/F have been bound to the correct functions. For other working key-bindings, look for the calls to define-key in emacs.scm.

The call (scheme-swing-window) creates a new Scheme interaction window.


Same as the package gnu.expr: Modified Gnu Public License. See the file COPYING. For now, the copyright holder is Per Bothner; in the future it may make more sense to make the FSF the copyright owner, since the plan is to use a lot of the existing ELisp packages once ELisp support is complete.


Per Bothner, <>
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