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Index Entry  Section

__ftw64_func_t: Working with Directory Trees
__ftw_func_t: Working with Directory Trees
__nftw64_func_t: Working with Directory Trees
__nftw_func_t: Working with Directory Trees

blkcnt64_t: Attribute Meanings
blkcnt_t: Attribute Meanings

cc_t: Mode Data Types
clockid_t: Getting the Time
clock_t: Time Types
cnd_t: ISO C Condition Variables
comparison_fn_t: Comparison Functions
cookie_close_function_t: Hook Functions
cookie_io_functions_t: Streams and Cookies
cookie_read_function_t: Hook Functions
cookie_seek_function_t: Hook Functions
cookie_write_function_t: Hook Functions
cpu_set_t: CPU Affinity

dev_t: Attribute Meanings
DIR: Opening a Directory
div_t: Integer Division

ENTRY: Hash Search Function
enum mcheck_status: Heap Consistency Checking

fd_set: Waiting for I/O
FILE: Streams
fpos64_t: Portable Positioning
fpos_t: Portable Positioning

gid_t: Reading Persona
glibc.cpu: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.cached_memopt: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.hwcaps: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.hwcap_mask: Hardware Capability Tunables Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.prefer_map_32bit_exec: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_data_cache_size: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_ibt: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_non_temporal_threshold: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_rep_movsb_threshold: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_rep_stosb_threshold: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_shared_cache_size: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.cpu.x86_shstk: Hardware Capability Tunables
glibc.elision: Elision Tunables
glibc.elision.enable: Elision Tunables
glibc.elision.skip_lock_after_retries: Elision Tunables
glibc.elision.skip_lock_busy: Elision Tunables
glibc.elision.skip_lock_internal_abort: Elision Tunables
glibc.elision.skip_trylock_internal_abort: Elision Tunables
glibc.elision.tries: Elision Tunables
glibc.gmon: gmon Tunables
glibc.malloc: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.arena_max: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.arena_test: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.check: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.hugetlb: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.mmap_max: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.mmap_threshold: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.mxfast: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.perturb: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.tcache_count: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.tcache_max: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.tcache_unsorted_limit: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.top_pad: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.malloc.trim_threshold: Memory Allocation Tunables
glibc.mem: Memory Related Tunables
glibc.mem.maxarcs: gmon Tunables
glibc.mem.minarcs: gmon Tunables
glibc.mem.tagging: Memory Related Tunables
glibc.pthread: POSIX Thread Tunables
glibc.pthread.mutex_spin_count: POSIX Thread Tunables
glibc.pthread.rseq: POSIX Thread Tunables
glibc.pthread.stack_cache_size: POSIX Thread Tunables
glibc.pthread.stack_hugetlb: POSIX Thread Tunables
glibc.rtld: Dynamic Linking Tunables
glibc.rtld.dynamic_sort: Dynamic Linking Tunables
glibc.rtld.nns: Dynamic Linking Tunables
glibc.rtld.optional_static_tls: Dynamic Linking Tunables
glob64_t: Calling Glob
glob_t: Calling Glob

iconv_t: Generic Conversion Interface
imaxdiv_t: Integer Division
ino64_t: Attribute Meanings
ino_t: Attribute Meanings

jmp_buf: Non-Local Details

ldiv_t: Integer Division
lldiv_t: Integer Division
longjmp: Non-local Goto Probes
longjmp_target: Non-local Goto Probes

mbstate_t: Keeping the state
memory_arena_new: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_arena_retry: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_arena_reuse: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_arena_reuse_free_list: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_arena_reuse_wait: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_calloc_retry: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_heap_free: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_heap_less: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_heap_more: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_heap_new: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_malloc_retry: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_arena_max: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_arena_test: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_free_dyn_thresholds: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_mmap_max: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_mmap_threshold: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_mxfast: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_perturb: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_top_pad: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_mallopt_trim_threshold: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_memalign_retry: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_realloc_retry: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_sbrk_less: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_sbrk_more: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_tcache_double_free: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_tunable_tcache_count: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_tunable_tcache_max_bytes: Memory Allocation Probes
memory_tunable_tcache_unsorted_limit: Memory Allocation Probes
mode_t: Attribute Meanings
mtx_t: ISO C Mutexes

nlink_t: Attribute Meanings

off64_t: File Position Primitive
off_t: File Position Primitive
once_flag: Call Once

pid_t: Process Identification
printf_arginfo_function: Defining the Output Handler
printf_function: Defining the Output Handler
ptrdiff_t: Important Data Types

regex_t: POSIX Regexp Compilation
regmatch_t: Regexp Subexpressions
regoff_t: Regexp Subexpressions

setjmp: Non-local Goto Probes
sighandler_t: Basic Signal Handling
sigjmp_buf: Non-Local Exits and Signals
sigset_t: Signal Sets
sig_atomic_t: Atomic Types
size_t: Important Data Types
speed_t: Line Speed
ssize_t: I/O Primitives
stack_t: Signal Stack
struct aiocb: Asynchronous I/O
struct aiocb64: Asynchronous I/O
struct aioinit: Configuration of AIO
struct argp: Argp Parsers
struct argp_child: Argp Children
struct argp_option: Argp Option Vectors
struct argp_state: Argp Parsing State
struct crypt_data: Passphrase Storage
struct dirent: Directory Entries
struct dl_find_object: Dynamic Linker Introspection
struct entry: Hash Search Function
struct exit_status: Manipulating the Database
struct flock: File Locks
struct fstab: fstab
struct FTW: Working with Directory Trees
struct group: Group Data Structure
struct hostent: Host Names
struct if_nameindex: Interface Naming
struct in6_addr: Host Address Data Type
struct in_addr: Host Address Data Type
struct iovec: Scatter-Gather
struct itimerval: Setting an Alarm
struct lconv: The Lame Way to Locale Data
struct linger: Socket-Level Options
struct mallinfo2: Statistics of Malloc
struct mntent: mtab
struct netent: Networks Database
struct ntptimeval: Setting and Adjusting the Time
struct ntptimeval: Setting and Adjusting the Time
struct obstack: Creating Obstacks
struct option: Getopt Long Options
struct passwd: User Data Structure
struct printf_info: Conversion Specifier Options
struct protoent: Protocols Database
struct random_data: BSD Random
struct rlimit: Limits on Resources
struct rlimit64: Limits on Resources
struct rseq: Restartable Sequences
struct rusage: Resource Usage
struct sched_param: Basic Scheduling Functions
struct servent: Services Database
struct sgttyb: BSD Terminal Modes
struct sigaction: Advanced Signal Handling
struct sigstack: Signal Stack
struct sockaddr: Address Formats
struct sockaddr_in: Internet Address Formats
struct sockaddr_in6: Internet Address Formats
struct sockaddr_un: Local Namespace Details
struct stat: Attribute Meanings
struct stat64: Attribute Meanings
struct termios: Mode Data Types
struct timespec: Time Types
struct timeval: Time Types
struct timex: Setting and Adjusting the Time
struct timex: Setting and Adjusting the Time
struct tm: Time Types
struct tm: Broken-down Time
struct tms: Processor Time
struct utimbuf: File Times
struct utmp: Manipulating the Database
struct utmpx: XPG Functions
struct utsname: Platform Type
struct __gconv_step: glibc iconv Implementation
struct __gconv_step_data: glibc iconv Implementation

tcflag_t: Mode Data Types
thrd_start_t: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_t: ISO C Thread Management
time_t: Time Types
tss_dtor_t: ISO C Thread-local Storage
tss_t: ISO C Thread-local Storage

ucontext_t: System V contexts
uid_t: Reading Persona

va_list: Argument Macros
VISIT: Tree Search Function

wchar_t: Extended Char Intro
wctrans_t: Wide Character Case Conversion
wctype_t: Classification of Wide Characters
wint_t: Extended Char Intro
wordexp_t: Calling Wordexp

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