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!posix: Other Safety Remarks

.lib section in a.out corrupted: Error Codes

/condition: Other Safety Remarks
/etc/hostname: Host Identification
/etc/nsswitch.conf: NSS Configuration File

4.n BSD Unix: Berkeley Unix

:identifier: Other Safety Remarks

?: Error Codes

_POSIX_OPTION_ORDER environment variable.: Standard Environment
_POSIX_SAVED_IDS: How Change Persona

abort signal: Program Error Signals
aborting a program: Aborting a Program
absolute file name: File Name Resolution
absolute priority: Absolute Priority
absolute value functions: Absolute Value
AC-Safe: POSIX Safety Concepts
AC-Unsafe: POSIX Safety Concepts
accepting connections: Accepting Connections
access permission for a file: Access Permission
access, testing for: Testing File Access
Accessing a corrupted shared library: Error Codes
accessing directories: Accessing Directories
Address already in use: Error Codes
Address family not supported by protocol: Error Codes
address of socket: Socket Addresses
address space: Memory Subsystem
address space: Program Basics
Advertise error: Error Codes
alarm signal: Alarm Signals
alarms, setting: Setting an Alarm
aliases: NSS Basics
alignment (in obstacks): Obstacks Data Alignment
alignment (with malloc): Aligned Memory Blocks
alloca disadvantages: Disadvantages of Alloca
alloca function: Variable Size Automatic
allocating file storage: Storage Allocation
allocating pseudo-terminals: Allocation
allocation (obstacks): Allocation in an Obstack
allocation debugging: Allocation Debugging
allocation of memory with malloc: Basic Allocation
allocation size of string: Representation of Strings
allocation statistics: Statistics of Malloc
alphabetic character: Classification of Characters
alphabetic character: Classification of Wide Characters
alphanumeric character: Classification of Characters
alphanumeric character: Classification of Wide Characters
alternative malloc implementations: Replacing malloc
append-access files: File Position
argc (program argument count): Program Arguments
argp (program argument parser): Argp
argp parser functions: Argp Parser Functions
ARGP_HELP_FMT environment variable: Argp User Customization
Argument list too long: Error Codes
argument parsing with argp: Argp
argument promotion: Calling Variadics
argument vectors, null-byte separated: Argz and Envz Vectors
arguments (variadic functions): Receiving Arguments
arguments, how many: How Many Arguments
arguments, to program: Program Arguments
argv (program argument vector): Program Arguments
argz vectors (string vectors): Argz and Envz Vectors
arithmetic expansion: Expansion Stages
array comparison functions: String/Array Comparison
array copy functions: Copying Strings and Arrays
array search function: Array Search Function
array sort function: Array Sort Function
AS-Safe: POSIX Safety Concepts
AS-Unsafe: POSIX Safety Concepts
ASCII character: Classification of Characters
assertions: Consistency Checking
Async-Cancel-Safe: POSIX Safety Concepts
Async-Cancel-Unsafe: POSIX Safety Concepts
Async-Signal-Safe: POSIX Safety Concepts
Async-Signal-Unsafe: POSIX Safety Concepts
Attempting to link in too many shared libraries: Error Codes
attributes of a file: Attribute Meanings
Authentication error: Error Codes
automatic freeing: Variable Size Automatic
automatic memory allocation: Memory Allocation and C
automatic storage class: Memory Allocation and C
automatic storage with variable size: Variable Size Automatic
auxiliary vector: Auxiliary Vector

background job: Concepts of Job Control
background job, launching: Foreground and Background
backtrace: Backtraces
backtrace_fd: Backtraces
backtrace_symbols: Backtraces
Bad address: Error Codes
Bad file descriptor: Error Codes
Bad font file format: Error Codes
Bad message: Error Codes
base (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
baud rate: Line Speed
Berkeley Unix: Berkeley Unix
Bessel functions: Special Functions
bias (of floating point number exponent): Floating Point Concepts
big-endian: Byte Order
binary I/O to a stream: Block Input/Output
binary search function (for arrays): Array Search Function
binary stream: Binary Streams
binding a socket address: Socket Addresses
blank character: Classification of Characters
blank character: Classification of Wide Characters
Block device required: Error Codes
block I/O to a stream: Block Input/Output
blocked signals: Delivery of Signal
blocked signals, checking for: Checking for Pending Signals
blocking signals: Blocking Signals
blocking signals, in a handler: Blocking for Handler
bootstrapping, and services: Actions in the NSS configuration
break condition, detecting: Input Modes
break condition, generating: Line Control
breaking a string into tokens: Finding Tokens in a String
Broken pipe: Error Codes
broken pipe signal: Operation Error Signals
broken-down time: Time Basics
broken-down time: Broken-down Time
BSD Unix: Berkeley Unix
buffering of streams: Stream Buffering
buffering, controlling: Controlling Buffering
bugs, reporting: Reporting Bugs
bus error: Program Error Signals
butterfly: Misc FP Arithmetic
byte order conversion, for socket: Byte Order
byte stream: Socket Concepts

C threads: ISO C Threads
C++ streams: Streams and I18N
calendar time: Time Basics
calendar time and broken-down time: Broken-down Time
calendar time, simple: Time Basics
calendar, Gregorian: Time Basics
call once: Call Once
calling variadic functions: Calling Variadics
Can not access a needed shared library: Error Codes
Cannot allocate memory: Error Codes
Cannot assign requested address: Error Codes
Cannot exec a shared library directly: Error Codes
Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown: Error Codes
canonical input processing: Canonical or Not
capacity limits, POSIX: General Limits
carrier detect: Control Modes
case conversion of characters: Case Conversion
catching signals: Delivery of Signal
categories for locales: Locale Categories
change working directory: Working Directory
changing the locale: Setting the Locale
changing the size of a block (malloc): Changing Block Size
changing the size of a block (obstacks): Growing Objects
Channel number out of range: Error Codes
channels: Stream/Descriptor Precautions
character case conversion: Case Conversion
character predicates: Classification of Characters
character testing: Classification of Characters
checking for pending signals: Checking for Pending Signals
child process: Processor Time
child process: Processes
child process: Process Creation Concepts
child process signal: Job Control Signals
chunks: Obstack Chunks
classes, floating-point: Floating Point Classes
classification of characters: Classification of Characters
cleaning up a stream: Linked Channels
clearing terminal input queue: Line Control
client: Connections
clock ticks: Time Types
clock ticks: Processor And CPU Time
clock, disciplining: Setting and Adjusting the Time
clock, high accuracy: Setting and Adjusting the Time
close-on-exec (file descriptor flag): Descriptor Flags
closing a file descriptor: Opening and Closing Files
closing a socket: Closing a Socket
closing a stream: Closing Streams
collating strings: Collation Functions
combining locales: Choosing Locale
command argument syntax: Argument Syntax
command arguments, parsing: Parsing Program Arguments
command line arguments: Program Arguments
command substitution: Expansion Stages
Communication error on send: Error Codes
communication style (of a socket): Socket Concepts
comparing strings and arrays: String/Array Comparison
Comparison Function: Comparison Functions
compiling: Configuring and compiling
complex exponentiation functions: Exponents and Logarithms
complex logarithm functions: Exponents and Logarithms
complex numbers: Complex Numbers
complex trigonometric functions: Trig Functions
Computer bought the farm: Error Codes
concatenating strings: Copying Strings and Arrays
concatenating strings: Concatenating Strings
condition variables: ISO C Condition Variables
Conditionally Safe Features: Conditionally Safe Features
condvar: ISO C Condition Variables
configuring: Configuring and compiling
conjugate complex numbers: Operations on Complex
connecting a socket: Connecting
connection: Connections
Connection refused: Error Codes
Connection reset by peer: Error Codes
Connection timed out: Error Codes
consistency checking: Consistency Checking
consistency checking, of heap: Heap Consistency Checking
const: Conditionally Safe Features
constants: Memory Concepts
constants: Mathematical Constants
continue signal: Job Control Signals
control character: Classification of Characters
control character: Classification of Wide Characters
control operations on files: Control Operations
controlling process: Controlling Terminal
controlling terminal: Concepts of Job Control
controlling terminal, access to: Access to the Terminal
controlling terminal, determining: Identifying the Terminal
controlling terminal, setting: Open-time Flags
conversion specifications (printf): Formatted Output Basics
conversion specifications (scanf): Formatted Input Basics
converting byte order: Byte Order
converting case of characters: Case Conversion
converting file descriptor to stream: Descriptors and Streams
converting floats to integers: Rounding Functions
converting group ID to group name: Lookup Group
converting group name to group ID: Lookup Group
converting host address to name: Host Names
converting host name to address: Host Names
converting network name to network number: Networks Database
converting network number to network name: Networks Database
converting port number to service name: Services Database
converting service name to port number: Services Database
converting string to collation order: Collation Functions
converting strings to numbers: Parsing of Numbers
converting user ID to user name: Lookup User
converting user name to user ID: Lookup User
cookie, for custom stream: Streams and Cookies
copy-on-write page fault: Locked Memory Details
copying files: Copying File Data
copying strings and arrays: Copying Strings and Arrays
corrupt: Unsafe Features
cpu priority: Priority
CPU time: Time Basics
CPU time: Processor And CPU Time
CPU time: Processor Time
create on open (file status flag): Open-time Flags
creating a directory: Creating Directories
creating a FIFO special file: FIFO Special Files
creating a pipe: Creating a Pipe
creating a pipe to a subprocess: Pipe to a Subprocess
creating a process: Process Creation Concepts
creating a socket: Creating a Socket
creating a socket pair: Socket Pairs
creating special files: Making Special Files
CRNG: Unpredictable Bytes
cryptographic random number generator: Unpredictable Bytes
CSPRNG: Unpredictable Bytes
cube root function: Exponents and Logarithms
currency symbols: Currency Symbol
current limit: Limits on Resources
current working directory: Working Directory
custom streams: Custom Streams
customizing malloc: Replacing malloc
customizing printf: Customizing Printf
cwd: Other Safety Remarks

data loss on sockets: Socket Concepts
databases: Name Service Switch
datagram socket: Datagrams
datagrams, transmitting: Sending Datagrams
data_cache_size tunables: Hardware Capability Tunables
date: Time Basics
Daylight Saving Time: Broken-down Time
decimal digit character: Classification of Characters
decimal-point separator: General Numeric
declaration (compared to definition): Header Files
declaring variadic functions: Calling Variadics
decompose complex numbers: Operations on Complex
default action (for a signal): Delivery of Signal
default action for a signal: Basic Signal Handling
default argument promotions: Calling Variadics
default value, and NSS: Notes on NSS Configuration File
defining new printf conversions: Customizing Printf
definition (compared to declaration): Header Files
delayed suspend character: Signal Characters
deleting a directory: Deleting Files
deleting a file: Deleting Files
delivery of signals: Delivery of Signal
descriptors and streams: Stream/Descriptor Precautions
Destination address required: Error Codes
deterministic random bit generator: Unpredictable Bytes
Device not a stream: Error Codes
Device or resource busy: Error Codes
digit character: Classification of Characters
digit character: Classification of Wide Characters
directories, accessing: Accessing Directories
directories, creating: Creating Directories
directories, deleting: Deleting Files
directory: Directories
directory entry: Directories
directory hierarchy: Working with Directory Trees
Directory not empty: Error Codes
directory stream: Accessing Directories
disadvantages of alloca: Disadvantages of Alloca
DISCARD character: Other Special
Disk quota exceeded: Error Codes
division by zero: FP Exceptions
dlopen: Unsafe Features
DNS: Host Identification
DNS server unavailable: Actions in the NSS configuration
domain (of socket): Socket Concepts
domain error: Math Error Reporting
domain name: Host Identification
Domain Name System: Host Identification
dot notation, for Internet addresses: Abstract Host Addresses
DRBG: Unpredictable Bytes
DSUSP character: Signal Characters
duplicating file descriptors: Duplicating Descriptors
dynamic linker: Dynamic Linker
dynamic linking tunables: Dynamic Linking Tunables
dynamic loader: Dynamic Linker
dynamic memory allocation: Memory Allocation and C
dynamic memory allocation: Memory Allocation and C

EBCDIC: Extended Char Intro
echo of terminal input: Local Modes
effective group ID: Process Persona
effective user ID: Process Persona
efficiency and obstacks: Extra Fast Growing
efficiency of chunks: Obstack Chunks
EINTR, and restarting interrupted primitives: Interrupted Primitives
elapsed time: Time Basics
elision tunables: Elision Tunables
end of file, on a stream: EOF and Errors
end-of-file, on a file descriptor: I/O Primitives
env: Other Safety Remarks
environment: Environment Variables
environment access: Environment Access
environment representation: Environment Access
environment variable: Environment Variables
environment vectors, null-byte separated: Argz and Envz Vectors
envz vectors (environment vectors): Argz and Envz Vectors
EOF character: Editing Characters
EOL character: Editing Characters
EOL2 character: Editing Characters
epoch: Time Basics
epoch: Time Types
ERASE character: Editing Characters
errno: System Calls
error codes: Error Reporting
error messages, in argp: Argp Helper Functions
error reporting: Error Reporting
errors, mathematical: Math Error Reporting
establishing a handler: Signal Actions
ethers: NSS Basics
EUC: Extended Char Intro
EUC-JP: glibc iconv Implementation
exception: FP Exceptions
exception: Program Error Signals
Exchange full: Error Codes
exclusive lock: File Locks
Exec format error: Error Codes
exec functions: Executing a File
execing a program: Memory Concepts
executable: Memory Concepts
executing a file: Executing a File
exit status: Exit Status
exit status value: Program Termination
exiting a program: Memory Concepts
expansion of shell words: Word Expansion
exponent (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
exponentiation functions: Exponents and Logarithms
extending printf: Customizing Printf
extracting file descriptor from stream: Descriptors and Streams

fcntl function: Control Operations
fd: Other Safety Remarks
FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: Documentation License
feature test macros: Feature Test Macros
field splitting: Expansion Stages
FIFO special file: Pipes and FIFOs
file access permission: Access Permission
file access time: File Times
file allocation: Storage Allocation
file attribute modification time: File Times
file attributes: Attribute Meanings
file copy: Copying File Data
file creation mask: Setting Permissions
file descriptor flags: Descriptor Flags
File descriptor in bad state: Error Codes
file descriptor sets, for select: Waiting for I/O
file descriptors, standard: Descriptors and Streams
File exists: Error Codes
file fragmentation: Storage Allocation
File locking deadlock error: Error Codes
file locks: File Locks
file modification time: File Times
file name: File Names
file name component: Directories
file name errors: File Name Errors
file name resolution: File Name Resolution
File name too long: Error Codes
file name translation flags: Open-time Flags
file names, multiple: Hard Links
file owner: File Owner
file permission bits: Permission Bits
file pointer: Streams
file position: File Position
file positioning on a file descriptor: File Position Primitive
file positioning on a stream: File Positioning
file status flags: File Status Flags
File too large: Error Codes
files, accessing: Memory Concepts
files, sparse: Storage Allocation
filtering i/o through subprocess: Pipe to a Subprocess
flag character (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
flag character (scanf): Input Conversion Syntax
flags for sigaction: Flags for Sigaction
flags, file name translation: Open-time Flags
flags, open-time action: Open-time Flags
floating point: Floating Point Numbers
floating point, IEEE: IEEE Floating Point
floating type measurements: Floating Type Macros
floating-point classes: Floating Point Classes
floating-point exception: Program Error Signals
flow control, terminal: Line Control
flow label: Internet Address Formats
flushing a stream: Flushing Buffers
flushing terminal output queue: Line Control
foreground job: Concepts of Job Control
foreground job, launching: Foreground and Background
forking a process: Process Creation Concepts
format string, for printf: Formatted Output
format string, for scanf: Formatted Input
formatted input from a stream: Formatted Input
formatted messages: Formatted Messages
formatted output to a stream: Formatted Output
FP arithmetic: FP Bit Twiddling
FQDN: Host Identification
fragmentation of files: Storage Allocation
frame, real memory: Memory Concepts
free documentation: Free Manuals
freeing (obstacks): Freeing Obstack Objects
freeing memory: Memory Concepts
freeing memory allocated with malloc: Freeing after Malloc
fully buffered stream: Buffering Concepts
Function not implemented: Error Codes
function prototypes (variadic): Variadic Prototypes

gamma function: Special Functions
gcvt_r: System V Number Conversion
gencat: The gencat program
generation of signals: Signal Generation
generic i/o control operations: IOCTLs
globbing: Globbing
gmon tunables: gmon Tunables
gnu allocator: The GNU Allocator
graphic character: Classification of Characters
graphic character: Classification of Wide Characters
Gratuitous error: Error Codes
Gregorian calendar: Time Basics
group: NSS Basics
group database: Group Database
group ID: User and Group IDs
group name: User and Group IDs
group owner of a file: File Owner
grouping of digits: General Numeric
growing objects (in obstacks): Growing Objects
gshadow: NSS Basics

handling multiple signals: Merged Signals
hangup signal: Termination Signals
hard limit: Limits on Resources
hard link: Hard Links
hardware capability tunables: Hardware Capability Tunables
hashing, passphrase: Passphrase Storage
header files: Header Files
heap: Unsafe Features
heap consistency checking: Heap Consistency Checking
heap, dynamic allocation from: Unconstrained Allocation
heap, freeing memory from: Freeing after Malloc
hexadecimal digit character: Classification of Characters
hexadecimal digit character: Classification of Wide Characters
hidden bit (of floating point number mantissa): Floating Point Concepts
hierarchy, directory: Working with Directory Trees
high-priority data: Out-of-Band Data
holes in files: File Position Primitive
home directory: Standard Environment
HOME environment variable: Standard Environment
hook functions (of custom streams): Hook Functions
host address, Internet: Abstract Host Addresses
Host is down: Error Codes
host name: Host Identification
hostid: Other Safety Remarks
hostname: Host Identification
hosts: NSS Basics
hosts database: Host Names
how many arguments: How Many Arguments
hwcap tunables: Hardware Capability Tunables
hwcaps tunables: Hardware Capability Tunables
hyperbolic functions: Hyperbolic Functions
hyperbolic functions: Hyperbolic Functions

i18n: Unsafe Features
iconv: Unsafe Features
Identifier removed: Error Codes
identifying terminals: Is It a Terminal
IEEE 754: Floating Point Numbers
IEEE floating point: Floating Point Numbers
IEEE floating point representation: IEEE Floating Point
IEEE Std 1003.1: POSIX
IEEE Std 1003.2: POSIX
ignore action for a signal: Basic Signal Handling
illegal instruction: Program Error Signals
Illegal seek: Error Codes
impossible events: Consistency Checking
Inappropriate file type or format: Error Codes
Inappropriate ioctl for device: Error Codes
Inappropriate operation for background process: Error Codes
independent channels: Independent Channels
inexact exception: FP Exceptions
infinity: Infinity and NaN
init: Conditionally Safe Features
initgroups: NSS Basics
initial signal actions: Initial Signal Actions
inode number: Attribute Meanings
input available signal: Asynchronous I/O Signals
input conversions, for scanf: Table of Input Conversions
input from multiple files: Waiting for I/O
Input/output error: Error Codes
installation tools: Tools for Compilation
installing: Running make install
integer: Integers
integer division functions: Integer Division
integer type range: Range of Type
integer type width: Width of Type
interactive signals, from terminal: Local Modes
interactive stop signal: Job Control Signals
internal representation: Extended Char Intro
internationalization: Locales
Internet host address: Abstract Host Addresses
Internet namespace, for sockets: Internet Namespace
interposing malloc: Replacing malloc
interprocess communication, with FIFO: FIFO Special Files
interprocess communication, with pipes: Creating a Pipe
interprocess communication, with signals: Kill Example
interprocess communication, with sockets: Sockets
interrupt character: Signal Characters
interrupt signal: Termination Signals
interrupt-driven input: Interrupt Input
Interrupted system call: Error Codes
Interrupted system call should be restarted: Error Codes
interrupting primitives: Interrupted Primitives
interval: Time Basics
interval timer, setting: Setting an Alarm
INTR character: Signal Characters
Invalid argument: Error Codes
Invalid cross-device link: Error Codes
invalid exception: FP Exceptions
Invalid exchange: Error Codes
Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character: Error Codes
Invalid request code: Error Codes
Invalid request descriptor: Error Codes
Invalid slot: Error Codes
inverse complex hyperbolic functions: Hyperbolic Functions
inverse complex trigonometric functions: Inverse Trig Functions
inverse hyperbolic functions: Hyperbolic Functions
inverse trigonometric functions: Inverse Trig Functions
invocation of program: Program Arguments
ipc: Inter-Process Communication
IPv6 flow label: Internet Address Formats
IPv6 scope ID: Internet Address Formats
IPv6 traffic class: Internet Address Formats
Is a directory: Error Codes
Is a named type file: Error Codes
ISO 10646: Extended Char Intro
ISO 2022: Extended Char Intro
ISO 6937: Extended Char Intro
ISO C threads: ISO C Threads
ISO-2022-JP: glibc iconv Implementation

job: Job Control
job control: Job Control
job control functions: Functions for Job Control
job control signals: Job Control Signals
job control, enabling: Initializing the Shell
job control, enabling: Initializing the Shell

Kermit the frog: Search/Sort Example
kernel call: System Calls
kernel header files: Linux
Key has been revoked: Error Codes
Key has expired: Error Codes
Key was rejected by service: Error Codes
KILL character: Editing Characters
kill signal: Termination Signals
killing a process: Signaling Another Process
Korn Shell: Wildcard Matching

LANG environment variable: The catgets Functions
LANG environment variable: Standard Environment
launching jobs: Launching Jobs
LC_ALL environment variable: The catgets Functions
LC_ALL environment variable: Standard Environment
LC_COLLATE environment variable: Standard Environment
LC_CTYPE environment variable: Standard Environment
LC_MESSAGES environment variable: The catgets Functions
LC_MESSAGES environment variable: Standard Environment
LC_MONETARY environment variable: Standard Environment
LC_NUMERIC environment variable: Standard Environment
LC_TIME environment variable: Standard Environment
LD_PRELOAD and malloc: Replacing malloc
leap second: Broken-down Time
leap seconds: Time Basics
length of string: Representation of Strings
Level 2 halted: Error Codes
Level 2 not synchronized: Error Codes
Level 3 halted: Error Codes
Level 3 reset: Error Codes
level, for socket options: Socket Options
library: Introduction
limit: Limits on Resources
limits on resource usage: Limits on Resources
limits, file name length: Limits for Files
limits, floating types: Floating Type Macros
limits, integer types: Range of Type
limits, link count of files: Limits for Files
limits, number of open files: General Limits
limits, number of processes: General Limits
limits, number of supplementary group IDs: General Limits
limits, pipe buffer size: Limits for Files
limits, POSIX: General Limits
limits, program argument size: General Limits
limits, terminal input queue: Limits for Files
limits, time zone abbreviation length: General Limits
line buffered stream: Buffering Concepts
line speed: Line Speed
lines (in a text file): Binary Streams
link: Directories
Link has been severed: Error Codes
Link number out of range: Error Codes
link, hard: Hard Links
link, soft: Symbolic Links
link, symbolic: Symbolic Links
linked channels: Linked Channels
listening (sockets): Listening
literals: Memory Concepts
little-endian: Byte Order
LNEXT character: Other Special
load average: Processor Resources
local namespace, for sockets: Local Namespace
local network address number: Abstract Host Addresses
local time: Time Basics
locale: Other Safety Remarks
locale categories: Locale Categories
locale, changing: Setting the Locale
locales: Locales
lock: Unsafe Features
locking pages: Locking Pages
logarithm functions: Exponents and Logarithms
login name: User and Group IDs
login name, determining: Who Logged In
LOGNAME environment variable: Standard Environment
long jumps: Non-Local Exits
long-named options: Argument Syntax
longjmp: Advantages of Alloca
loss of data on sockets: Socket Concepts
lost resource signal: Operation Error Signals
lower-case character: Classification of Characters
lower-case character: Classification of Wide Characters

Machine is not on the network: Error Codes
macros: Obstack Functions
main function: Program Arguments
malloc debugger: Allocation Debugging
malloc function: Unconstrained Allocation
malloc replacement: Replacing malloc
malloc tunables: Memory Allocation Tunables
mantissa (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
matching failure, in scanf: Formatted Input Basics
math errors: Errors in Math Functions
mathematical constants: Mathematical Constants
maximum: Misc FP Arithmetic
maximum field width (scanf): Input Conversion Syntax
maximum limit: Limits on Resources
maximum possible integer: Integers
measurements of floating types: Floating Type Macros
mem: Other Safety Remarks
memory allocation: Memory
memory allocation tunables: Memory Allocation Tunables
memory lock: Locking Pages
memory mapped file: Memory Concepts
memory mapped I/O: Memory Concepts
memory page: Memory Subsystem
Memory page has hardware error: Error Codes
memory protection: Memory Protection
memory protection key: Memory Protection
memory related tunables: Memory Related Tunables
merging of signals: Merged Signals
Message too long: Error Codes
MIN termios slot: Noncanonical Input
minimum: Misc FP Arithmetic
minimum field width (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
minimum possible integer: Integers
mixing descriptors and streams: Stream/Descriptor Precautions
modem disconnect: Control Modes
modem status lines: Control Modes
monetary value formatting: The Lame Way to Locale Data
monotonic time: Getting the Time
MPK: Memory Protection
MT-Safe: POSIX Safety Concepts
MT-Unsafe: POSIX Safety Concepts
multi-threaded application: Streams and Threads
multibyte character: Representation of Strings
multibyte character: Extended Char Intro
multibyte string: Representation of Strings
multibyte string: Representation of Strings
Multihop attempted: Error Codes
multiple names for one file: Hard Links
multiplexing input: Waiting for I/O
multiply-add: Misc FP Arithmetic
mutex: ISO C Mutexes
mutex tunables: POSIX Thread Tunables
mutual exclusion: ISO C Mutexes

Name not unique on network: Error Codes
name of running program: Error Messages
name of socket: Socket Addresses
Name Service Switch: Name Service Switch
name space: Reserved Names
names of signals: Standard Signals
namespace (of socket): Socket Concepts
NaN: Infinity and NaN
NaN: FP Bit Twiddling
Need authenticator: Error Codes
netgroup: NSS Basics
Netgroup: Netgroup Data
network byte order: Byte Order
Network dropped connection on reset: Error Codes
Network is down: Error Codes
Network is unreachable: Error Codes
network number: Abstract Host Addresses
network protocol: Socket Concepts
networks: NSS Basics
networks database: Networks Database
NIS: Host Identification
NIS domain name: Host Identification
NIS domain name: Host Identification
NIS domain name: Host Identification
nisplus, and booting: Actions in the NSS configuration
nisplus, and completeness: Actions in the NSS configuration
NLSPATH environment variable: The catgets Functions
NLSPATH environment variable: Standard Environment
No anode: Error Codes
No buffer space available: Error Codes
No child processes: Error Codes
No CSI structure available: Error Codes
No data available: Error Codes
No locks available: Error Codes
No medium found: Error Codes
No message of desired type: Error Codes
No route to host: Error Codes
No space left on device: Error Codes
No such device: Error Codes
No such device or address: Error Codes
No such file or directory: Error Codes
No such process: Error Codes
No XENIX semaphores available: Error Codes
non-blocking open: Open-time Flags
non-local exit, from signal handler: Longjmp in Handler
non-local exits: Non-Local Exits
noncanonical input processing: Canonical or Not
non_temporal_threshold tunables: Hardware Capability Tunables
normalization functions (floating-point): Normalization Functions
normalized floating point number: Floating Point Concepts
Not a directory: Error Codes
not a number: Infinity and NaN
Not a XENIX named type file: Error Codes
Not supported: Error Codes
NSS: Unsafe Features
NSS: Name Service Switch
nsswitch.conf: NSS Configuration File
null byte: Representation of Strings
null pointer constant: Null Pointer Constant
null wide character: Representation of Strings
number of arguments passed: How Many Arguments
number syntax, parsing: Parsing of Numbers
numeric value formatting: The Lame Way to Locale Data
Numerical argument out of domain: Error Codes
Numerical result out of range: Error Codes

Object is remote: Error Codes
obstack status: Status of an Obstack
obstacks: Obstacks
one-way hashing: Passphrase Storage
open-time action flags: Open-time Flags
opening a file: I/O Concepts
opening a file descriptor: Opening and Closing Files
opening a pipe: Creating a Pipe
opening a pseudo-terminal pair: Pseudo-Terminal Pairs
opening a socket: Creating a Socket
opening a socket pair: Socket Pairs
opening a stream: Opening Streams
Operation already in progress: Error Codes
Operation canceled: Error Codes
Operation not permitted: Error Codes
Operation not possible due to RF-kill: Error Codes
Operation not supported: Error Codes
Operation now in progress: Error Codes
Operation would block: Error Codes
Optimization: FP Function Optimizations
optimizing NSS: Notes on NSS Configuration File
option parsing with argp: Argp
optional arguments: Variadic Functions
optional POSIX features: System Options
orientation, stream: Opening Streams
orientation, stream: Streams and I18N
orphaned process group: Orphaned Process Groups
Other Safety Remarks: Other Safety Remarks
Out of streams resources: Error Codes
out-of-band data: Out-of-Band Data
output conversions, for printf: Table of Output Conversions
output possible signal: Asynchronous I/O Signals
overflow exception: FP Exceptions
Owner died: Error Codes
owner of a file: File Owner

Package not installed: Error Codes
packet: Socket Concepts
page boundary: Aligned Memory Blocks
page fault: Memory Concepts
page fault, copy-on-write: Locked Memory Details
page frame: Memory Concepts
page protection: Memory Protection
page, memory: Memory Subsystem
page, virtual memory: Memory Concepts
paging: Memory Concepts
paging: Locking Pages
parameter promotion: String/Array Conventions
parent directory: File Name Resolution
parent process: Processes
parent process: Process Creation Concepts
parity checking: Input Modes
parsing a template string: Parsing a Template String
parsing numbers (in formatted input): Parsing of Numbers
parsing program arguments: Parsing Program Arguments
parsing tokens from a string: Finding Tokens in a String
passphrase hashing: Passphrase Storage
passwd: NSS Basics
password database: User Database
PATH environment variable: Standard Environment
pause function: Waiting for a Signal
peeking at input: Unreading
pending signals: Delivery of Signal
pending signals, checking for: Checking for Pending Signals
period of time: Time Basics
Permission denied: Error Codes
permission to access a file: Access Permission
persona: Process Persona
physical address: Memory Subsystem
physical memory: Memory Subsystem
pi (trigonometric constant): Trig Functions
pipe: Pipes and FIFOs
pipe signal: Operation Error Signals
pipe to a subprocess: Pipe to a Subprocess
plugin: Unsafe Features
port number: Ports
positioning a file descriptor: File Position Primitive
positioning a stream: File Positioning
positive difference: Misc FP Arithmetic
POSIX capacity limits: General Limits
POSIX optional features: System Options
POSIX Safety Concepts: POSIX Safety Concepts
power functions: Exponents and Logarithms
precision (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
precision (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
predicates on arrays: String/Array Comparison
predicates on characters: Classification of Characters
predicates on strings: String/Array Comparison
preempting malloc: Replacing malloc
preemptive scheduling: Absolute Priority
Preliminary: POSIX Safety Concepts
primitives, interrupting: Interrupted Primitives
printing character: Classification of Characters
printing character: Classification of Wide Characters
priority of a process: Priority
priority, absolute: Absolute Priority
process: Program Basics
process: Processes
process completion: Process Completion
process group functions: Functions for Job Control
process group ID: Launching Jobs
process group leader: Launching Jobs
process groups: Job Control
process ID: Process Identification
process image: Process Creation Concepts
process priority: Priority
process signal mask: Process Signal Mask
process termination: Program Termination
processor time: Time Basics
processor time: Processor Time
profiling alarm signal: Alarm Signals
profiling timer: Setting an Alarm
program: Program Basics
program argument syntax: Argument Syntax
program arguments: Program Arguments
program arguments, parsing: Parsing Program Arguments
program error signals: Program Error Signals
program name: Error Messages
program startup: Program Arguments
program termination: Program Termination
program termination signals: Termination Signals
programming your own streams: Custom Streams
project complex numbers: Operations on Complex
protection flags: Memory Protection
protection key: Memory Protection
protocol (of socket): Socket Concepts
Protocol driver not attached: Error Codes
Protocol error: Error Codes
protocol family: Socket Concepts
Protocol family not supported: Error Codes
Protocol not available: Error Codes
Protocol not supported: Error Codes
Protocol wrong type for socket: Error Codes
protocols: NSS Basics
protocols database: Protocols Database
prototypes for variadic functions: Variadic Prototypes
pseudo-random numbers: Pseudo-Random Numbers
pseudo-random numbers, cryptographic: Unpredictable Bytes
pseudo-terminals: Pseudo-Terminals
pthread mutex tunables: POSIX Thread Tunables
pthreads: POSIX Threads
publickey: NSS Basics
punctuation character: Classification of Characters
punctuation character: Classification of Wide Characters
pushing input back: Unreading

quick sort function (for arrays): Array Sort Function
QUIT character: Signal Characters
quit signal: Termination Signals
quit signal: Termination Signals
quote removal: Expansion Stages

race: Conditionally Safe Features
race conditions, relating to job control: Launching Jobs
race conditions, relating to signals: Signals in Handler
radix (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
raising signals: Generating Signals
random numbers: Pseudo-Random Numbers
random numbers, cryptographic: Unpredictable Bytes
random-access files: File Position
randomness source: Unpredictable Bytes
range error: Math Error Reporting
range of integer type: Range of Type
read lock: File Locks
Read-only file system: Error Codes
reading from a directory: Accessing Directories
reading from a file descriptor: I/O Primitives
reading from a socket: Transferring Data
reading from a stream, by blocks: Block Input/Output
reading from a stream, by characters: Character Input
reading from a stream, formatted: Formatted Input
ready to run: Absolute Priority
real group ID: Process Persona
real user ID: Process Persona
real-time timer: Setting an Alarm
realtime CPU scheduling: Absolute Priority
realtime processing: Why Lock Pages
realtime scheduling: Realtime Scheduling
receiving datagrams: Receiving Datagrams
record locking: File Locks
redirecting input and output: Duplicating Descriptors
reentrant functions: Nonreentrancy
reentrant NSS functions: NSS Module Names
relative file name: File Name Resolution
Remote address changed: Error Codes
Remote I/O error: Error Codes
removal of quotes: Expansion Stages
removing a file: Deleting Files
removing macros that shadow functions: Macro Definitions
renaming a file: Renaming Files
replacing malloc: Replacing malloc
reporting bugs: Reporting Bugs
reporting errors: Error Reporting
REPRINT character: Editing Characters
Required key not available: Error Codes
reserved names: Reserved Names
Resource deadlock avoided: Error Codes
resource limits: Limits on Resources
Resource temporarily unavailable: Error Codes
restarting interrupted primitives: Interrupted Primitives
restrictions on signal handler functions: Nonreentrancy
RFS specific error: Error Codes
root directory: File Name Resolution
Rot13: Obfuscating Data
rpc: NSS Basics
RPC bad procedure for program: Error Codes
RPC program not available: Error Codes
RPC program version wrong: Error Codes
RPC struct is bad: Error Codes
RPC version wrong: Error Codes
rtld tunables: Dynamic Linking Tunables
runnable process: Absolute Priority
running a command: Running a Command

saved set-group-ID: How Change Persona
saved set-user-ID: How Change Persona
scanning the group list: Scanning All Groups
scanning the user list: Scanning All Users
scatter-gather: Scatter-Gather
scheduling, traditional: Traditional Scheduling
scope ID: Internet Address Formats
search function (for arrays): Array Search Function
search functions (for strings): Search Functions
seconds, leap: Time Basics
seed (for random numbers): Pseudo-Random Numbers
seeking on a file descriptor: File Position Primitive
seeking on a stream: File Positioning
segmentation violation: Program Error Signals
sending a datagram: Sending Datagrams
sending signals: Generating Signals
sequential-access files: File Position
server: Connections
services: NSS Basics
services database: Services Database
session: Job Control
session: Concepts of Job Control
session leader: Concepts of Job Control
setting an alarm: Setting an Alarm
setuid programs: How Change Persona
setuid programs and file access: Testing File Access
severity class: Printing Formatted Messages
severity class: Adding Severity Classes
sgettext: GUI program problems
sgettext: GUI program problems
shadow: NSS Basics
shadowing functions with macros: Macro Definitions
shared lock: File Locks
shared memory: Memory Subsystem
shared_cache_size tunables: Hardware Capability Tunables
shell: Concepts of Job Control
shift state: Keeping the state
Shift_JIS: Extended Char Intro
shrinking objects: Growing Objects
shutting down a socket: Closing a Socket
sig: Conditionally Safe Features
sigaction flags: Flags for Sigaction
sigaction function: Advanced Signal Handling
SIGCHLD, handling of: Stopped and Terminated Jobs
sigintr: Other Safety Remarks
sign (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
signal: FP Exceptions
signal: Signal Handling
signal action: Delivery of Signal
signal actions: Signal Actions
signal flags: Flags for Sigaction
signal function: Basic Signal Handling
signal handler function: Defining Handlers
signal mask: Process Signal Mask
signal messages: Signal Messages
signal names: Standard Signals
signal number: Standard Signals
signal set: Signal Sets
signals, generating: Generating Signals
signedness: Integers
significand (of floating point number): Floating Point Concepts
SIGTTIN, from background job: Access to the Terminal
SIGTTOU, from background job: Access to the Terminal
simple calendar time: Time Basics
simple time: Time Basics
single-byte string: Representation of Strings
single-call functions: Call Once
size of string: Representation of Strings
SJIS: Extended Char Intro
socket: Sockets
socket address (name) binding: Socket Addresses
socket domain: Socket Concepts
socket namespace: Socket Concepts
Socket operation on non-socket: Error Codes
socket option level: Socket Options
socket options: Socket Options
socket pair: Socket Pairs
socket protocol: Socket Concepts
socket shutdown: Closing a Socket
Socket type not supported: Error Codes
socket, client actions: Connecting
socket, closing: Closing a Socket
socket, connecting: Connecting
socket, creating: Creating a Socket
socket, initiating a connection: Connecting
sockets, accepting connections: Accepting Connections
sockets, listening: Listening
sockets, server actions: Listening
soft limit: Limits on Resources
soft link: Symbolic Links
Software caused connection abort: Error Codes
sort function (for arrays): Array Sort Function
sparse files: File Position Primitive
sparse files: Storage Allocation
special files: Making Special Files
special functions: Special Functions
specified action (for a signal): Delivery of Signal
speed of execution: Why Lock Pages
square root function: Exponents and Logarithms
Srmount error: Error Codes
stable sorting: Array Sort Function
Stale file handle: Error Codes
standard dot notation, for Internet addresses: Abstract Host Addresses
standard environment variables: Standard Environment
standard error file descriptor: Descriptors and Streams
standard error stream: Standard Streams
standard file descriptors: Descriptors and Streams
standard input file descriptor: Descriptors and Streams
standard input stream: Standard Streams
standard output file descriptor: Descriptors and Streams
standard output stream: Standard Streams
standard streams: Standard Streams
standards: Standards and Portability
START character: Start/Stop Characters
startup of program: Program Arguments
State not recoverable: Error Codes
stateful: Keeping the state
stateful: Converting a Character
stateful: Converting Strings
stateful: Generic Conversion Interface
stateful: iconv Examples
stateful: glibc iconv Implementation
static memory allocation: Memory Allocation and C
static storage class: Memory Allocation and C
STATUS character: Other Special
status codes: Error Reporting
status of a file: Attribute Meanings
status of obstack: Status of an Obstack
sticky bit: Permission Bits
STOP character: Start/Stop Characters
stop signal: Job Control Signals
stopped job: Concepts of Job Control
stopped jobs, continuing: Continuing Stopped Jobs
stopped jobs, detecting: Stopped and Terminated Jobs
storage allocating: Storage Allocation
storage allocation: Memory
stream (sockets): Socket Concepts
stream orientation: Opening Streams
stream orientation: Streams and I18N
stream, for I/O to a string: String Streams
streams and descriptors: Stream/Descriptor Precautions
Streams pipe error: Error Codes
streams, and file descriptors: Descriptors and Streams
streams, C++: Streams and I18N
streams, standard: Standard Streams
string: Representation of Strings
string allocation: Representation of Strings
string collation functions: Collation Functions
string comparison functions: String/Array Comparison
string concatenation functions: Copying Strings and Arrays
string concatenation functions: Concatenating Strings
string copy functions: Copying Strings and Arrays
string length: Representation of Strings
string literal: Representation of Strings
string search functions: Search Functions
string stream: String Streams
string truncation: Truncating Strings
string vectors, null-byte separated: Argz and Envz Vectors
string, representation of: Representation of Strings
Structure needs cleaning: Error Codes
style of communication (of a socket): Socket Concepts
subprocess: Process Creation Concepts
subshell: Initializing the Shell
substitution of variables and commands: Expansion Stages
successive signals: Merged Signals
summer time: Broken-down Time
SunOS: Berkeley Unix
supplementary group IDs: Process Persona
SUSP character: Signal Characters
suspend character: Signal Characters
swap space: Memory Concepts
symbolic link: Symbolic Links
symbolic link, opening: Open-time Flags
synchronizing: Synchronizing I/O
synchronizing: Synchronizing AIO Operations
syntax error messages, in argp: Argp Helper Functions
syntax, for program arguments: Argument Syntax
syntax, for reading numbers: Parsing of Numbers
sysconf: Query Memory Parameters
sysconf: Query Memory Parameters
sysconf: Processor Resources
sysconf: Processor Resources
system call: System Calls
system call number: System Calls
System V Unix: SVID

task ID: Process Identification
TCP (Internet protocol): Protocols Database
template, for printf: Formatted Output
template, for scanf: Formatted Input
term: Conditionally Safe Features
TERM environment variable: Standard Environment
terminal flow control: Line Control
terminal identification: Is It a Terminal
terminal input queue: I/O Queues
terminal input queue, clearing: Line Control
terminal input signal: Job Control Signals
terminal line control functions: Line Control
terminal line speed: Line Speed
terminal line speed: Line Speed
terminal mode data types: Mode Data Types
terminal mode functions: Mode Functions
terminal modes, BSD: BSD Terminal Modes
terminal output queue: I/O Queues
terminal output queue, flushing: Line Control
terminal output signal: Job Control Signals
terminated jobs, detecting: Stopped and Terminated Jobs
termination signal: Termination Signals
testing access permission: Testing File Access
testing exit status of child process: Process Completion
Text file busy: Error Codes
text stream: Binary Streams
thrashing: Memory Subsystem
thread control: ISO C Thread Management
thread creation: ISO C Thread Management
thread group: Process Identification
thread ID: Process Identification
thread management: ISO C Thread Management
thread mutex tunables: POSIX Thread Tunables
thread of control: Program Basics
thread-local storage: ISO C Thread-local Storage
Thread-Safe: POSIX Safety Concepts
Thread-Unsafe: POSIX Safety Concepts
threads: Streams and Threads
threads: Threads
ticks, clock: Time Types
ticks, clock: Processor And CPU Time
tilde expansion: Expansion Stages
time: Time Basics
TIME termios slot: Noncanonical Input
time zone: TZ Variable
time zone database: TZ Variable
time, elapsed: Time Basics
time, high precision: Setting and Adjusting the Time
timer: Unsafe Features
Timer expired: Error Codes
timer, profiling: Setting an Alarm
timer, real-time: Setting an Alarm
timer, virtual: Setting an Alarm
timers, setting: Setting an Alarm
timespec: Time Types
timeval: Time Types
timing error in signal handling: Remembering a Signal
TMPDIR environment variable: Temporary Files
tokenizing strings: Finding Tokens in a String
Too many levels of symbolic links: Error Codes
Too many links: Error Codes
Too many open files: Error Codes
Too many open files in system: Error Codes
Too many processes: Error Codes
Too many references: cannot splice: Error Codes
Too many users: Error Codes
tools, for installing library: Tools for Compilation
traffic class: Internet Address Formats
Translator died: Error Codes
transmitting datagrams: Sending Datagrams
Transport endpoint is already connected: Error Codes
Transport endpoint is not connected: Error Codes
tree, directory: Working with Directory Trees
triangulation: glibc iconv Implementation
trigonometric functions: Trig Functions
truncating strings: Truncating Strings
Tunable names: Tunable names
Tunable namespaces: Tunable names
tunables: Tunables
tunables thread mutex: POSIX Thread Tunables
tunables, data_cache_size: Hardware Capability Tunables
tunables, elision: Elision Tunables
tunables, hwcap: Hardware Capability Tunables
tunables, hwcaps: Hardware Capability Tunables
tunables, malloc: Memory Allocation Tunables
tunables, non_temporal_threshold: Hardware Capability Tunables
tunables, shared_cache_size: Hardware Capability Tunables
type measurements, floating: Floating Type Macros
type measurements, integer: Width of Type
type modifier character (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
type modifier character (scanf): Input Conversion Syntax
typeahead buffer: I/O Queues
TZ environment variable: Standard Environment

UCS-2: Extended Char Intro
UCS-4: Extended Char Intro
ulps: Errors in Math Functions
umask: Setting Permissions
unbuffered stream: Buffering Concepts
unconstrained memory allocation: Unconstrained Allocation
undefining macros that shadow functions: Macro Definitions
underflow exception: FP Exceptions
Unicode: Extended Char Intro
Unix, Berkeley: Berkeley Unix
Unix, System V: SVID
unlinking a file: Deleting Files
unordered comparison: FP Comparison Functions
unreading characters: Unreading
Unsafe Features: Unsafe Features
upper-case character: Classification of Characters
upper-case character: Classification of Wide Characters
urgent data signal: Asynchronous I/O Signals
urgent socket condition: Out-of-Band Data
usage limits: Limits on Resources
usage messages, in argp: Argp Helper Functions
user accounting database: User Accounting Database
user database: User Database
user ID: User and Group IDs
user ID, determining: Who Logged In
user name: User and Group IDs
user signals: Miscellaneous Signals
usual file name errors: File Name Errors
UTF-16: Extended Char Intro
UTF-7: Extended Char Intro
UTF-8: Extended Char Intro
UTF-8: Extended Char Intro

Value too large for defined data type: Error Codes
variable number of arguments: Variadic Functions
variable substitution: Expansion Stages
variable-sized arrays: GNU C Variable-Size Arrays
variadic function argument access: Receiving Arguments
variadic function prototypes: Variadic Prototypes
variadic functions: Variadic Functions
variadic functions, calling: Calling Variadics
va_copy: Concatenating Strings
virtual time alarm signal: Alarm Signals
virtual timer: Setting an Alarm
volatile declarations: Nonreentrancy

waiting for a signal: Waiting for a Signal
waiting for completion of child process: Process Completion
waiting for input or output: Waiting for I/O
WERASE character: Editing Characters
whitespace character: Classification of Characters
whitespace character: Classification of Wide Characters
wide character: Extended Char Intro
wide string: Representation of Strings
wide string: Representation of Strings
width of integer type: Width of Type
wildcard expansion: Expansion Stages
wint_t: String/Array Conventions
word expansion: Word Expansion
working directory: Working Directory
write lock: File Locks
writing to a file descriptor: I/O Primitives
writing to a socket: Transferring Data
writing to a stream, by blocks: Block Input/Output
writing to a stream, by characters: Simple Output
writing to a stream, formatted: Formatted Output
Wrong medium type: Error Codes

xmalloc function: Malloc Examples
xrealloc and xreallocarray functions: Changing Block Size

You really blew it this time: Error Codes
YP: Host Identification
YP domain name: Host Identification
YP domain name: Host Identification
YP domain name: Host Identification

zero divide: FP Exceptions

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