libidn  1.38
Data Fields
Stringprep_table Struct Reference

#include <stringprep.h>

Data Fields

Stringprep_profile_steps operation
Stringprep_profile_flags flags
const Stringprep_table_elementtable
size_t table_size

Detailed Description


operationa Stringprep_profile_steps value
flagsa Stringprep_profile_flags value
tablezero-terminated array of Stringprep_table_element elements.
table_sizesize of @table, to speed up searching.

Stringprep profile table.

Definition at line 148 of file stringprep.h.

Field Documentation

◆ flags

Stringprep_profile_flags Stringprep_table::flags

Definition at line 151 of file stringprep.h.

◆ operation

Stringprep_profile_steps Stringprep_table::operation

Definition at line 150 of file stringprep.h.

◆ table

const Stringprep_table_element* Stringprep_table::table

Definition at line 152 of file stringprep.h.

◆ table_size

size_t Stringprep_table::table_size

Definition at line 153 of file stringprep.h.

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