Introduction to LibJIT

LibJIT is a library that provides generic Just-In-Time compiler functionality independent of any particular bytecode, language, or runtime. It started off as a part of the DotGNU project and was used as the backend for DotGNU Portable.NET JIT engine. Since then it has been used in a number of other projects not related to DotGNU and became a separate project on its own right.

Downloading LibJIT

The last released version of LibJIT was 0.1.2. This version is severely out of date and its use is discouraged. Currenly it is preferable to use the source code from the LibJIT Savannah repository.


The LibJIT documentation can be read on-line. If you have LibJIT on your system, you may also find the documentation locally in the info format.

Mailing Lists

The new LibJIT mailing list is (archives and subscription).

The old DotGNU libjit mailing list is (archives).