String Member List

This is the complete list of members for String, including all inherited members.

allocate(int init)String [inline]
allocate_fix_space(int len)String [private]
allocate_space(int len)String [private]
AllocatedString [private]
append(const String &s)String
append(const char *s)String
append(const char *s, int n)String
append(char ch)String
as_double(double def=0) const String
as_integer(int def=0) const String
ber_push(int &offset, ber_t value)String [inline]
ber_shift(int &offset, ber_t &value) const String [inline]
chop(int n=1)String
chop(char ch= '\n')String
chop(const char *str="\r\n")String
compare(const Object &s) const String [inline]
compare(const String &s) const String
Object::compare(const Object &)Object [inline, virtual]
Copy() const String [inline, virtual]
copy(const char *s, int len, int allocation_hint)String [private]
copy_data_from(const char *s, int len, int dest_offset=0)String [private]
DataString [private]
debug(ostream &o)String
Deserialize(String &, int &)String
empty() const String [inline]
get() const String
indexOf(char c) const String
indexOf(char c, int pos) const String
indexOf(const char *) const String
indexOf(const char *, int pos) const String
last() const String [inline]
lastIndexOf(char c) const String
lastIndexOf(char c, int pos) const String
LengthString [private]
length() const String [inline]
new_char() const String
nocase_compare(const String &s) const String
Nth(int n)String [inline]
Object()Object [inline]
operator char *()String [inline]
operator const char *() const String [inline]
operator const unsigned char *() const String [inline]
operator int() const String
operator!=(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator+(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator+=(const String &s)String [inline]
operator+=(const char *s)String [inline]
operator<(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator<<(const char *)String [inline]
operator<<(char)String [inline]
operator<<(unsigned char c)String [inline]
operator<<(unsigned int)String
operator<<(short i)String [inline]
operator<<(const String &)String
operator<<(const String *s)String [inline]
operator<<(ostream &o, const String &s)String [friend]
operator<=(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator=(const String &s)String
operator=(const char *s)String
operator==(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator>(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator>=(const String &a, const String &b)String [friend]
operator>>(char c)String
operator>>(istream &in, String &line)String [friend]
operator[](int n)String [inline]
operator[](int n) const String [inline]
readLine(FILE *in)String
reallocate_space(int len)String [private]
remove(const char *)String
replace(char c1, char c2)String
Serialize(String &)String
set(const char *s, int l)String [inline]
set(char *s)String [inline]
String()String [inline]
String(int init)String
String(const char *s)String
String(const char *s, int len)String
String(const String &s)String
String(const String &s, int allocation_hint)String
StringIndex classString [friend]
sub(int start, int len) const String
sub(int start) const String
trunc()String [inline]
Write(int fd) const String
~Object()Object [inline, virtual]

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