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#include <htString.h>

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Definition at line 26 of file htString.h.

Public Member Functions

void allocate (int init)
void append (char ch)
void append (const char *s, int n)
void append (const char *s)
void append (const String &s)
double as_double (double def=0) const
int as_integer (int def=0) const
void ber_push (int &offset, ber_t value)
void ber_shift (int &offset, ber_t &value) const
Stringchop (const char *str="\r\n")
Stringchop (char ch= '\n')
Stringchop (int n=1)
virtual int compare (const Object &)
int compare (const String &s) const
int compare (const Object &s) const
ObjectCopy () const
void debug (ostream &o)
void Deserialize (String &, int &)
int empty () const
const char * get () const
char * get ()
int indexOf (const char *, int pos) const
int indexOf (const char *) const
int indexOf (char c, int pos) const
int indexOf (char c) const
char last () const
int lastIndexOf (char c, int pos) const
int lastIndexOf (char c) const
int length () const
int lowercase ()
char * new_char () const
int nocase_compare (const String &s) const
char Nth (int n)
 operator char * ()
 operator const char * () const
 operator const unsigned char * () const
 operator int () const
void operator+= (const char *s)
void operator+= (const String &s)
Stringoperator<< (const String *s)
Stringoperator<< (const String &)
Stringoperator<< (short i)
Stringoperator<< (long)
Stringoperator<< (unsigned int)
Stringoperator<< (int)
Stringoperator<< (unsigned char c)
Stringoperator<< (char)
Stringoperator<< (const char *)
void operator= (const char *s)
void operator= (const String &s)
char operator>> (char c)
char operator[] (int n) const
char & operator[] (int n)
int readLine (FILE *in)
int remove (const char *)
void replace (char c1, char c2)
void Serialize (String &)
Stringset (char *s)
Stringset (const char *s, int l)
 String (const String &s, int allocation_hint)
 String (const String &s)
 String (const char *s, int len)
 String (const char *s)
 String (int init)
 String ()
String sub (int start) const
String sub (int start, int len) const
Stringtrunc ()
int uppercase ()
int Write (int fd) const
 ~String ()

Private Member Functions

void allocate_fix_space (int len)
void allocate_space (int len)
void copy (const char *s, int len, int allocation_hint)
void copy_data_from (const char *s, int len, int dest_offset=0)
void reallocate_space (int len)

Private Attributes

int Allocated
char * Data
int Length


int operator!= (const String &a, const String &b)
String operator+ (const String &a, const String &b)
int operator< (const String &a, const String &b)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &o, const String &s)
int operator<= (const String &a, const String &b)
int operator== (const String &a, const String &b)
int operator> (const String &a, const String &b)
int operator>= (const String &a, const String &b)
istream & operator>> (istream &in, String &line)
class StringIndex

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