WordListMulti Class Reference

#include <WordListMulti.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file WordListMulti.h.

Public Member Functions

int AddIndex ()
virtual int AllRef ()
virtual void BatchEnd ()
virtual void BatchStart ()
virtual int Close ()
virtual ListCollect (const WordReference &word)
virtual WordCursorCursor (const WordKey &searchKey, wordlist_walk_callback_t callback, Object *callback_data)
virtual WordCursorCursor (const WordKey &searchKey, int action=HTDIG_WORDLIST_WALKER)
virtual WordCursorCursor (wordlist_walk_callback_t callback, Object *callback_data)
virtual WordDeadDead ()
virtual int Delete (const WordReference &wordRef)
virtual WordDictDict ()
int Exists (const String &word)
virtual int Exists (const WordReference &wordRef)
const StringFilename () const
ListFind (const WordReference &wordRef)
ListFindWord (const String &word)
int Flags () const
WordDBCompressGetCompressor ()
const WordContextGetContext () const
WordContextGetContext ()
virtual WordKey Key (const String &bufferin)
int Merge ()
virtual WordMetaMeta ()
virtual int Noccurrence (const String &key, unsigned int &noccurrence) const
void NotImplemented () const
virtual int Open (const String &filename, int mode)
Listoperator[] (const String &word)
virtual Listoperator[] (const WordReference &wordRef)
virtual int Override (const WordReference &wordRef)
virtual int Pagesize () const
ListPrefix (const String &prefix)
virtual ListPrefix (const WordReference &prefix)
virtual int Read (FILE *f)
virtual int Ref (const WordReference &wordRef)
void SetCompressor (WordDBCompress *compressor_arg)
virtual unsigned int Size () const
virtual int Unref (const WordReference &wordRef)
virtual int WalkDelete (const WordReference &wordRef)
virtual WordReference Word (const String &bufferin, int exists=0)
virtual WordReference WordExists (const String &bufferin)
 WordListMulti (WordContext *ncontext)
virtual ListWordRefs ()
virtual ListWords ()
virtual int Write (FILE *f)
virtual int WriteDict (FILE *f)
virtual ~WordListMulti ()

Public Attributes

int extended
int file_max
int file_min
String filename
int flags
int isopen
unsigned int put_max
int serial
int verbose

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