GNU MyServer

MyServer is a powerful and easy to configure web server. Its multi-threaded architecture makes it extremely scalable and usable in large scale sites as well as in small networks; it has a lot of built-in features. Share your files in minutes!

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You can get the official releases of MyServer from the main GNU download server or (better) from a GNU mirror near you.

The development sources are available through the MyServer project at Savannah. You can check them out via anonymous git:

 git clone git:// 

The primary maintainer of GNU MyServer is Giuseppe Scrivano.

Mailing lists

General discussion of these projects takes place on the mailing list (it's not just for bug reports, despite the name). Feel free to subscribe or browse the archives.

To subscribe to the GNU MyServer mailing list, either use the mailman web interface or send empty email with a Subject: header line of just “subscribe” to

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please report it to the mailing list, trying to specify all the information that could be involved (platform, program version, and build tools version if building from source code). Please report both the behavior you expected to the actual behavior you observed.

Help wanted

Development of GNU MyServer is a volunteer effort, and additional contributors are welcome: developers, testers, documentation writers, or any other area. Please write the mailing list. (For information about contributing to the GNU Project in general, please read How to help GNU.)