GNU Parallel 10 year anniversary

On 2020-04-22 GNU parallel has been an official GNU tool for 10 years. We celebrate that with parallel parties on Friday the 2020-04-17:

GNU Parallel

For people who live life in the parallel lane.

Vester Farimagsgade 37A
DK-1606 København V
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Søren Frichs Vej 38 K th
DK-8230 Åbyhøj
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Overgade 54
DK-5000 Odense C
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If you want to host a party held in parallel (either in this or in a parallel universe), please let me know, so it can be announced.

If you have parallel ideas for how to celebrate GNU Parallel, please post on the email list So far we have the following ideas:

  • Use GNU Parallel logo (the café wall illusion) as decoration everywhere - preferably in a moving version where the bars slide. Maybe we can borrow this or make an animation in javascript based on Other illusions might be fun, too.
  • Only serve beverages in parallel (2 or more), which may or may not be the same kind of beverage, and may or may not be served to the same person, and may or may not be served by multiple waiters in parallel
  • Let people drink in parallel with straws (2 or more straws)
  • Serve popcorn as snack (funny because cores and kernels are the same word in Danish, and GNU Parallel keeps cores hot)
  • Serve saltstænger, chokofanter, Pringles, cracker tubes, and similar parallel snacks.
  • Serve (snack friendly) cereal ("serial") in parallel bowls.
  • Live parallel streaming from parallel parties
  • Play songs in parallel that use the same 4 chords:
  • Play songs named parallel, serial, mutex, race condition and similar
  • Have RC racing cars to demonstrate race condition
  • Put a counting semaphore on the toilets
  • Only let people leave one at a time to simulate serialized output - UNLESS they swap some clothing (to simulate half line mixing)

If you have interesting stories about or uses of GNU Parallel, please post them on the mailing list <>, so can be part of the anniversary update.