parsort - Sort (big files) in parallel


parsort options for sort


parsort uses GNU sort to sort in parallel. It works just like sort but faster on inputs with more than 1 M lines, if you have a multicore machine.

Hopefully these ideas will make it into GNU sort in the future.


Same as sort. Except:

  • --parallel=N

Change the number of sorts run concurrently to N. N will be increased to number of files if parsort is given more than N files.


Sort files:

parsort *.txt > sorted.txt

Sort stdin (standard input) numerically:

cat numbers | parsort -n > sorted.txt


parsort is faster on files than on stdin (standard input), because different parts of a file can be read in parallel.

On a 48 core machine you should see a speedup of 3x over sort.


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parsort uses sort, bash, and parallel.