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15.11.2 Chisquare Test

     [ /CHISQUARE=var_list[(lo,hi)] [/EXPECTED={EQUAL|f1, f2fn}] ]

The /CHISQUARE subcommand produces a chi-square statistic for the differences between the expected and observed frequencies of the categories of a variable. Optionally, a range of values may appear after the variable list. If a range is given, then non integer values are truncated, and values outside the specified range are excluded from the analysis.

The /EXPECTED subcommand specifies the expected values of each category. There must be exactly one non-zero expected value, for each observed category, or the EQUAL keyword must be specified. You may use the notation n*f to specify n consecutive expected categories all taking a frequency of f. The frequencies given are proportions, not absolute frequencies. The sum of the frequencies need not be 1. If no /EXPECTED subcommand is given, then equal frequencies are expected.