15.7.12 Hiding Small Counts


The HIDESMALLCOUNTS subcommand is optional. If it specified, then COUNT, ECOUNT, and UCOUNT values in output tables less than the value of count are shown as <count instead of their true values. The value of count must be an integer and must be at least 2.

The following syntax and example shows how to use HIDESMALLCOUNTS:

Custom Tables
37. Please think about the most recent occasion that you drove within two hours of drinking alcoholic beverages. Where did you drink on that occasion? Other (list) <10
Your home 182
Friend's home 264
Bar/Tavern/Club 279
Restaurant 495
Work 21
Bowling alley <10
Hotel/Motel <10
Country Club/Golf course 17
Drank in the car/On the road <10
Sporting event 15
Movie theater <10
Shopping/Store/Grocery store <10
Wedding 15
Party at someone else's home 81
Park/picnic 14
Party at your house <10