15.7.7 Table Formatting

    [EMPTY={ZERO | BLANK | string}]

The FORMAT subcommand, which must precede the first TABLE subcommand, controls formatting for all the output tables. FORMAT and all of its settings are optional.

Use MINCOLWIDTH and MAXCOLWIDTH to control the minimum or maximum width of columns in output tables. By default, with DEFAULT, column width varies based on content. Otherwise, specify a number for either or both of these settings. If both are specified, MAXCOLWIDTH must be greater than or equal to MINCOLWIDTH. The default unit, or with UNITS=POINTS, is points (1/72 inch), or specify UNITS=INCHES to use inches or UNITS=CM for centimeters. PSPP does not currently honor any of these settings.

By default, or with EMPTY=ZERO, zero values are displayed in their usual format. Use EMPTY=BLANK to use an empty cell instead, or EMPTY="string" to use the specified string.

By default, missing values are displayed as ‘.’, the same as in other tables. Specify MISSING="string" to instead use a custom string.