6.8 Files Used by PSPP

PSPP makes use of many files each time it runs. Some of these it reads, some it writes, some it creates. Here is a table listing the most important of these files:

command file
syntax file

These names (synonyms) refer to the file that contains instructions that tell PSPP what to do. The syntax file’s name is specified on the PSPP command line. Syntax files can also be read with INCLUDE (see INCLUDE).

data file

Data files contain raw data in text or binary format. Data can also be embedded in a syntax file with BEGIN DATA and END DATA.

listing file

One or more output files are created by PSPP each time it is run. The output files receive the tables and charts produced by statistical procedures. The output files may be in any number of formats, depending on how PSPP is configured.

system file

System files are binary files that store a dictionary and a set of cases. GET and SAVE read and write system files.

portable file

Portable files are files in a text-based format that store a dictionary and a set of cases. IMPORT and EXPORT read and write portable files.