8.10 LIST

        /CASES=FROM start_index TO end_index BY incr_index

The LIST procedure prints the values of specified variables to the listing file.

The VARIABLES subcommand specifies the variables whose values are to be printed. Keyword VARIABLES is optional. If VARIABLES subcommand is not specified then all variables in the active dataset are printed.

The CASES subcommand can be used to specify a subset of cases to be printed. Specify FROM and the case number of the first case to print, TO and the case number of the last case to print, and BY and the number of cases to advance between printing cases, or any subset of those settings. If CASES is not specified then all cases are printed.

The FORMAT subcommand can be used to change the output format. NUMBERED will print case numbers along with each case; UNNUMBERED, the default, causes the case numbers to be omitted. The WRAP and SINGLE settings are currently not used.

Case numbers start from 1. They are counted after all transformations have been considered.

LIST is a procedure. It causes the data to be read.