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15.11.10 Median Test

     [ /MEDIAN [(value)] = var_list BY variable (value1, value2) ]

The median test is used to test whether independent samples come from populations with a common median. The median of the populations against which the samples are to be tested may be given in parentheses immediately after the /MEDIAN subcommand. If it is not given, the median will be imputed from the union of all the samples.

The variables of the samples to be tested should immediately follow the ‘=’ sign. The keyword BY must come next, and then the grouping variable. Two values in parentheses should follow. If the first value is greater than the second, then a 2 sample test is performed using these two values to determine the groups. If however, the first variable is less than the second, then a k sample test is conducted and the group values used are all values encountered which lie in the range [value1,value2].