16.4.11 The MGET Command

MGET [/FILE=file]
     [/TYPE={COV | CORR | MEAN | STDDEV | N | COUNT}].

The MGET command reads the data from a matrix file (see Matrix Files) into matrix variables.

All of MGET’s subcommands are optional. Specify the name or handle of the matrix file to be read on the FILE subcommand; if it is omitted, then the command reads the active file.

By default, MGET reads all of the data from the matrix file. Specify a space-delimited list of matrix types on TYPE to limit the kinds of data to the one specified:


Covariance matrix.


Correlation coefficient matrix.


Vector of means.


Vector of standard deviations.


Vector of case counts.


Vector of counts.

MGET reads the entire matrix file and automatically names, creates, and populates matrix variables using its contents. It constructs the name of each variable by concatenating the following:

If MGET chooses the name of an existing variable, it issues a warning and does not change the variable.