SYSFILE INFO FILE=’file_name’ [ENCODING=’encoding’].

SYSFILE INFO reads the dictionary in an SPSS system file, SPSS/PC+ system file, or SPSS portable file, and displays the information in its dictionary.

Specify a file name or file handle. SYSFILE INFO reads that file and displays information on its dictionary.

PSPP automatically detects the encoding of string data in the file, when possible. The character encoding of old SPSS system files cannot always be guessed correctly, and SPSS/PC+ system files do not include any indication of their encoding. Specify the ENCODING subcommand with an IANA character set name as its string argument to override the default, or specify ENCODING='DETECT' to analyze and report possibly valid encodings for the system file. The ENCODING subcommand is a PSPP extension.

SYSFILE INFO does not affect the current active dataset.