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%allowed: Allowed Fields
%auto: Auto-Generated Fields
%confidential: Confidential Fields
%constraint: Arbitrary Constraints
%doc: Documenting Records
%key: Keys and Unique Fields
%key: Foreign Keys
%key: Auto-Generated Fields
%mandatory: Record Sets Properties
%mandatory: Mandatory Fields
%prohibit: Prohibited Fields
%rec: Record Sets
%rec: Remote Descriptors
%size: Size Constraints
%sort: Sorted Output
%type: Types and Fields
%typedef: Types and Fields
%unique: Keys and Unique Fields

abbreviations for months: Calendar date items
adding fields: Adding Fields
aggregate function: Aggregate Functions
aliasing, field name aliasing: Field Expressions
allowed fields: Allowed Fields
anonymous types: Types and Fields
arithmetic operators: SEX Operators
authors of parse_datetime: Authors of parse_datetime
automatically generated values: Auto-Generated Fields

bash: Bash Builtins
beginning of time, for POSIX: Seconds since the Epoch
Bellovin, Steven M.: Authors of parse_datetime
Berets, Jim: Authors of parse_datetime
Berry, K.: Authors of parse_datetime
books: A Little Example
boolean operators: SEX Operators
boolean types: Enumerated Field Types

calendar date item: Calendar date items
case, ignored in dates: General date syntax
case, in field names: Fields
case, in selection expressions: Invoking recsel
case, in selection expressions: Invoking recins
checking recfiles: Invoking recfix
combined date and time of day item: Combined date and time of day items
comma separated values: CSV Files
comma separated values: Invoking csv2rec
comma separated values: Invoking rec2csv
comments: Comments
comments, in dates: General date syntax
comments, in enumerated types: Enumerated Field Types
comparison: SEX Operators
compulsory fields: Mandatory Fields
conditional operator: SEX Operators
confidential data: Confidential Fields
constraints: Arbitrary Constraints
counters: Counters
counting occurrences of a field: SEX Operators
csv: CSV Files
csv: Invoking csv2rec
csv: Invoking rec2csv
csv2rec: Invoking csv2rec

date and time of day format, ISO 8601: Combined date and time of day items
date comparison: Selecting by predicate
date comparison: Selecting by predicate
date comparison: SEX Operators
date format, ISO 8601: Calendar date items
date input formats: Date input formats
date, fields containing dates: Date and Time Types
day of week: Enumerated Field Types
day of week item: Day of week items
decimal separator: Scalar Field Types
default record types: Record Sets
deleting fields: Deleting Fields
deleting records: Deleting Records
deleting records: Invoking recdel
description of record sets: Documenting Records
descriptor: Record Descriptors
descriptor, external descriptor: Remote Descriptors
displacement of dates: Relative items in date strings
documentation fields: Documenting Records
duplication, avoiding: Foreign Keys

editing fields: Invoking recset
Eggert, Paul: Authors of parse_datetime
email: Other Field Types
encrypted fields: Confidential Fields
encryption: Encryption
enumerated types: Enumerated Field Types
epoch, for POSIX: Seconds since the Epoch
evaluation, of selection expressions: SEX Evaluation
external descriptor: Remote Descriptors

FEX: Field Expressions
field: Fields
field expressions: Field Expressions
field name: Fields
field operators: SEX Operators
field size: String Field Types
field types,: Types and Fields
field values: Fields
field values, in selection expressions: SEX Operands
field, allowed fields: Allowed Fields
field, compulsory fields: Mandatory Fields
field, forbidden fields: Prohibited Fields
field, mandatory fields: Mandatory Fields
field, special fields: Record Sets Properties
floating point numbers: Scalar Field Types
foreign key: Other Field Types
foreign key: Foreign Keys
formatted output: Invoking recfmt
fractions: Scalar Field Types

general date syntax: General date syntax
grouping: Grouping Records
grouping, within regular expressions: Regular Expressions

hexadecimal: Scalar Field Types

ID numbers: Auto-Generated Fields
implies, logical implication: Arbitrary Constraints
inserting new records: Invoking recins
integers: Scalar Field Types
integrity problems: Declaring Types
integrity problems: Mandatory Fields
integrity problems: Keys and Unique Fields
integrity problems: Arbitrary Constraints
integrity problems: Remote Descriptors
integrity problems: Confidential Fields
integrity, checking: Checking Recfiles
integrity, checking: Invoking recfix
interactive use: Bash Builtins
ISO 8601 date and time of day format: Combined date and time of day items
ISO 8601 date format: Calendar date items
items in date strings: General date syntax

join: Joining Records

key, foreign key: Foreign Keys
key, primary key: Auto-Generated Fields

language, in dates: General date syntax
language, in dates: General date syntax
leap seconds: General date syntax
leap seconds: Time of day items
leap seconds: Seconds since the Epoch
license, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
literals, numeric literals: SEX Operands
literals, string literals: SEX Operands
locale: Scalar Field Types
locale: Date and Time Types
looking up data: Selecting by predicate

MacKenzie, David: Authors of parse_datetime
mandatory fields: Record Sets Properties
mandatory fields: Mandatory Fields
mdb: Invoking mdb2rec
mdb2rec: Invoking mdb2rec
Meyering, Jim: Authors of parse_datetime
minutes, time zone correction by: Time of day items
month names in date strings: Calendar date items
months, written-out: General date syntax
MS Access: Invoking mdb2rec
multiline field values: Fields
multiline field values: String Field Types
mutating field values: Setting Fields

numbers, written-out: General date syntax

octal: Scalar Field Types
operands, SEX operands: SEX Operands
operators: Size Constraints
operators, arithmetic operators: SEX Operators
operators, boolean operators: SEX Operators
operators, comparison operators: SEX Operators
operators, conditional operator: SEX Operators
operators, in selection expressions: SEX Operators
operators, string operators: SEX Operators
order of fields: Sorted Output
ordinal numbers: General date syntax

parentheses, in selection expressions.: SEX Operands
passwords: Confidential Fields
Pinard, F.: Authors of parse_datetime
primary key: Keys and Unique Fields
primary key: Auto-Generated Fields
prohibited fields: Prohibited Fields
pure numbers in date strings: Pure numbers in date strings

quotation marks: Selecting by predicate
quotation marks: SEX Operands

range, type description: Declaring Types
ranges: Scalar Field Types
readability: Purpose
readability: Foreign Keys
reals: Scalar Field Types
rec, type description: Foreign Keys
rec2csv: Invoking rec2csv
recdel: Invoking recdel
recfix: Syntactical Errors
recfix: Invoking recfix
recfmt: Generating Reports
recfmt: Invoking recfmt
recinf: Invoking recinf
recins: Invoking recins
record: Records
record sets: Record Sets
record sets: Foreign Keys
record size: Records
record size: Size Constraints
recsel: Selecting by predicate
recsel: Invoking recsel
recset: Invoking recset
regexp, type description: String Field Types
regular expressions: Regular Expressions
relative items in date strings: Relative items in date strings
remote descriptors: Remote Descriptors
renaming fields: Renaming Fields
reports: Generating Reports
requiring certain fields in records: Mandatory Fields
restricting fields from records: Prohibited Fields
restricting fields from records: Allowed Fields
restricting values of fields: String Field Types
restricting values of fields: Arbitrary Constraints
retrieving data: Selecting by predicate

Salz, Rich: Authors of parse_datetime
selecting records: Selecting by predicate
selecting records: Invoking recsel
selection expressions: Selection Expressions
selection expressions: Selecting by predicate
shell: Bash Builtins
size, field size: String Field Types
size, record size: Records
size, record size: Size Constraints
size, type description: String Field Types
sorting: Sorted Output
sorting: Sorting Records
sorting: Invoking recsel
sorting: Invoking recfix
sorting, physically: Sorting Records
special fields: Record Sets Properties
special fields: Semantic Errors
special fields, list of: Record Sets Properties
spots: Generating Reports
string operators: SEX Operators
strings: String Field Types
subscripts, in selection expressions: SEX Operands

templates: Generating Reports
templates: Templates
time of day item: Time of day items
time zone correction: Date and Time Types
time zone correction: Time of day items
time zone item: General date syntax
time zone item: Time zone items
time, fields containing time values: Date and Time Types
timestamps: Time-Stamps
types: Types and Fields

unique fields: Keys and Unique Fields
unique identifiers: Unique Identifiers
URL: Remote Descriptors
UUID: Other Field Types
uuid: Unique Identifiers

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